How to Fix An AP C Series Vending Machine : KeyPad Freeze

How To Fix an AP C Series vending machine keypad freeze and does not function when pressing any button

I recently have an AP C Series snack vending machine moved to a recycling factory in Surrey which was extremely busy even with the Pandemic crises.

I have not been to the location for a month and was just there yesterday and very excited to service it since I’m sure that it will be quite empty.

To my surprise, the AP C Series Vending machine keypad display just shows the number 8 and still full of products.AP C Series snack machine display just freezes

It just freezes and no matter what button i press it simply just shows 8.

This comes to mind that there are several factors to be considered.

Here are some of the problems which might be causing the Keypad Freeze:

  • Not enough power to the mainboard
  • Mainboard component nearing the end of life
  • Defective Keypad
  • Defective Coin Mechanism

According to my experience, I used to have an AP SnackShop American Products Snack Machine Model 113 which is non MDB and when i changed the coin mech everything works great.

I also used to have another AP SnackShop american products model 112 showing erratic prices when the keypad is pressed, I found out that some components inside the power supply is nearing its life.

This location was giving me problems ever since, I have already changed 3 snack machines on this location.  The 1st snack machine was there was no mainboard available so I have to throw it away, since the mainboard here in Canada costs around $550.  With $550 I can buy a used snack machine at Craigslist.

The 2nd machine I remembered was the door was partially vandalized on the side.  I had the have it moved to my garage and repaired it for another location.

The 3rd machine is the recent AP C Series Snack machine were it was perfectly working fine and after a month the dispplay just freezes with the number 8.

This was my first time I encountered a keypad number freezes.

So How did i fix the AP C Series Snack machine keypad freeze?

Remember I got vandalized before with 3 AP C Series vending machines and luckily I did not toss the spare C Series machines which I was able to salvage for some parts.

If I called a vending machine repair technician it would have cost me:

1.  Call out fee just to the inspect $125!

2.  The technician will go back and buy keypad parts which will cost around $60 ( Technicians normally multiply the cost of the parts by 3 to 4X times, the real price of the keypad if you buy it online is around $15 to $35 at the most )

3.  Technician go back to the location and install parts, will cost another whopping $85!

You would have lost $125+$60+85=$270!

How many chips and chocolate bars are needed just to cover the $270?!?

I suggest for all electrical servicing, you have to do everything by yourself.

Most problems with snack vending machines are just:

1.  Coin Mech – MDB or Non-MDB

2.  Keypad

3.  Mainboard Component using visual inspection for burnt out parts.  A resistor is just $0.50 at your local electronic stores

4.  Power Supply.  You can buy a transformer at your local electronic store and simply swap it out.

Here are the materials needed:

  • Extra Keypad
  • Extra Mainboard

Spare C Series machine for parts at garage

c series keypad and mainboard parts

Steps in fixing the problem:

turn off power

unplug the cable of the keypad connecting to the mainboard

keypad cable connecting to the mainboard

swap out the extra keypad

turn on the power to see if it works

I turned on the power and the extra keypad I brought it with me works fine!

removing the keypad part 1

removing the keypad part 2

putting back everything

putting back everything part 2

putting back everything part 3 Final

Here is the YouTube to show you that everything is working now.

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How to fix vending machine keypad panel selection for $35 | Crane GPL 474

How to Check Your Crane GPL 474 to Ensure That It is In Working Order

Well, I have just discovered that my Crane GPL 474 Selection Panel is not working properly.

I cannot get it to work at all and it keeps showing error messages.

So in this article, I am going to show you how to check your selection panel to see if it is in fact broken or not.

Here is a simple step by step with pictures on how to diagnose the problem.

I went to my location and found out that when you are pressing the keypad on the machine it does not respond and it does not work.

There was price display light on the vending machine, when you insert coins and when you press the coin return it gives you the change.

The problem was there was no response on the keypad no matter what you press.

How do I know the problem is the keypad?

  • Check to see if there is display light on the vending machine
  • Check to see if you insert coins the display shows the amount
  • Press coin return if it gives the change correctly
  • Open the door of the vending machine
  • Check the coin mechanism if there are lights and working
  • Power down
  • Disconnect the cable from the keypad to the small board
  • Power On
  • Press the diagnostic keypad inside the vending machine, if this works then you will be very happy because the mainboard and the secondary diagnostics keypad is still working, SO
  • the problem must remain to ( 2 ) things: either the keypad outside the machine or the small board connecting to the keypad
  • Remove the whole keypad and bring it to your local vendor parts
  • Swap out the keypad membrane and visit your location again
  • Spend around 5 minutes to install back to the vending machine and it should work!
  • I only spent $35 for everything!

Note: If there are electrical problems it would be best to solve it on your own and do not call your local vending machine technician.

Calling your vending machine technician will rip you off so much money and it will take a few weeks a couple of months just to cover the expenses.

Here in Vancouver, BC the costs will be :

Technician Visit $125

Technician Parts ( Surely he will overcharge you in the tune of hundreds, I fugure $85 will be the normal charge for parts without you knowing the true cost of a keypad membrane )

Technician Return to Location $125

Your time to change the locks on vending machine so technician has the key to open the vending machine $? ( gasoline to go there, interruption on your routine )

I saved around $125 + $125 + $85 less $35!!!

crane gpl 474 out of service

The keypad is taken out of the vending machine

it took me 5 minutes to remove keypad on my first visit on my location with ZERO Sales!

that is the location of the keypad connecting to the board

that is the cable connecting the board and the keypad

you have to remove the screws and all that to successfully remove the keypad

easy remove screws to access the keypad under 5 minutes

keypad took off from the board

keypad taken off from the board

top view of the keypad


the backside of the keypad

use adjustable wrench in replacing the keypad membrane

Replacement keypad membrane

keypad membrance

For all electrical repairs, it is best to do everything by yourself to save money.

