Vending Contractors

Normally the most expensive part is the compressor and refrigeration system in your vending machine.

The simplest way to save money is to check the following:

  • Freon / Gas Recharge ( i have an article on DIY )
  • Condenser Fan ( i have several articles on DIY )

If the compressor is broken or damage you will pay a fortune and all your earnings will disappear.

You have to asses the sales of the location, if you are just collecting $100 per month then your earnings is about $50 a month assuming you make double. So if you call a technician then you only recover the cost : $1200 / 50 = 24 months! 2 Years just to cover the repair cost.

Here in Vancouver the pop machine collections at most of $100 per week but these locations are extremely hard to find anymore or even almost non existent, everyone is going to for healthy beverages already! We are not in the 80’s anymore.

That’s why technicians are the only guys that are making $ and not you as a vendor.

The vendors operators are always the losers which is the main fact.

The most easy and simple way to solve this, is to look for a cheap pop soda machine with Local Vending Machine Supplier, Craigslist, Kijiji, Used Vending machine sites, Facebook Marketplace and go there by yourself to the seller and check it yourself.

Compressor replacement is about $900 to $1,200! if you call a technician, do not call is the best way to save money

Simply Swap it Out to Old Soda Machine to A Cheap Working Unit to Save Money $!

If you swap it out then your total costs will be :

  • Moving out defective machine = $120
  • Moving in working machine = $120
  • Cost of the Replacement machine in Craigslist = $200 to 300

Note : If you want to save on moving charges then:

Rent a van, pallet jack and DIY to save on the moving charges.

I can help you with :

  • Anti Vandalism Hasps
  • Minor vending machine work
  • Installation of Debit Credit Devices
  • Installing Polycarbonate ( anti vandalism )
  • Installing Steel Grill ( anti vandalism )
  • Changing High Security Locks ( anti vandalism )
  • Swapping out defective vendimg machine boards
  • Upgrading Non MDB to accept MDB Bill acceptor and MDB Coin Mech
  • Installing alternative light inside your vending machine

If you can DIY all of the above then email me and ill let you know here to buy cheap polycarbonate and steel grill and security hasps and you can DIY.

Let me know what problem you have and email me and i will give you alternatives on how to DIY and everything is basically FREE

If you want simple solutions on how to fix your vending machine then email me :

Do Not Call a Technician to repair your vending machine, please try to solve the problem yourself first since most, if not all the problems is very basic and you can surely learn how to fix it yourself :

Very good and informative information that you need to read to make sure that you do not part your hard earned money.  Here are the resources.

  1.  How to Repair Your Vending Machine

  2.  How to Repair Soda Pop Vending Machine

  3.  Q&A

Note : Im populating the Q&A section of the website on how to fixes that you can do without expensive calls to your technician

If you eliminate calls to your technician then you will have saved a lot of money which can be utilized to find another location if you have spare machines in the warehouse.

You will end up more money in the bank and enjoy it!