Is Vending Business Sales Down Due to Pandemic?

Is Vending Business Sales Down Due to Pandemic?

empty office

You’ve heard that vending business sale down due to pandemic, but do you know why? It’s because of the effects of the virus on the human mind.

  • People will shy away from everything they see, and that includes the food and drinks that are available in your vending machine, and it can make selling at your business a difficult and miserable experience.
  • That said, here are a few certain things that you should have ready when people decide to come into your vending business: bottled water, cups of water, clean drinking water, wet wipes, toothpaste, mints, tissues, unscented baby powder, hot milk, healthy snacks like chips, cookies, and bagels, and any other snacks or sweets that are appropriate.
  • Put some ketchup or mustard into your snack food like chips and crackers and a bag of chips with a small bottle of bottled water.
  • That way, you can serve both hot and cold snacks and drinks as well as add a little zest to the vending business.

Sometimes it’s nice to have a small bar of your favorite sweets so that you don’t have to rely on having it sitting around your vending machine, nor do you have to worry about the employees having it all the time.

Just have the candy and soda machines for the kids to eat and leave the healthy snacks and drinks for your customers.

empty class

Yes, I hear many stories on the vendors here in Vancouver, BC.  Here are the scenarios.

  • Vendors who exclusively cater to community centers are doomed
  • Vendors who exclusively cater to schools are doomed
  • Vendors who exclusively cater to downtown offices are doomed

empty gym

The 2nd phase of reopening is in effect already here in Vancouver, BC but there are still lots of places such as : community centers, continuing education, ESL, gymnasiums, swimming pools, outdoor events and movie theaters are all closed.

  • Even if they are open, the people here in Vancouver, BC jobs are cut 50%. Self-employed businesses are losing money or hardly making ends meet.
  • I have started visiting my locations in Downtown Vancouver, BC offices and all of them are on bare minimum attendance.
  • I got downtown offices before the pandemic with 100 to 300 and now it is just 20 employees working, so how will vending machine business survive?

Good thing that there is CERB offered by the government where self employed individuals and contractors earning less than $1,000 can avail the $2,000 offered by the government which will end on September.

Im not working from home so if i do not go out then I do not have money on the table to pay bills, rent or mortgage.

Here is the usual collections from my visits and the general look of the vending locations that I visit.

See the pictures below.

collecting expired chips

collecting expired chips

collecting expired chocolates

Collecting expired chocolate bars

where is everyone

Where is everyone

my collection for 1 location

My collection for the above location

Vending Operators Who Depend on Colleges and Schools Have Hurt the Worst

Many people are now making their money in a different way that those who depend on vending operators who depend on colleges and schools have hurt the worst.

Before the pandemic the college operators are the ones who do the best, they are the ones who know what they want.

The college vending machine operators need to take a step back and look at the big picture.

If they continue to use college vending operators who depend on colleges and schools, they are always going to be at the bottom of the list, and they may never recover.

Office Transitions to Working From Home

Many offices have had to make the decision to start planning for office work that can be done from home. This is a very common trend in today’s business world.

Many corporations are seeing how great it is to be able to hire people and they are taking advantage of this. These jobs are not only high paying but are also relatively easy to maintain.

many offices transitioned to working from home

Many offices that did not have a necessity for an office from home also transitioned to working from home.

It is a lot easier to transport files around to allow employees to move to other areas or even take them with them if they want to.

There are some companies that will even reimburse for the costs of travel when the person is on leave from work.

This means that employees are not having to commute by public transportation and they do not have to worry about parking fees.

A lot of companies will also offer a good amount of money as an incentive to get an employee to work from home. They see this as a great benefit and one that is worth the time spent and the investment of funds.

Many offices that were not going to get into this kind of employment have also started using the Internet for a way to perform tasks that would require them to have to drive somewhere.

With the internet and the way that businesses are moving forward, this is becoming a lot easier. More offices are now utilizing these ways to be able to bring in a better income. It is a good move for them to make because if they do not do this, they are missing out on this type of revenue.

Productivity Has Decreased Since Employees Were Sent Home to Work

Vending Operators Need Time to Recover Their Losses

vending operators suffered loss as well and they will need time recover

Vending operators suffered loss as well and they will need time to recover. For example, before the recent economic downturn when people were able to shop in malls, they could spend a lot of money shopping for items that would just a few hours later be sold out on the streets.

Most people would never be able to find the specific item they were looking for unless it was sold in a vending machine or convenience store.

It is because most people prefer to buy food and drink, they do not want to walk around or drive around any longer, instead, they would just take their order and buy them at the store.