Especially in this COVID19 crisis, where the money is hard to come by, by all means, do not call your vending machine technician.  They will overcharge you and tell you other parts that need to be replaced and you will end up a big hole on your wallet!

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Why security camera is necessary for the vending machine?

Why security camera is necessary for the vending machine?

security monitoring

Instead of loosing money through vending machine vandalism, you can save some cash in hand by installing a proper spy camera.

I have some locations that are high traffic on semi public locations and vending machine broken into and there are also numerous cases where vending machines in the hotels were all vandalized which was way back two to three ago ( 2017 to 2018 ). I had some high security hasps and locks all these problems are solved.

spy camera

A lot of people invest into the vending machine business with the intent of making profit but by the time they do reach profit, somebody else comes and breaks into a vending machine and takes the money which you made.

How did I secure my vending machines that are prone to vandalism?

Install Hasps and High Security Lock

When you place a vending machine on a location and there was a history of vandalism then it would be essential for you to install hasps and high security lock.

This is the first step in a simple way to secure your vending machine and would surely deter the thief would be.

But the future problem is securing the vending machine glass front. You have to make a glass measurement taken from the back of the vending machine after opening it.

This is needed in case in the future someone breaks the glass of the vending machine on the sole purpose of stealing food when hungry and not money.

Install Polycarbonate Lexan Sheet

Breaking the glass does not have access for the thief to steal the cash and coin mechanism since it is securely locked.

By taking the measurements of the glass so that you can buy the poly carbonate replacement in case this an unfortunate event happens but of course all vendors are confident that this will not happen.

You can try Amazon Prime which can deliver in a few business days and custom cut poly carbonate sheet

If you cannot find them online then try to google your local city for custom cut poly carbonate sheet or Lexan for vending machines.

Recently I had a breakage on one of my snack machine at a secured warehouse and here is the You Tube.

The vending machine was a AP 123 and luckily I found a local poly carbonate supplier here in Vancouver and have it cut to :

Specifications for Replacement Glass for AP 123 Snack Machine
Front Windows. (44-5/8 x 26-7/8 x 1/8)
NOTE: Replacement Glass Must Be Hard
Tempered or Lexan Only

It costs me around $350 Canadian to have it replaced and installed.

Why is a security camera for a vending machine necessary?

The vending machine crimes are increasing day by day. As the vending machine business has many of its pros but it also has it cons and one of the major cons is the vending machine burglary.

To prevent these burglaries, a spy camera is essential which can monitor who is actually trying to get an energy drink and who is trying to break into the machine.

When people first get into the vending machine business, they are super happy with the fact that they will now start making money but they don’t pay much attention to the security risks that come with that.

Imagine losing all the money that you might have through the vending machine due to a petty crime.

How can you monitor your vending machine?

The monitoring of the vending machine is as important as restocking and servicing it, if you are not monitoring the vending machine that you have installed then you are at a great risk. You never know when someone breaks into the machine.

To prevent your vending machine business from downfall, you need to have a security camera installed. Following are the steps that you need to follow to have a secure vending machine.

Install a spy camera

Installing a spy camera will make sure that all the footage is being recorded, so in case something happens you can catch the culprit easily.

The spy cameras these days are quite capable are capturing the face of the criminal.

Previously, the spy cameras installed on various places could have been gotten away with by spray painting it or sometimes the recording itself was blurry with which it was quite hard to get the right footage.

However, in the present times, the spy cameras are more advanced and they work efficiently which enables them to do their job in the best way; they are able to identify the facial features.

Installation of security alarms

Now that you have installed a spy camera in your vending for effective monitoring, make sure that you install security alarms as well.

The security alarm will send alerts when needed taking precautionary measures to prevent your vending machines from criminals and burglars.

Also, make sure that there are visual signs that show that the alarm will go off if any individual tries to break into the vending machine.

This will definitely stop the person who intends to run away with the money by breaking into it. Also, make sure that you display signs for the buyers that they are being monitored.

Once any person knows that he is being monitored, he refrains from taking any wrong step.

Why do you need to invest into a spy camera?

To prevent the risk of burglaries and crimes of the vending machines, the best way that can be opted is to install spy cameras which act as surveillance and alert the people who intend to break into the machine.

Imagine losing all your money to a burglary while on the other hand, imagine investing some money in a spy camera and saving whatever you have made.

Are spy cameras expensive?

Just like many other products available in the market, the price of the spy camera varies.

Some of them can be super affordable and some can be super expensive but you can get yourself a pretty good quality vending machine spy camera that is very inexpensive.

Also, these spy cameras for vending machines are easy to install and operate and they provide a high-quality image. You can store the recording on an SD card while keeping it safe for the time of need.

So, if you also have a vending machine business, make sure to keep all that cash safe with a spy camera.

12 reasons why vending machines should have alarms

12 reasons why vending machines should have alarms

spy camera

If you are placing vending machines, you are doing a great investment to secure a better financial future. In the meantime, you need to take a look at few other important aspects as well.

Vending machine alarms hold a prominent place out of them.

Here is a list of 12 reasons why you need to think about getting alarms for the vending machines that you install.

1. You can protect the vending machine from intruders


The most obvious benefit that you can get from vending machine alarms is that you can deliver enhanced protection to it from intruders.

You will be able to get a notification when somebody is trying to access your vending machine. This can help you to take appropriate actions in a timely manner. On the other hand, person who is trying to access the vending machine will also get a warning. Hence, you can keep the vending machine safe and sound in place.

