My Vending Work Van Vandalized

I remember when i was doing my vending business during the early days, i make sure that all my vending keys and collections for the day is secured when i get home. It was a standard procedure for me and… Continue Reading


The Demise of the Orange Vending Machine

  Why the Orange Vending machines did not take off here in Vancouver, BC. During the 2015 introduction it made headlines and was an instant hit. I’ll take you by the hand to see an in depth story from a… Continue Reading


Vending Machine Robbery

thief vending

I was astounded that one of my machines had an attempted vending machine robbery. I have a public location which i visit around once a month. This location was very notorious for vandalism and theft. I have around four machines… Continue Reading


I found an unlocked vending machine

anti theft puck lock system for vending machine

Every day is busy for a vending machine service operator. I recalled that during my early days of vending business, there were occasions that because I was in a hurry, I forgot to close the vending machine ! Sometimes you… Continue Reading


How to open misaligned tubular lock on vending machine

Noon time strike! I was getting hungry and was determined to finish off one more location before heading to about three more to call it a day. This location has been cooperating with me for the longest time already. I… Continue Reading


A Hundred Years

I was servicing a location in the east side of town. The people there seems to be very familiar with diversity and just talks just about anyone. There seems to be no superficial looks and none of the populace are… Continue Reading


A Strange Case Of Empty Unopened Coke Diet Inside Pop Machine

I have a story to tell you. I got a call from one of my location that just have a pop machine. It is in a located that is out of my usual vending machine business route. It is located… Continue Reading


Vending Machines Unsecured in Europe

As a vending machine operator here in Vancouver, BC, it is imperative that everything is secured properly in the public places. Before i left for vacation i was talking to a coffee guy here in downtown Vancouver, BC, he told… Continue Reading


Vacation Fever ?

I noticed that when i was doing my vending business about two weeks ago. The sales were not that promising or constant as compared to the prior weeks. Actually to my surprise that all locations parking lot were about 50%… Continue Reading


Out Of Order Signs On Vending Machine

I started of last week Monday to be very well. Everything is scheduled as planned. The week has been very hot here in Vancouver, BC. The record temperatures were hitting around 40 degrees Celsius. It reminds me of Philippines and… Continue Reading


All Is Well On My Vending Machine Business

As usual tremendous energy is needed when you are operating your vending machine business. I try my best to visit all my locations’ and service them as usual. There was this particular location that i visit on a monthly basis… Continue Reading


First Impressions

When you are talking and trying to acquire new locations for your vending machines, you should be very humble. It is always the first impressions that counts.  I was talking to a lot of strangers here in Kitsilano before where… Continue Reading


Empty Pop Cans Was Stolen On My Vending Machine

It was last week Sunday. Sunday was usually reserved for my continuing studies at home. It was also utilized for a small family get together day. Good thing that we already watched Ready Player One the week prior. I thought… Continue Reading


How are The Discount Vending Store prices so low?

Being in business for many years has awarded us time to develop associations and set up business practices that actually work. The most important area of savings begins with our purchasing. Creating relationships with vending machinist who are exiting the… Continue Reading