  • When the economy started to go down and the number of people working started to drop, this created an unfortunate situation in which many numerous businesses started to suffer loss.
  • After a while, more people would lose their jobs, and other businesses were not able to hire new employees.
  • As a result, the number of lost jobs quickly increased and people started to make their living by working at home.
  • In addition, the number of people working at home also rose, so the number of vendors needed to compete for each customer who would visit the business also increased.

All these different factors resulted in a situation where operators needed to think of a way to recover.

  • In other words, they needed to try to regain what they had lost.
  • To make sure that they will have enough resources to handle the increase in customers, the operators will need time to recover.
  • This is because they might not even be able to make enough money to support themselves with the amount of money they lost.
  • During these hard times, the owners of the business might want to consider employing outside help, such as a contract vending services which will allow them to hire individuals or teams who can help them to recover what they had lost.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket On Vending Business Locations

If you want to get into the vending machine business but want to put all your eggs in one basket then there are a few things that you can do to help you succeed.

As I have mentioned before. If you rely only on community centers, schools, airports, gymnasiums, and continuing education you would lose your home and everything since there is virtually no one using the machines on those locations.

Diversification is the key.

How long can I wait for my other locations to be fully operational?  Not only me but other contractors too.

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Vending Machine Business Pros & Cons

Vending Machine Business Pros & Cons

I sincerely wish that this website will be a rich resource for anyone on understanding the journey of running a vending business.

It is A Simple Business After All

It is a very simple and it just take one to fill up the vending machines in 6 to 8 hours per day.

You have to prepare a good vending machine business plan.

And the good part is that you have cash everyday. There are no accounts receivable or waiting for paycheck, this a cash based business.

This can be done by a single person who can run this business in its entirety.

It is a matter of grouping all locations in an area. For Example i arrange my schedule as follows :

  • Monday = Downtown Vancouver
  • Tuesday = East Side Vancouver
  • Wednesday = Burnaby
  • Thursday = Surrey
  • Friday = Richmond
  • Saturday = East Side and West Side Vancouver

i personally operate around 100-120 machines, and you might wonder how i can do it by myself?

i started with a few locations back in 2012 and its just a matter of organizing your vending machine route driving schedule some locations need to be filled 1 month, most twice a month, some once a week and some extremely good locations needed to be serviced twice a week!

No Age Restrictions and No Skills Involved

There is no age discrimination on this kind of simple business,

you do not need to have any skills in customer service, but of course you have to always be in a good mood because in most cases, there are people or passerby asking for freebies. I would recommend to give some since you’ll have happy customers for long term.

This Starting your own vending business can be done with :

  • Semi Retired
  • Retired
  • High School Graduates
  • University Students
  • Professional

How Do I Manage My Time?

I manage my own time and make your own schedule as long as the machines are well stocked with snacks. According to my experience the best times to go are as follows below :

  • Early to avoid rush hour
  • After 10am when everyone is already i their cubicles
  • Lunch time when everyone is eating
  • Between 1 to 2 pm before everyone is itching to get home

Vending Machine Passive Income ?

Instead of running a mom and pop grocery store in which i stayed from 9am to 9pm and earning just a minimum salary since most of the income gets paid to the landlord, my machines do the work for me while im doing other things or other work.

I have locations in hotels and establishments that have night shifts e.g. production facilities, grain terminals, night school, it continually earns even when im sleeping.

Some of my machine is installed with devices, and always alerts and reminds me when the machine is 50% empty via email.

Easy to Maintain

Machines are very easy to maintain even thou they are more than 10 years old, i have a lot of machines that are 15 years old and they don’t cause any problems.  Most of the problems that i encounter is very simple to repair and caused by my negligence while servicing the machine.

Most of the problems are :

  • Loose screws when pushing and pulling the trays
  • Coin mechanism inside machine
  • Loose Wiring accidentally get disconnected while servicing the machine

Here is a very helpful link on How To Basic Repairs which anyone can do it.

How to fix a leaking soda pop vending machine

How to Repair Vending Machine

Worst case scenario is some of my pop machine or combo machine is over 15 years old, sometimes there is a build up of ICY Material and starts leaking and some cases need to have the compressor changed, it is around $500 to $600 to have it replaced by a vending machine technician.  The compressor itself costs around $350 to $450.

Are My Accounts Happy ?

Here in Vancouver, BC, 70% of the accounts doesnt have any written contracts since if you don’t provide a good service of restocking, procurement supplies manager would opt for another vendor.

Most of the customers are happy as long as you service them regularly and most of all if you can provide a certain % commission, 5% commission from profit is very common here in vancouver, bc.