2. You can protect the vending machine from fires

The vending machine alarms will also provide enhanced protection to the machine against fires. A fire in the environment can create a massive impact on your vending machine.

However, alarms can get triggered in case of a fire and it can allow you to take immediate action to ensure protection. You will be able to proceed with it accordingly.

3. You will be provided with peace of mind

You don’t need to worry about anything after you get the vending machine alarms fixed. That’s because you will know that your vending machines are installed in place and they remain safe without any obstructions. You don’t need to keep on worrying about their condition, or even pay visits to check how they are doing. This can make the life much easy for you.

4. You can protect the valuables

You have lots of valuables stored inside the vending machine. Hence, you will come across the need to provide enhanced protection to what you have inside. This is where vending machine alarms would come into your play. After getting the vending machine alarm system fixed, you don’t need to worry about any issues and you will be able to provide utmost protection to them at all times.

5. You can have someone to protect your vending machine

It is like there is a security 24/7 on your vending machine.

With all the busy schedule you have, you cannot go through the hassle of protecting your vending machine as well. That’s where a vending machine alarm system will be able to help you with. You will never have to experience any nerve wrecking situations because you know that there is someone to protect your vending machine at all times.

6. You can save on insurance

I myself have a monthly insurance fee on one of the prime high security place which is the requirement of the location. Otherwise, it is best to avoid expensive insurance fee by installing an alarm instead which is a one time expense.

Vending machine insurance can be quite expensive. It may even consume a considerable percentage of the profits that you make out of vending machine. Hence, you will come across the need to reduce the money that you are spending on vending machine insurance as well. A vending machine alarm system can deliver much-needed assistance to you with saving money.

7. You can keep an eye on the vending machine remotely

Technology is now developed in order to help you monitor the vending machine remotely. All you have to do is to get your hands on a comprehensive vending machine alarm system. Then you will be able to receive assistance with monitoring the vending machine remotely. This can help you to save some expensive trips to see the condition of vending machine on a regular basis.

8. You don’t have to spend a fortune for it

Getting a vending machine alarm system installed is not an expensive thing to do. You will be able to save lots of money on the vending machine alarm system. It can also deliver a range of impressive benefits to you. You will be able to keep on saving lots of money with the help of it in the future. Therefore, you can consider the amount you spend as an excellent investment.

9. You can provide 24/7 protection to the vending machine

The vending machine alarm system you install would function throughout 24 hours of the day. Therefore, you will be able to provide 24 hour protection to your vending machine with the help of it. It is the most practical and convenient method available for you to provide 24/7 protection to the vending machine as well.

10. They will not break

The vending machine alarm systems are designed to deliver a robust operation to you at all times. Therefore, you will be able to rely on data captured by the vending machine alarm system at all times. They will never provide you with faulty alarms as well. The level of reliability that you can get from them is extremely high.

11. You can ensure the functionality of the vending machine

If the vending machine is not functioning properly, you will not be able to make any profits out of it. The vending machine alarm system will be able to provide you with a basic understanding about the functionality as well. Therefore, you can use it as an indication to ensure proper functionality of the vending machine and ensure that it is generating profits.

12. It is a must

spy camera

Last but not least, you need to consider that it is a must to go ahead and get a vending machine alarm system installed. You should opt for it and you will be impressed with the long term returns that are provided to you.

Now you are aware of all the great reasons available for you to invest your money on a vending machine alarm system. Simply go ahead and go for this investment and it can deliver outstanding results to you in the long run.

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4 Tips on how to make a vending machine more power efficient

4 Tips on how to make a vending machine more power efficient

power efficient vending machine

Vending machines are a smart way to get your favorite drink or snack in a less amount of time. They usually are placed in crowded place, as well indoors as outdoors.

Those outdoors one are working well during the night too, if they are located near clubs. Everyone wants a snack after drinking some beers. Most of the stores are already closed, so this is the only way somebody could get something.

Now, some vending machines are even in the students’ complex. This way, students no longer go to the store if they need a drink or something sweet. Of course, it is not so healthy, but unfortunately, this is the world we live in.

Vending machines are always in charge. Their mission is to maintain the drinks cold so that you can feel a fresh taste. The purpose of keeping the food cold also, is for them to have a long life-span.

But a vending machines is plugged all day all night and it can use a lot of electricity. Is almost like a fridge, used in crowded places and not in a home. Of course, the energy use depends on if the vending machine is place outside or inside four walls. The outside heat can make the machine to try cool the items faster and so it uses more energy.

But, let’s say there are some ways to make the vending machine more ‘ green ‘. The society we live in now, is always thinking about saving the energy, flora and fauna and many other things. In matters of sun and weather protection, people invented creative ways to green the energy. Even for a vending machine.

#1 – How much does a vending machine use?

Vending machines are using 7-14 KwH per day, which means that owners are paying almost $350 per year to maintain those machines working. During the night, there’s almost no traffic in front of a vend machine, so it’s kind of useless.

Anyway, owners of vending machines are earning more than $2000 per month and the return on investment is positive. But we have to count the rent an owner has to pay for the vending machine to be placed in a crowded space. Which depends on the space, and it can increase in case the space will go out of business soon.

#2 – How do I know a vending machine is power efficient?

Every specialist or vending machine’s owner will tell you about the ‘ Energy Star- Rated Machines ‘. ‘ The Energy Star – Rated Machines ‘ is something like Forbes, a magazine which rates the best reliable cars. But this one rates the most power-saving vending machines and many other electric instruments. According to Energy Star, a qualified vending machine consumes around 40% less energy than a non-rated unit.

