Combo Vending Machine – The Trend Right Now

there are numerous configurations of vending machines on the market and nowadays the manager in charge of the establishment normally wanted a combo vending machine instead of the traditional : pop and snack separate machines.

but it really depends on the location, if the consumers likes to drink a lot of pop like hotels, factory, community centers, school, gymnasiums then a separate setup with be the best choice.

right now here in vancouver, bc most of the sales are coming from 3 kinds of combo machines which people prefer on their location.

With this setup you can put any kind of drinks and it would be an easier job for the vendor to bring an assortment of drinks and adjust prices. you also can make more revenue by adding large type of beverages like : energy drinks, large bottles water, kombucha and all sorts of drinks that you can imagine. this combo machine is marketed as a healthy max combo machine and preferred by more customers because of its graphical look.? this machine doesn’t have a drop sensor for the product to spin again in case it gets stuck halfway.

This is around in the ballpark of $3,000 to $3,500 for a USED one.

Don’t get scammed by buying $5,000 or even $8,000 from marketing companies that promises you a location with it.? They normally give you an under performing location and you loose all your life savings with that marketing company with fancy website and promising great location for it.

With this kind of machine, it is the same setup as the machine above, this USI VT3000 machine is preferred by me since it is more advanced in technology and the motors are most sturdy.? This is a bit more expensive then the healthy max combo machine, this has a drop sensor and if products gets stuck the coils will spin again thereby drastically reducing service calls from customers. The price for a Used one is normally $3,500 to $4,000 here in Vancouver, BC

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This combo machine which is commonly called as LCM4 type, is very sturdy and virtually no problems.? It is an older technology where you cannot put any size of beverages but just the cans type. The thing about this machine is that there are many parts for it and also it is relatively inexpensive and presentable as a combo machine.? Its technology can still accept MDB type interfaces ( meaning it can accept the new bill validators, debit credit readers ). Normally this is sold presently here in Vancouver, BC around $1,500 to $2,500

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