I myself as mentioned before handles around 100+ machines in the lower mainland here in vancouver, bc.  i had some very rare occasions which is still very vivid in my memory where the establishment had only about 1 to 2 weeks to move my machines out of their premises.  the reasons for this is unknown since i always perform my duties as a vendor, i personally believe that you must always have a rapport with everyone who uses your machine.  You absolutely and should never have any ill or cranky emotions whenever you are servicing your locations.

When i was starting out in vending i used a family sedan and gravitated into a professional commercial van which i’m very happy with its performance.

I had a tip before on how to keep the account very happy, is to sometimes clean the premises or throw away some cardboards for recycle and most instances is to give out freebies and always have a great smile even thou you have a bad day from family or finances or personal problems.

I have to always have to set aside all problems and have a happy disposition to my customers.

I’m always under the mercy of the location manager or people who simply doesn’t like the way you look or the way how you approach the business and whoever you are dealing with.  It would be such a heartache if you are removed without any valid reason if you are just starting out because you will be loosing the following :

  • Moving expense = normally you have to pay around $100 to $150 moving per machine
  • Leasing expense = monthly payments on machine
  • Time in emptying products = loss of time in which you can service other machines
  • Investment loss in the location = if you paid $5,000 or even $10,000 for the account.location and you are removed without any reason this will be a disastrous loss if you loaned the money or lifetime savings gone to the drain, but this is a very rare case scenario. Just make sure that the manager or contact person have rapport with you before you jump into new accounts, or else you get burned

I heard that when you are in sales you have to have that personality that attracts people and customers and be very pleasing and at the same time a tad bit persuasive.


Owning my vending business is a very viable income for me in supporting my small family here in Vancouver especially when everything is sky high and have some form of freedom since i manage my own time.

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How to Fix AP SnackShop Single Row Stopped Working

How to Fix AP SnackShop Single Row Stopped Working

I was hurrying up on my locations especially towards the weekend.  I mostly work mid week till weekend now especially now when most of my high performing locations are closed!

Here in Vancouver, BC most of the locations are still closed.

I got lucky i have a handful that are open and allows me to service, so i work 3 times a week for now.

Here in Vancouver, the policy makers and authority is going to reopen on the 1st Week of July Tentatively in case there are not much Corona Virus cases anymore.

In Vancouver, the cases seems to be under control due to the people who closely follow the government advisory hence this thing should stop and things go back to normal.

If by July things do not go back to normal then a lot of businesses might go under and some peole might loose their homes since its the businesses that fuel the bills for all expenses.

So for small business owners like me, I am in a very fragile situation.

By not opening community centers, hotels, schools and not allowing these establishments to open, there might be another depression coming on the way.  

And im 100% that if these centers are not allowed to re open then investments and a lot of the small business investors will liquidate their assests here in Vancover and go to places that allows community activities since retail services industries relies on lots of foot traffic to generate income.  Probably investors might go back to their mother country?

They just have to find ways on how to be safe.

I have observed that a lot of Asian Groceries are filled with a lot of people and allows walk ins : No Mask No Entry Policy and the businesses on these areas are coming out from the grave again and filled with customers here in Richmond.

Taiwan is a prime example where everything is still normal and their local economy is virtually nor affected because of the NO MASK NO Entry Policy.

If community centers, major events centers and  large public gatherings will remain close then a lot of small contractors will be running out of funds shortly.  

This just how policies need to be made in a way that everyone is safe.

I have noticed that one of my locations AP SnackSHop Second Row is not working and below are the pictures and steps on how to fix this.

Please do not panic if you see on of your machine’s second or thris row is not working, it simply involves a minor repair on the secondary board or some wire that was disconnected.

Here are steps:

Unplug vending machine power

vending machine power down switch

Visually check the row that is not dispensing or not functioning

See the white plastic on the second row of the vending machine?

white plastic connector

Take out the tray by unplugging the connector as shown on the picture above

broken connector

Visually check the connector

broken connector

upon inspection of the connector, it is borken!

simply reconnect the wire and push down the plastic crimp making sure that the wire is re connected

Test the diagnostics and make sure that everything is working again on the ROW that is in question.

Did you see the large sticker glued on the top right corner?

You simply have to carefully follow the instructions on how to test the selections!

You see a simple 5 minutes repair can save again $125 service trip by a technician.  Some techinicians will charge you the initial trip of $125 plus $? ( telling you that a part costs $80 ) but in reality there is no spare part to show you.  Some technicians just makes up a story that there is a defective part that is broken but it is not true.

My advise to you is to do all simple electronics repair by yourself to save money.