#2 – Which vending machine is perfect as a energy-saver?

Usually, those that are most known are from Pepsi and Cola. Even if they sell unhealthy drinks, they want to take part in the developing process of the world. Technically or not. Their global initiative is called Refrigerants Naturally, and are changing the old vending machines with new, energy-saver ones.

#3 – How am I making my own vending machine more power efficient?

Firstly, a vending machine is not only using the cooler for working, but lights too. The purpose of the lights inside of a machine is for let people see which button should they press when buying something at night. The bad part is, the light is opened during the day too. So it’s double consuming. If you want to limit the

energy use, the best choice is changing the lights. A normal vending machine is using around 180 watts, which means no more than $100 per year. But for a better consuming, T8 lamps and electronic ballasts are a great choice for a vending machine that is 24/7 lightened.

Secondly, there exist timers for lightning. Of course, the improvement of timers is raising along with the technology, and so you can use a timer for the vending machine to light whenever somebody is approaching the machine. It works with sensors, so it will know when somebody wants to buy something. In fact, when there’s not so much traffic, the light will turn off for good.

#4 – What are the benefits of improving the vending machine in this way?

Well, there are a lot of things to save up.

Firstly, it’s about money.

For the first year, you can save up between $100 and $250 per year. I know it’s not that much, but during many years could be a real investment. Also, if you are the owner of many vending machines, there is a really good percentage of savings. As an example, if you have 10 vending machines, you can save up to $2000 per year.


if you put a compressor control inside you vend machine, you can save up the electricity too. A compressor control keep the items cold and stops the cooler when it is used too much. It’s like you are plugging the machine in and off over and over again during the day.

It’s a good strategy if you have a vending machine placed outside, because during the winter time, the compressor control will turn off the electricity for a longer time. Because outside is cold, the machine will remain cold too.

If you mix up more strategies, your return on investment could be bigger year by year. Because now, vending machines are a real deal, you can consider saving some extra money from them.

If you and the vending machine’s operator have a contract for a year, but you want to change the way it’s working, here’s what to do.

You can talk with them about everything you heard about the power efficient vending machines and try to make a subcontract.

7 Ways on How to Make Your Vending Machine Quieter

7 Ways on How to Make Your Vending Machine Quieter

noisy office with a vending machine


A vending machine is actually an automatic machine which dispenses or release small food items and other articles such as chips, cans, candies, chocolates, milk, charger, cigarettes, cigars and other upon inserting a token or a coin. A vending machine is mostly found at hospitals, public places, malls, colleges, schools, even at petrol pumps and at the train stations and airports.

A vending machine is very advantageous for the ones who get hunger pangs on their way home, or at school or waiting for someone at the hospital. Moreover, vending machine is very easy to use. However, you need to have money in the form of coins to dispense the food articles that you want.

One big disadvantage of the vending machines is that vending machines are noisy when dispensing and releasing food and other articles. Manufacturers are striving hard to make the vending machines quiet.

Here are some questions on how to make a vending machine quieter:


Vending machine use speed reducers which dispense the food articles for the by stander. However, the irritating noises are result of the function of the speed reducers in the vending machine. To reduce the vending machine’s noise, it is better to keep maximum decibel level during the dispensing operation.

Manufacturers should keep the range between 40 to 50 decibels. Moreover, the manufacturers should also put the vending machine to function according to the calculated weighted frequency range.


There are many ways in which you can reduce noise from your vending machine.

These ways include installing noise compressors to compress the noise coming from the vending machines. The other option is to invest in fan bearings.

Fan bearings reduce the friction, hence reduces the noise coming from the vending machine upon dispensing the food articles.

Some of the older type snack vending machine have these fan bearings located at the back of the vending machine and in time this will cause so much unwanted noise.

I simply unplug the molex connector to the fan of the snack machine causing the noise and it solved the problem. See the pictures below on how to locate the fan on your snack machine.front of snack machine

fan of the snack machine

When the snack machine is opened you will see the fan which is normally located on the right most top portion of the snack vending machine as depicted on the picture above. You just have to simply disconnect the power cable on the left or right side which is attached on the fan to solve the noise problem.


You need to replace your fan motors in the vending machines in order to reduce the noise coming from them. One way is to replace the components and the other way is to install noise reducers. Noise reducers include fan bearings next to the fan motors, noise compressors or even a new compressor to suppress the noise coming from the vending machine.


The materials which absorb the sound of the vending machines are sound insulators.

They are basically batts that are made from rock wool, mineral wool and fiber glass that are fit into the machine and in between the studs of the walls.

Another material is the floor underlayement. It is the material that soundproofs the floor to reduce the transmission of noise from the vending machines.


Sometimes, the vending machine also makes noise because of the old compressor. You can put in or replace the new compressor. The new compressor can reduce the noise from the speed reducers. This can reduce the noise from the vending machine while the machine dispensing the food articles.


Speed reducers work according to their normal duty cycles. The level meters of sound determine the frequency which range between A to Z. The audible frequency ranges from 500 Hertz to 6 kilo hertz.


Apart from the noise barriers and the sound proofing materials, the thermal treatment of the vending machines can also make the vending machines quieter but this treatment does not absorb all of the noise.


Sometimes, the vending machine also makes noise because of the damaged compressor. Getting it repaired can also help to reduce its noise.

I used to have a noisy Coke Soda Pop machine and it was creating some noise in the lunchroom and the management decided to have it taken away on two of my locations as I have recalled.

It is imperative to have noisy vending machines fixed.


Manufacturers are finding latest ways and viral technologies to reduce the noise from the vending machines. However, there are still some ways through which the noise can be reduced to some extent.

