How to fix a leaking soda pop vending machine


This is a simple fix on leaking soda vending machine. When summer arrives normally here in Vancouver, BC Canada some soda pop vending machine will start to have some minor problems.

Normally when the warmer months of spring is nearing towards summer, you will be expecting customer calls from various locations.

It’s good that these things doesn’t happen to me that often anymore.

It’s very expensive when a compressor breaks down, it is the most expensive piece of component that is inside the soda pop machine. The rest of the components are not very expensive.

Normally this condition occurs when the environment has high humidity and there will be condensation building on your soda pop vending machine.

This can also happen even if the location has air conditioning.

Sometimes you might think that it will be easier if you simply throw away the soda pop vending machine and get another used inexpensive replacement which is readily available at Craigslist.

With the thought if moving in and out, this will already cost you around $100 moving out and another $100 moving in. I think it will be better if you simply try your effort in trying to fix it.

If the compressor is gone then the option is up to you if it would be better to trash it and have it replaced. Because sometimes the compressor replacement including the labor is about $650 or at least less than $1,000.

Causes Of Condensation on soda pop vending machine

  • Soda pop vending machine door is not properly closed
  • Door gasket is damaged
  • T Handle of pop machine is not sealed tight
  • Missing or Broken Delivery flap
  • Mis-aligned inner door
  • Low air flow from blower fan
  • Very high humid environment
  • Compressor is about to end

Simple Solutions

Do not over tighten the t handle

You have to check the T Handle when trying to close the door of the soda pop vending machine. Make sure that not to over tighten it because it will eventually damage the gasket seal which is used to keep the warm air out and cold air into the pop machine.

Make sure that every time you close the pop machine not to over tighten it and just make a clockwise turn until the door is sealed tight, do not over turn.

If the door is not closed properly there will be some small gaps that will create a mixture of warm and cold air which will be causing the condensation.

Check gaps on inner door

You can crouch down and observe if the lower edge of the inner door is secure properly.

It should not be sagging below the door.

If it is sagging then the cooled air will escape and may result into condensation build up.

Check Leakage of Water On Drip Pan

If you notice that there is excessive water pool on the drip pan, then the solution will be adding sponge.

The sponge will be able to absorb the excess water and the blower fan will dry it out. Without the sponge it will be harder for the water on the drip pan to evaporate.

If this continues then maybe you can go buy a baking dish about 16″ or that can hold more water than the drip pan. The only solution will be monthly throwing out of water on the baking dish when excessive water accumulates.

I have some existing very old model pop machines that is perfectly working, it is just that sometimes there is excessive water build up on the baking dish and I have to use it to water the plants every other month when there is a pool of water.

Normally when winter is arriving there will be none of these problems anymore.

Check Cooling Line

There is a rubber cooling line that goes to the drip pan or tray. Please take a look and check it for leaks or gaps.

If there are small gaps causing some water leaking out of the drip pan then try to seal it with a plumber’s putty.

You can drill a small hole and attach another rubber line to drainage in case your drip pan is not big enough for water collection. You can put another extra container for the excessive water.

Clean Condenser Coil

It would be essential to clean the condenser coil to make sure that the soda pop vending machine will deliver consistent cold drinks to your customers.

Ventilation Distance

When you are placing your soda pop machine at a location, you have to make sure that it is not touching the wall.

The soda pop machine has to be at least 4-6 inches away from the wall to ensure that there is proper air ventilation.

I once have a combo vending machine that dispenses chips, chocolate and soda pop drinks, the location used to call me once or even twice a month because the pop is not sold enough to drink.

If the soda pop machine is located in a factory then it will best to clean it every month on refrigeration unit to make sure that the compressor will not burn out due to clogged air flow.

If your pop machine is located in an office setting then it will accumulate dust compared to a factory then maybe every 2 months will be sufficient for the cleaning maintenance.

I have a link with pictures on how to properly clean the refrigerant on a soda pop vending machine.



It would be best to keep the refrigerant clean all the time so that the compressor will not be burned out.

Just keeping simple proper maintenance procedures can go a long way in preserving your soda pop machine.

I actually still have a lot of Jurassic soda pop machine in use even thou it is non mdb ( meaning that you cannot use debit credit reader and bill acceptors ), but it is still perfectly utilized and im still getting a lot of sales on a weekly basis.

I have a lot of newer soda pop machine wherein the refrigerant is small compared to the old models and needs to have it cleaned all the time.

According to my experience the healthy max combo vending machines that I have right now compressor is not as good as a standalone soda pop machine.

I have standalone soda pop machines that are still working very well and pop comes out to be very cold even thou I forgot to clean it on a regular schedule. I have some machines that I completely forgotten to clean for more than 1 year and it still cools efficiently.

Every soda pop machine is different but all functions the same. It would be helpful to study the user manuals if you have it or online to know what to expect if there is a problem with your soda pop vending machine.

If you follow the steps in keeping it clean and a keen eye on problems then your machine can go a long way and avoid expensive technician calls that is unnecessary.

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