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How to fix vending machine keypad panel selection Part 2

I tired to visit the location again a few after changing the keypad membrane on the Crane GPL 474 4XX Series.

I was shocked to find out that the keypad is not working again.

I opened the vending machine and saw the smaller board that is connecting to the keypad membrance is a little bit burnt.

I took the smaller board and put the vending machine Out Of Service again for the 2nd time.

The residents are disgruntled and very angry and was shouting and at times cursing.

If you have been in the vending machine service industry, you have to be have a cold heart since people will never stop complaining and you jus have to be apologize all the time and just set aside your feelings.

I used to have a brick and mortar store recycling ink and toner from customers on their printing needs and everyday I have to absorb all the complaints of my customer especially living in a very big city when i was still in Manila.

There was an incident that i recalled, we had the Epson printer converted into a continuous printing printer and there was a slight problem on the resetting of the printer firmware and i recalled he was charged P 4,000 pesos and he got furious and tried to call the secutity and complained, screaming at the top of his voice demanding that the job done was a lemon since it stopped working.angry customer

When you are in the servce industry, this is normal and you just have to deal with it in a very calm and civil way.

Getting back to the vending machine.

Here are some of the helpful tips on how to diagnose vending machine keypad selection problems in case it is not the keypad membrane:

1.  turn off vending machine

2.  isolate the problem by disconnecting the cable to the keypad

3.  turn on vending machine

4.  if the smaller built in keypad inside the vending machine works then the problem lies on the smaller board, see the picturekeypad board

I took out the board and i went to an electronics store in Burnaby.

I do not know which electronic part is not working on the board.

But upon visually checking the culprit, there is a burnt out resistor which is 1 Watt, I spent $2.58 for the parts.

So this is a long shot because this part might be working and it just seemed burnt on the board but it might be working.

In order to save $125 ( by calling a technician ) and another $85 ( to go back to your location ) + $? ( parts ) which im sure he will be overcharging, i figure that if you are not well versed in electronics, he may simply tell you that this resistor is worth $30 bucks!!!

Thats why vending machine technician’s make a fortune on easy work especially on electronics.

I got hold of my soldering iron as shown below and resolved the issues, when i got back to the location.  Below are the pictures on how to replace the burnt resistor

5.  Visual inspection will save you hundreds of Dollars!!!

Yesterday i went back to the location and everything seems to be working fine.

I have noticed that the keypad is erratic behavior, sometimes when you press the letter B, C will come come out the display, when you press 5, 4 will come out on display.

I made a visual inspection again and somehow the resistor is a lit burnt again.

My next visit is that i will bring the proper resistor and probably insert a Resistor Socket and everytime i notice when the keypad is misbehaving, i will just have to pull it out and insert a new one.

Replacing a resistor every 1 month will just cost me $0.50 cents, than replacing the smaller board and even saving me by changing the Main Board in case if it is the main problem that cause the resistor being burnt it every month.

I have a question for you.

Would you prefer to save $125+$85 + Parts by replacing a $0.50 resistor eveytime the keypad is not working?

Sometimes the advice of a technician might be changing the MAINBoard which is about $550 and Smaller Board which is $250!!!

In order to survive this vending machine business then you better learn how to make a visual inspection in case these things happen on your vending machine.

People think vending machine business is easy pessy but in truth it is :

1.  Driving the whole day ( Gasoline )

2.  Loading and unloading ( Your Back )

3.  Customer Complains

4.  Customer kicking you out not realizing that it will cost you: Moving $120 per machine, Warehouse Rent $30 per month on machines collecting dust and No Regard to small employed business people

5.  Waking Up everyday and sometimes customer inserts SLUGs or Foreign coins and Jamms your machine and NO Sales when you visit the location after 1 week after parking and paying $3 and time ticking on parking meter

6.  Compressor will cost $800 just to repair and the sales of the location is just $50 per month and it will take $800 / $30 = 80/3 months to recover

7.  You got few locations and if something happens to one location then you are done for the month and end up having short on paying bills.

8.  Vendor operator needs to visit chiropractors to adjust spine, back and joints for maintenance.

9.  Most vendor have problems when walking because of foot pain from overwork.

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How to fix a moving dolly wheel for $3

Fixing Your Dolly To Save Money

Fixing your dolly to save money is possible. To fix your dolly, you will need a total of three things. These three things are tools, plumbing clamp, and 5 minutes of your time.

fixing your dolly to save money

The first thing you should do is to find a place where you can fix your dolly.

You may be able to find one for free if you are just starting your vending machine business.

The only problem with this is that you won’t have any funds or any knowledge about fixing your dolly.