6 Ways on Solving Problem When Vending Machine Eats Money

6 Ways on Solving Problem When Vending Machine Eats Money

healthy max machine with coin that got jammed inside the coin mech

You are in a rush to work or almost missing a class and you are thirsty or hungry.

Then a vending machine appears in front of you and you feel the luckiest man.

But something might happen right away.

From time to time, the vending machine steals your money, without giving you back the things you wanted.

You fill yourself with anger and think about to shake the vending machine and to a point even smashing it out of spontaneous rage!

Recently after a long time without any problems with my vending machines, I was on a vacation and was surprised when this vending machine was smashed in a reputable warehouse facility.

Most of the time, people consider this an option. We all want our money back because nobody’s paying for nothing. But what if it’s not working?

Those are some of the common questions in this case.

#1 – Why vending machines are not giving you the change and what to do?

Sometimes when you buy something from a vending machine, it can happen to not get your change back. Even if you already received the things you wanted from it.

Most of the coins or bills are filthy.

It was a teenagers’ trend to put chewing gum or duct tape on the money and try to take it back.

It was about getting something without paying for it.

But this trick is not working, only in movies.

When the vending machine is not giving you any change, even if you pushed that button over and over again, you have to call a repairman.

Usually, the number of the repairman is written just below the hole where to insert the money.

my phone number in case there is a problem on the vending machine

#2 – I paid with my credit card and the vending machine charged me twice. What to do?

If you look at your card statement after you paid with it at some vending machine, you will see that it charged you twice. It happens because the vending machine company didn’t accept the payment yet.

It takes a while for them to accept it, and it could happen even after 1-2 days.

The other amount is a temporary hold. It is like a guarantee for them that if you spend all the money from your card, they will still get the balance.

Don’t worry, after the payment is made, you will get your hold immediately.

#3 – How to get a snack unstuck from a vending machine?

The shaking is not an option. And there are more easy ways to do it than moving, punching or kicking.

The hole from where a snack would fall has a flap that prevents the snack or a soda to break on the floor. Simply, you just have to push it and let the flap snap back down.

Because of the physics theories, in this way, the flap moves the air from the vending machine and makes your snack fall on its own.

If this way is not working too, the only option is to call the company. But this process can take very long, and your snack will remain stuck.

#4 – The vending machine is broken and took my money. What to do?

The most important thing to remember is, as I said, to not move the vending machine. Because of its size and weight, it can cause you damage if it falls on to you.

The first thing to do is to call the number that is written on the machine.

The assistance for the particular company will ask you for some details and probably it will help you repair it. If the problem is much bigger, they will call somebody for maintenance.

But, again, this can take a while and maybe you are in a rush to work. In this case, most of the vending machine companies are giving a refund on your card statement. If you are lucky enough, you can get an extra dollar and some apologies for the trouble.

#5 – What if there’s no phone number written on the vending machine?

In this case, you have to look up for the manager of the property. Usually, vending machines are placed on big and crowded properties, such as malls, supermarkets, Universities, etc.

The property manager will solve the problem and maybe give you a refund. But it takes a while to find the offices of the property.

Most commonly, those vending machines are from Pepsi or Cola and surely you will find contact details on them. If the vending machine is placed at the subway or on a bus station and doesn’t have any number or email on them, then it’s the property of the City Hall.

In this case, you have to enter the City Hall’s website and search for their e-mail. It’s best not to call because, most of the time, the secretary is busy. And the e-mail shouldn’t be filled with so much anger.

Be careful. Some of the vending machines are broken of its own free will. So the property can illegally steal your money. If you think something’s up, it’s time to involve the police too.

#6 – Why should I call for maintenance?

Even if it’s a dollar or two, you surely want your money back. And if somebody is coming to fix the vending machine, it will help to prevent the same thing happening to somebody else. Sometimes, the malfunction of a vending machine is because of people who don’t know how to use it. There are people not knowing how to introduce the coins properly, and so it breaks. Most of the problems require experienced men to fix it.

As people, if something like this happens, we surely act with anger. We don’t have time to wait for things to be fixed, and we want our money back right away.

In some cases, it’s not our fault for the problems a vending machine has. A vending machine needs to be cleaned properly for the money to not stuck in between.

And in this case, is the property to be blamed. The hint I’m giving you is to take your money back in every way. It is a way to warn the property that something is wrong. And either they fix it or change it with a new one, it prevents happening over and over again.

Home Invasion

I was always driving in Vancouver around town especially in west side and east side downtown which im very accustomed.

I went to a location which is 24 hours a day and some people are asking if I can install a debit credit reader. There are no spaces that can accommodate the debit credit card reader on the machine. The picture is shown below. I was planning just to remove the bill accept or and swap it out with the debit credit card reader instead since this location uses a lot of coins than bills.

You may have noticed that this machine was vandalize before and the glass is replaced with wire screen mesh.

I mentioned on my last blog that the chocolate prices has increased significantly since last year. The vending operators cost per piece has gone up to around $0.85 to $0.92 per pieces plus tax.

The pictures shown below attests the price increase in Wholesale Club.

There was one location on the east side part of town that lights are out and need some change. Of course, I have some spare and it was an easy fix for me.

I took a lunch break in another part of town at New Westminster. I was contemplating to secure a location and the owner was very kind to offer space at the side of the restaurant and agreed to place a caged pop machine since the bus stop was just across their establishment.

Pictures show the location which was supposed to place the pop machine which is located on the side of the restaurant.

This visit was my second time around and the owner suddenly changed their minds and opt not to put a pop vending machine for the moment.