So the best thing you can do is to pay a small fee to fix your dolly. You will have to choose a place where you know how to fix a dolly.

The place I choose was inside the back trunk of my work van.

How to Fix a Broken Wheel on Your Vending Machine Business

how to fix dolly with broken wheel

If you have a vending machine business then it is likely that you will eventually need to have a broken wheel fixed on it.

While most vending machines that you encounter will not be at risk of breaking down, it is important to know how to fix a broken wheel if this happens.

You can find more information about how to fix a broken wheel in the article below.

  • The first thing you will need to do is get to know the problem that needs to be dealt with.
  • There are a number of things that you can do in order to fix a broken wheel on your vending machine business.
  • One of the options is to simply use the correct tools.
  • However, there are several types of tools that are meant for fixing a broken wheel.
  • One of the options that you have is to buy a piece of material from the hardware store and use it to fix the broken wheel.

Here are the steps:

Buy the following: small clamp, 2 sets of copper tubing

The picture below tells you that the vending machine wheel fell off from constant daily use.

my wheel fell off and it is out of alignment

Make sure the wheel is aligned properlymake sure to align it at the center

Buy the 2 pieces copper tubing and an adjustable small plumbing clamp ( you have to bring your wheel to the store and go to the plumbing section and find the correct pre-cut size and try to fit it on the center of the wheel where the original bearings fell off.

parts needed

It only takes 5 minutes to install everything and make sure to adjust the clamp fitting and tighten it properly. 

In case if the fitting falls off in the future it is only $1 for a replacement.

Or if you have time at the weekend, you can drill the center rod and plug in a metal wire, but this takes time and drilling skill, and also you have to spend extra money on a cobalt drill bit.

everything is secured for now

total cost for parts is $3.31

In this pandemic crises and my sales are about 80% down, I have to find ways on how to cut costs big time and being creative on my expenses.

In the beginning, I was contemplating buying a new vending machine moving dolly for about $150 to $200 after the above dolly was abused for about 1 year already.

In times of crises where the money is scarce, we should find every method and quick thinking on how to save.

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The Impact of the Coronavirus on Vending Machine Business

The Impact of the Coronavirus on Vending Machine Business

coronavirus impact on vending machine business

Beginning of March 2020 a lot of cases are going up each day here in Canada.  People are advised to stay home until the infection is over.

The Canadian government had a quick measure in financial emergency response on people who got laid off which is around 80% here in Vancouver, BC.

Health ministry was contemplating that the curve will be on a downward trajectory by summer.

I guess that with be in June or July.

But I’m very sure that most people will get rehired and get back to work again probably in the last quarter for the year.

It will be around fall that people will go back to normal.

With this kind of scenario, I think the vending machine business will back on track in September.

It is with the premise that people get hired during summertime and it will take another couple of months for everyone to go back to its normal spending habits.

As a vending machine operator, I will have no income significantly to pay most of my bills especially Mortgage, Rent, Work Van and Leasing on some vending machine equipment since the top performers are located in: Schools, community centers and Public Hotels.

I do not think there will be an influx of happy tourists spending money this year.

The locals will also be cash strapped since they will be rehired and we will know that employers will not hire the original workforce since there is no business activity.

The business activity will be done on a gradual rehiring process and it will be a slow process since the businesses will be observing if there will some isolated cases of re-infection and the most important is if there the actual buyers will be back?

Does this remain a big? mark.

For vending machine operators, I think realistically speaking from my experience, it will be the 2nd half of next year when everything will be again in full swing with the influx of tourists and reopening of borders.

Do you think there will be some riots?

This is some of the small business establishments that wanted to make sure no one smashes the windows and ransack the place and get some freebies

shops covered with wood to avoid vandalism

shops covered with wood to avoid vandalism

  • No one in their right mind to be buying a property with the uncertainty of business now.
  • No one will be watching movies when 80% of the workforce is laid off.
  • Construction might be severely impacted when there are no foreign with deep pockets to buy overinflated real estate properties here in Vancouver.
  • Restaurants that are open for taking out now are sitting on a landmine and might just be breaking even to pay for the expensive rent in Robson, Davie, Granville St.
  • No one in the right mind wanted to pay off debts, credit cards, CRA, IRS taxes, rents, and mortgages.

When things get back to normal which might be late next year, the government will be finding ways things to snatch back from the huge losses that were given to Canadians.  

They will find ways to up the ante on collecting taxes and imposed heavy fines on COVID19 fake related claims.

I wish for once that the government will be compassionate and understanding of this situation.

For now, Cash is King.

Vending machine business cannot work from home so the business is absolutely heavily impacted!

Remembering the 1997 Asian Financial Crises

During that Era, I was a very promising computer parts company and hired around 10 employees during that time when I was still at a very young age.

I just got out of University during the 1990’s eager to try out my hand in the business world.

During that time the whole world was looking at the Emerging Asian Tigers and one of them was the Philippines.

The Asian financial crises were triggered in July 1997.  During that time Asia was an economic miracle and any kind of business is flourishing.  Everyone during that time has a lot of capital reserves.

Everything was going up:

  • Real Estate,
  • Construction Boom,
  • Restaurants,
  • Mega Shopping Mall,
  • Arcade,
  • Recreation Centers,
  • Resorts,
  • Local Travel etc.

Anything that you have in mind you name it even the smallest business is booming.

It was that time when Thailand had localized currency speculation.

It soon spread to Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.  The exchange rate during that time as I remembered vividly was $1 US Dollar to Php 25 Pesos and suddenly the interest rates shot up from 12% to 35% and Philippines Currency devalued to $1 US Dollar to Php 35 Pesos.

As a small business operator, all my products are coming from:

  • Singapore,
  • Taiwan and
  • Hong Kong

have become more expensive because of the exchange rate.

Do you know what happened as a small business operator?

Sales were severely hit and all orders were halved.

So what happened?

This is maybe an analogy to what is happening here in Vancouver, BC Canada as a small business owner.

Back then, I have to layoff 80% of the workforce back then in the Philippines and had to contend with just 3 people running the company.

As a small business owner, I have to multi-task: Sales Call, Deliver.

Even downsizing is not enough.

During that time most of the businesses in the Philippines went under and declared bankruptcy.

There was :

  • No Philippine emergency benefit
  • No Deferred payments on the loan from banks
  • No Deferred payments on mortgages
  • No Deferred payments on Leased Equipment
  • No Deferred payments on Bill of Lading ( Importation )

By the fall of 1997, the contagion reached South Korea, Hong Kong, and China.  A Pandemic Financial meltdown had been ignited!

In 1998, Brazil and Russia is experiencing free fall on their economy.  From the mighty Wall Street to Tokyo Stock Exchange, hit record lows.

It was very uncertain during that time!

It was only on May 12, 1999, that the Wall Street stock market prices was stable.

Here is the TIMELINE.

With this analogy in mind, the impact of the Coronavirus may take up to 2 years before businesses get back on their feet! ( This is just a guess, this is by no means conclusive )

What was left with the small business basically in Asia which was left out surviving?

  • It took me about ## years to pay off everything to the banks and loans.
  • Bad credit, taxes unpaid, lawsuits, legal fees, bank collection statements, credit card collection statements.
  • I was able to recover and had very good years during the 2000s until COVID19.

I’m afraid the vending machine operators will be taking a lot of heat from collection agencies, government taxes, loans and perhaps?

Since this is 2020, let us see what the Canadian government can do to help its citizens and small business owners.

Economic Impact of the Coronavirus

The spread of the coronavirus in poultry and humans has come as a shock to many scientists.

While they were focused on investigating how the virus could be transmitted from animal to human, they could not have foreseen that it would be so easily transmittable from one human to another. If you read the news, you might think the virus is responsible for cases of chickenpox or the common cold; however, it is not.

coronavirus impact on economy

If you are not familiar with the virus, it is spreading at a very fast rate and creating an economic impact on the economy, which has never been seen before.

It seems that since the virus has been discovered and sent to laboratories for testing, the numbers of cases of the virus have been increasing more rapidly than anticipated.

There are now in excess of sixty countries where this virus is found and spreading rapidly.

These outbreaks can literally affect your own economy; this is the reality as far as this virus goes.

However, with a few precautions, your own economy will be protected. While this virus is known to infect people, not all cases will be life-threatening.

In a lot of cases, a person who contracts the virus will not experience any sort of financial or non-financial economic effect.

In fact, there are often no symptoms at all. However, if your family member, spouse, or coworker has this disease, you need to take action now.

There are already problems with food security, debt, and financial strain, all due to this virus.

When you learn about how the virus has impacted on the economy, you will be able to see the big picture; remember, your health is not always considered when your loved ones are trying to live a “normal” life.

There is no question that if the virus spreads even further, this could be a catastrophe.

  • After all, what if the virus can break out in a place that a lot of people frequent, like a restaurant?
  • Some food items that are easily grown, like peanuts, contain the virus.
  • If the virus can break out, how will the lives of all the food servers and other staff members be affected?
  • Will they lose their jobs?
  • What about the insurance company, when will they be liable for the money owed?