I’m used getting rejections since its part of business. I was thinking that I’ll try again on the next prospect which I would offer on my daily driving and soliciting at times when I feel like it or if it along the way.

It is a numbers game in sales.

Also within the vicinity of new Westminster, one of the snack machines was installed with a water proofing type of roof and keypad was wrapped properly so that there will be no moisture setting in which might damage the motherboard inside the snack vending machine. You probably know that if there is constant water and moisture, it might get into the machine and short the board.

Before heading to Richmond I had to stop by at west end Vancouver. I noticed that there is a Dollar Store. Just wondering if it was on the right neighborhood.

Here is part of the article if you wanted to read on this link.

“Much of that may have to do with location. The stores strategically set

up in predominantly low-income neighborhoods, Elizabeth Racine, an

associate professor of public health at the University of North Carolina

at Charlotte, said in an interview on Oct. 23. The average family that

shops at dollar stores makes less than $50,000 a year, according to a 2015 study.”

( Taken from The Surprising Impact of Your Neighborhood Dollar Store )

Traveled to Richmond and boy I was so hungry and wanted to eat some BBQ and needed to line up. I’m trying to be a vegan but at times I’m lulled to the smell of BBQ.


So far I was very happy with the things that I go for me lately. There is no more attempted vandalism on my work van. The little problem I have so to unload all the stuff to my garage every day when I get home.

Sometimes a bad event will lead to a better outcome.

I have a new problem now.

It’s one of those days that I woke up and headed out for work and noticed that one of my box of chips was laden with micro holes and 50% of them are empty.

So I have to hunt down the new villain. I thought I’d leave the box for the mouse to munch and eat so that the other products will not get affected.

What I did was I placed a big of Cheetos beside the box which the mouse like to eat. I can never imagine that the mouse prefer to eat baked good-natured chips than the unhealthy Cheetos!

Below is the picture that the Cheetos is left untouched after placing it overnight to see if the mouse would eat it.

So far all the products are untouched and there is no problem with mouse. Now it will be problem solving again for me how to get rid of the new problem that I’m facing.

Sales have been improving but of course the pop is not a big seller since it is winter. January and February is traditionally slow for the vending machine business.

So far I’m still able to pay my rent or mortgage. Sometimes a little extra, sometimes struggling to catch up on deadline. So going out for collection is a must for me.

It is also tax time, so I have to submit all my receipts to my accountant. I was surprised to receive a deductible tax receipt from Compassion Canada. I was never expecting any deductible on my taxes since I freely donate some profit to compassion if I have some extra.

If you give something, do not count or think that there must be something in return. Just do it to your own free will and expect nothing in return. I can consider myself fortunate and a small token or change means a lot to someone who do not have anything or living in a subsistence level or born in dire straits.

It is fortunate that I grew up in a unselfish environment and was nurtured into my personality and way of thinking. The fact is as a businessman we still have to acquire the acumen and tenacy to be creative in pursuing wealth with risks.

My Vending Work Van Vandalized

I remember when i was doing my vending business during the early days, i make sure that all my vending keys and collections for the day is secured when i get home.

It was a standard procedure for me and i even have a small bag that contains all the vending keys. I was very careful during the early days and even have the cash locked up inside the van when going from one place to another.

I have a security safe inside my van and its is very hard to break in.

As time goes by and very confident in my business thinking that here in Canada everything is very safe and secure. I just have to lock the van each time to hop on to another location and it was very worry free for me.

I soon upgraded my van to a slightly new model so that it will not keep on breaking down and problems with downtime on my visits.

I woke up on a day getting ready for work sometime on the second week of December were i was planning to leave Vancouver, BC for a short break.

My driver’s side glass window was smashed and all my vending keys, collections for a couple of days, chocolates, old English cookies, Dan d pak peanuts boxes were also gone missing! Just because i was too complacent not securing my things and leave everything in my work van.

This happened just beside the street were i usually park at my townhouse. Leaving all things inside my van has been going on forever and was thinking that my place is secure but it is definitely not!

Before i went for a break in the Philippines i asked around people here in Vancouver, BC what are their personal experiences on car break ins.

  • USB phone connector in jack
  • sweater
  • empty bottles and plastic for recycle
  • handbag
  • shoulder bag
  • backpack
  • wallet
  • laptop
  • power bank
  • gift wrapped item
  • couple of loonies on car dash

I was very astounded and surprised that i made a list of points that will make you think twice when leaving your car.

I was not able to update my blog on the vending business for quite a while. The reason behind this is that i was in panic mode. It is the time that i needed to do the following things before i leave for a short break.

I wanted to make a short visit to Philippines since it is were i grew up and i somehow miss my buddies and family. You cannot go wrong with the people that you grew up with you, it is 100% transparent even thou there are some disagreements. Friends and family without any pretensions and real were my heart is most comfortable.

My time is very cramped because i have to wait for Ford dealer to have it arrived for a special order on my driver side glass since my van is still not mainstream.

How many locks shall i destroy to replace the locks on the vending machine?

The time that destroying the lock on the vending machines takes about it least 15 to 20 minutes which includes the replacement of a new lock.  There are stubborn locks that took me up to close an hour to destroy.

Imagine instead of visiting 10 locations, i was doing only 5 to 6 and not getting collections to pay my bills because of downtime.  A meager $60 to $100 collection per collection slows down.

There are some vending machines that i have installed a high security lock and i have to use up to 2-3 drill bits just to successfully destroy a lock. What i did was not to service the vending machines with high security locks and ordered duplicates from the manufacturer and have to wait for a week to arrive.

In case, you wanted to change your regular locks to this high tech high security lock then here is the company information.