The world has no idea how this virus is spreading and where it will come from.

It is almost as if we are playing Russian roulette with our own health.

If the virus is really the cause of this current outbreak, then the world is going to be at serious risk, both physically and financially.

The virus is affecting many countries, including the United States, and so, the health care systems in those countries are having a hard time keeping up with the demand.

This affects people who travel and those who work with animals. In fact, you might say that the risk of a human case is the biggest concern.

To keep yourself and your family protected, do not let this virus is the cause of your economic burden.

Although the spread of the virus is causing concern, it is better to be safe than sorry.

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How to Secure Vending Machine Glass From Vandalism

How to Secure Vending Machine Glass From Vandalism

The vending machine business here in Vancouver has been very stable especially if the locations has been with your for a long time already.

I normally take a vacation during Christmas holidays here in Vancouver and fly back somewhere where the weather is warm, nice and away from the unending bills, rat race and extreme manual work from vending machine business.

This is not the case this time as I have for many years and did not take a break this Christmas season. There were several factors for me to stay put here.

hard to get vending machine location ( analogy )

Recently I was able to enter a fortress location which is almost impossible to get my vending machines’. I remember that I wrote letters and even had an appointment but to no avail during the early years when I was stepping my best foot forward on this large organization.

This year was very fortunate for me since the new location I was able to obtain had a great management and they were all working closely and was recommended to another 3 locations.

Vancouver Business Not Doing Good

Service industries always survive since your must go to the shop to acquire the service, while it’s a haircut or restaurant meal. Here in Vancouver the small business is not doing great as compared to its counterparts in Asia.

vancouver business not doing good

Everything in this city is overpriced. I mentioned this many times on my previous blog and I myself just do not get it on how a small family can survive it this city.

Let’s say for example, I always observed that small families here landed here in Vancouver and initially is very excited since there is virtually no traffic no problems with the efficient system as compared to other corrupt countries laden with crimes especially in other countries.

It is absolutely safe to walk and enjoy the freedom to whatever fancies you as long as you stay within the confines of the rules and regulations of the city.

But living here is very difficult with ICBC insurance going up each year, gasoline prices, apartments, condos, townhouses nearly doubled in a 5-year period here in Vancouver and the lower mainland.

Even if the house supply now is more than demand it is still not in everyone’s reach.

Families that came here would be forever stuck and work till death do us part scenarios and freedom will only be burst of weekends for the rest of the population here in Vancouver.

Small business self-employed especially the retail sector is very fragile and is hanging on the threads and anytime when rent increase or new tax valuations then the business will surely close down.

The vending machine business is actually a very fortunate small business since I am not tied to rent increases and tax valuations but the main setback is that your have to work 5 to 6 days a week and sometimes your get kicked out of a location since some unscrupulous vending locators steal back your location which was sold to your a couple of years ago.

In the vending machine business here in Vancouver, you have to constantly be alert on several factors:

  • Making sure your locations are happy
  • Keeping customers complains at bay
  • Securing your work van from vandalism
  • Securing you’re vending machine from vandalism
  • Lightning fast to find replacement locations in case your get kicked out
  • Be Prepared to spend $800 in case one of your soda pop machines’ compressor fails

How to Secure Vending Machine Glass From Vandalism Trick

I had a call from 2 locations this year and actually I was very happy with the statistics on the vending machine business. Normally stories from other highly experienced vending machine operators, loosing 1 or 2 locations is a normal occurrence in this business.

I hear even shocking stories from other vendors loosing 3 to 5 locations every year and had to replace it. I guess loosing that much is not worth doing the vending machine business. Better go find a regular job that is more stable!

Always keep your machines’ stocked so your won’t lose sales. The machine practically does most of the job for your! Also, talk to the folks at the establishment where the machines’ can be found or will be located to ascertain how a lot of people will use the machine and what they might love to see in the machines’ together with any complaints or concerns they may have regarding the machines’ already there or machines’ which will be placed there.

You may even offer to allow them to watch your empty the machine and count the money so they can be sure they are receiving their share. When your begin a vending machine business your will see that there’s a comparatively large amount of paperwork involved.

You should understand that if your have involved with the vending machine company, your need to do the maintenance yourself. The vending machine company is about profits as it’s thought to be cost proof.

I lost a location that I held for many many years and they told me as usual to move the machine because they are going to have a renovation on the retail space area. This is the common statement ploy by some locations that do not have much rapport with your as a vendor and a very good excuse to make way for another vendor who stole your location.

I do not have many regrets on this location since I just visit this place every 3 weeks which is actually almost nothing in terms of sales. I moved this combo machine to a location which I visit every week instead.