Van lock Vanamatic High Security Locks is by far the best locks for your vending machine.

I have set aside everything that i have been doing regularly. I set aside my part-time online training course that i was extremely engrossed and got everything out of momentum.

I have stopped all other things and have to work 7 days a week rain or shine just to destroy locks and change them. Some locations that have high security access cards were also stolen and i cannot go to those locations and service my machines. I have to choose a day were the manager is around for me to get a spare key again.

In short my vending machine business is in turmoil. There are locations that i just did not service anymore before i left Philippines for a break.

Sometimes maybe this is a blessing is disguise that vending operators must be also on the lookout and very cautious. I had some vending professional which i regularly talked too. And he told me his work van was robbed 3 times. Twice in front of his townhouse and another time in the parking lot of Costco.

I strongly suggest doing the following precautionary measures after working even thou it takes a little of your time just to make sure that everything pans out and never happens again.

Preventive Measures After Work

  • Leave nothing near the dashboard, not even a couple of loonies
  • Do not leave any form of GPS device
  • Do not leave your USB phone charger inside your vehicle
  • Remove all products from the front till the mid section of your work van
  • Open the glove compartment so that thief will see nothing when flashing lights by
  • Also, opens the middle compartment between the driver and passenger seat if any so that thief can see that nothing is left inside not even a single dime
  • Remove all kinds of shiny objects

For added security measures on your vending work van.

  • Always bring the cash with you per location strapped beside your body no matter how small or big the collections
  • Install 2 Way car alarm with shock sensor
  • Install DVR Car Dash Cam
  • Security Clear 8mil tint for all the side windows ( if robber tried to hit glass again then glass will not break and security tint will hold the glass and will trigger the car alarm )
  • Even if your collection is minuscule, always bring the coins to the bank coin counter after doing your rounds.

There was even a story that a regular customer goes to Costco to buy a whole load of cigarettes for his convenience store and was followed to Safeway for a quick drink of soup. When he returned his work van and window was smashed and all cigarettes missing.

Did i mention earlier that a jacket left inside the car was stolen with glass smashed ?

Living dangerously in the Philippines

I guess we are not living in dangerous times were people are held at gunpoint or stab while waiting for a public ride. This is very common in the Philippines were regular folks get robbed when riding inside a jeepney. The robber pulls out a gun and announcing a hold up and everyone surrenders watches, phones, wallets and bags.

Taxi drivers in the Philippines have a dangerous livelihood too were they are constantly robbed at gunpoint or shot. It’s the powerful and rich that is left untouched by petty crimes.

Needless to say for me there is absolutely more fun in the Philippines than anywhere during the Christmas season.

There are christmas carolling

which i always go every xmas if given the opportunity to my friend’s house which he gives charity to the poor and needy.  Even a small token from your heart can make the world a big difference.



Vending Machine Business in Philippines is not lucrative. I noticed that even if there are hundreds of driver’s in the waiting room which can readily access a coke glass front vending machine is not doing good.

Lots of vending machines in the Philippines are out of order from people trying to break in. I have yet to see when the vending machine business will take off here in my hometown.

December is good time to have a short trip since business is slow here in Vancouver, BC. Make sure that you go to a place that is warm. I guess anywhere in Asia is a good choice.

I also need to regularly travel to Philippines because it is the only time that i also go for dental repairs and checkups. Medical blood test, CT scans, x rays, stress tests and bone chiropractic adjustments needed to run this vending machine business.

If you know how to maintain your vending machines then the priority is also maintaining yourself in peak shape for performance.

I guess im back on track to my usual musings.

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Vending Machine Credit Card Reader

Do you have existing vending machine locations that you need to boost sales ?

How do you determine which locations that is deserving to have a debit credit card reader?

Is your vending machine a contender that needs to be upgraded to the debit credit card reader? Here are the rundown on my opinion as a real vendor that runs and maintains vending machine on a daily basis.

It would be wise to listen an advise to a real vendor who do this for a living and not from someone who just speaks from news or scraping information from sources in the internet which I sincerely think what is happening presently on most flashy websites earning from affiliates and commissions that tries to dry you hard-earned $$$.

Do not be so naive to listen to any credit debit card supplier or seller that pushes you to buy a lot of debits credit card readers.

I understand that everyone has to make a living.

It would be best to get advise from a vendor that applies it to his business and real facts on how beneficial it would bring to added increase on sales on the vending machines.

I’m in no way endorsing a product or earning affiliate on writing this article.

It is thru this article that I wanted all the vending operators out there to know if this debit credit card do really increase in sales

Here are the rundown on several factors to be considered when installing the debit credit card into existing machines.

Here are my experiences on the sales of my other locations with debit credit card readers.

Public locations such as hotels

are a must installing on debit credit cards, my observations is that the sales of coins and credit/debit is around 50%. Common sense tells us at tourists who visits Vancouver, BC are naturally equipped with credit card but most of them carry cash with them.

So my sales is around 50% cash and 50% credit card with a tolerance variation of 20% on cash / credit ratio

Private locations depending on demographics.

Millennial all carry plastics with them and you can safely assume that you have the option without having the cash handling capability. I have several locations which doesn’t have any cash whenever I visit the location, but needed to visit at least once a week.

Generation X such as myself carry plastics all the time, but since the Generation X is a transition or in between from the traditional old ways to the new changing landscape, I always carry at least 5 dollars in loose change and at least $5 dollar bill inside my wallet.

This reasoning is perhaps some generation x are taught by the old hard-working Baby Boomers to always carry some form of cash in case there is a natural disaster e.g.earthquakes, blackouts or worse case War !

Generation X is torn between the old and the new I would say. Generation X have some form of paranoia and have to be always prepared and alert.

Baby Boomers always carries cash with them and locations need not to be upgraded to credit debit card system. But of course a large proportion also have credit debit cards but hesitate to use them because in believing that it is a rip off and have a notion that these plastic companies steals their hard-earned money if skipped a month’s payment and get charged for 2%.

Mixed Demographics

If your location has all sorts of age brackets and people using the vending machines then it would be best just to install a debit credit card reader on your machine.

Is purchasing a debit credit card reader justified even if the sales is like $30 a month ?

I have these kinds of locations which I still service some very small locations because here in Vancouver, BC is hard to look for a vending location. If the small location is on the way or in a group of other 10 locations within the vicinity then ill just swing by and service the small location even if it is just $30 a month.

The products that are mostly close to expire but is still good can be placed in other strong locations which is fully aware what kind of products are placed in the vending machine and not very finicky and picky.

What are the requirements in the vending machine that can be qualified to equip the debit credit card reader ?

The vending machine has to be MDB capable. Vending machines that are non MDB complaint and super old like 15 years old cannot qualify.

You know that all vending machine operators do not have a majority of brand new machines at their locations so that leaves you maybe only 30% to 40% of the remainder that is worth upgrading to a debit credit card reader capability.

It is will be very ambitious for me to start with a project to buy maybe 1 or 2 debit credit card readers every month until all my MDB complaint vending machines are upgraded.

I noticed that if there is a credit debit card reader on my former machines which I have upgraded have resulted in more frequent visits from me, for instance : my monthly will turn into bi weekly and my bi weekly will turn into weekly visits.

Vending Machine Credit Card Processing Fees ?

Unfortunately doing business again here in Vancouver, BC is at a premium. I get charged for $15 for the older debit credit card readers every month and $7 for the newer 2018 debit credit card readers every month. A debit credit card reader here costs around $500.

In USA the monthly processing fees ranges from $7.5 per month and debit credit card readers are just around $350.   guess the used ones will be a lot cheaper in USA since vending machines are in proliferation.

Is it worth it to loosing $7 to $15 on the processing fees ?

If you can increase your overall sales considering and assuming all your MDB capable machine are equipped with debit credit card readers then it is justified.

For a hypothetical computation : Normal sales of $1000 without card reader. After upgrading the sales will be around $1,250 with card reader. According to my experience the sales increase is around 25% conservatively with a tolerance of plus minus variation of 10%. Meaning it may be an actual increase of 20% to 35% variance.

Recommended 3rd party debit credit card reader ?

USA Technologies

I was initially very happy with USA Live Technologies in USA. I had several healthy combo machines that came with the USA Technologies readers and the interface is a child’s play and very user-friendly experience.

I even have daily alerts on emails everyday on specified time can be specified for reports. Which makes you not constantly logging in to check daily reports.

Hands down I really like the USA Technologies, problem is that sometimes when I make an email to new orders, they respond the next day but most of the time they never reply.

I even have to email several contacts just to get a response.

Seems that they always change hands on the sales representative.

I’m not saying anything negative about this customer service protocol, it is just that I normally send a simple email stating that I wanted to buy 1 or 2 units but have no reply.

I used to run my own company mentioning back in Makati City. When a customer calls my Computer Trading company during the Asian surge in computer products hey days, you get a quick favorable and friendly reply. Orders jot down and delivery scheduled.

You know during my stint in Asia, I called my customers every day! I sounded like a broken record! Maybe the Asus 4MB memory chips needs replenishment ? Maybe you needed more I/O Graphics card ( that’s what they are called before the era of super graphics ). How many hundreds of mice do you need? ball type or lighted ones ?

I got really good customer service and my business propelled as a small self-employed businessman. My products are niche and I just carry 20 to 30 different products are micro small which everyone was very hungry during that Golden Era.

Here is the link to USA Technologies.

Nayax Technologies

I also have Nayax debit credit card readers on some of my machines. I don’t have any problem with the debit credit card reader since it is absolutely the exact equivalent of USA Technologies.

I had fewer Nayax debit credit card readers on my vending machines.

Whenever I was generating daily reports on the Nayax debit credit card readers it was very cryptic and it is very hard for me to read and comprehend.

I have to figure out the menus and navigation and always get lost.

Learning is unending and when you utilize and use it, you get new set of wires inside your brain and go through the learning process and pretty soon enough, you will be a master.

It took for a while to get used to the cryptic menu on navigation.

The great thing about the Nayax debit credit card is that the customer support is lightning quick and very easy to access help and advise.

If you are located in Vancouver, BC or the lower mainland then it would be the best option !

You do not have to deal with basketball running around emails and waiting for a reply. There is no need for the waiting time from UPS all the way coming from the USA and get shocked on added $100 tax for one unit.

Nayax Debit Credit readers is the most viable

and easy and locally available with outstanding support.


I advise you not to get too excited in getting your Nayax debit credit card readers immediately. You have to figure out on how to install it first by yourself on a MDB capable vending machine. Perhaps buy 1 device and install it to your best location and observe it for 1 month.

For vending machine operators that works hard for the money, then maybe 1 or 2 nayax debit credit card readers will be sufficient until all your locations are installed.

You have to consider if the Nayax debit credit card reader will justify its cost.

Buy 1 at a time and observe.

Installing a Nayax Debit Credit Card Reader

I guess actions speaks louder than words. Simply have a magnetic screwdriver set with you and a small set of ratchet for the installation of a Nayax debit credit card reader.

Installing it on a Healthy Max combo machine

Installing it on a AP LCM type vending machine

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