Loosing and gaining locations for me in my experience makes my business bigger leaner and stronger. But moving and machines’ are always a constant drain on cash and surely a negative lost.

Moving is around $120 for 1 machine here in Vancouver, BC.  How long do you think you will recover the $120? By selling 240 pieces of chips!

This new location is known for people who vandalize anything, but sales is extremely good.

I asked for a quotation on the installation of security steel mesh at the back of the vending machine glass and the technician quoted me $400!!!

This is the story on how I just spend $20 Canadian Dollars on installing a steel wore mesh to protect the vending machine glass in case it gets vandalize.

I bought the wire mesh from The Home Depot for $20 Dollars!

wire mesh for prevention of glass vandalism in vending machine

Above is the wire mesh bought at The Home Depot for under $20 Canadian dollars

A 24″ x 5 ‘ ( feet ) is normally good enough for 1 vending machine application.


The wire mesh is installed from the back glass

wire mesh installed from the back


Use Washers to screw the existing screws on top of the Wire Mesh

washers used to screw it together with the existing screw for the wire mesh

STEP 3 : Carefully follow the original pattern of the Glass and hold everything together with the existing screws

wire mesh on vending machine glass

looks great now

All for this for only $20 plus 1 hour of my time and I was still able to do about 15 locations on that day!

Vending Machines have a tendency to spawn most in towns and populated locations, and not in the center of the wilderness, but there are a few exceptions. They can provide ease and convenience, especially when your are in a rush. Vending machines’ in school premises are rather helpful for students since they provide a wide selection of snacks and healthier drinks.

When your begin a vending machine business, it does not demand a great deal of effort and your may make money easily. When the machine detects that the cash your have deposited is sufficient to buy the desired beverage, it is going to dispense the beverage of your selection. A soda vending machine is just one of the simplest ways of making money from a vending machine enterprise.

The maintenance if your’d like to begin a vending machine company is set at a minimal cost so anyone can easily start this up. If your get the machines’, then your may choose any supplier your wish for the products, but should your lease the machines’, your might be stuck with the company until the conclusion of the lease. Find someone that your may count on to get machines’ and possibly even parts for them should your need them.

Christmas Vacation from Vending Machine Business

christmas vacation from vending machine

Vending machines’ are a really good method to produce an extremely nice second income.

Owning a vending machine isn’t strictly confined to people who have a little company, but if your don’t, then your’re going to have to locate a location to place it. Whether your’re attempting to begin your own vending machine company, or your’re simply attempting to get rid of the demand for two distinct machines’ at work.

There’s no authentic hard work that’s required when the machine is in place, and everything your truly have to do is make certain that it stays stocked and collect the money.

To me vending machine still is the easiest way in a small business operations. Right now I need to take a few days off from vending machine business!

Merry Christmas!

Vending Machine Business Plan Secrets

Vending Machine Business Plan Secrets

vending machine business plan

Details of Vending Machine Business Plan

A number of the leading suppliers in the business include Candy Machines and Smart Vending. In the very first instance specify the simple consideration why you would like to find a vending machine. If your vending machine is put in break space, know the variety of workers that will have access to the machine.

The Little-Known Secrets to Vending Machine Business Plan

It is possible to apply a loss-leader strategy on specific products when you’re comfortable with your clients’ purchasing patterns. Obviously, a substantial number of bulk machines would be necessary to generate a fair quantity of revenue. Vending supply providers, like a cash and carry, sell goods in cases, so if you just have one snack machine and you get an event of chips, unless that business only buys one particular sort of chips then I guarantee your chips will expire before you sell all of them.

Without a suitable business program, you can put yourself up for failure from the beginning. The first few steps have to be completed in order. Therefore, you might want to likewise look at employing an existent business plan template.

Want to Know More About Vending Machine Profit Statistics?

Since a drink vending machine is refrigerated, it has a tendency to be slightly more costly than your ordinary snack machine. Vending machines can be a terrific method to create that sort of profit with minimal work. In Italy, a vending machine is in a position to earn a full pizza in only 3 minutes.

The complete profit that’s created by the snack and vending machine business, typically, every year is over $64 million. A great deal of the food in such machines will be prepared to eat or require reheating, and there’ll frequently be frozen food available too.

When you own a business with machines in many distinct locations, it can be hard to continue to keep tabs on each and every machine’s exact inventory status. If you’re franchising particular products they might not sell even in a high traffic location in the event the target market isn’t suitable. In that instance, you ought to know that it is dependent on what portion of the machine you’re referring to.

The Benefits of Vending Machine Profit Statistics

Generally, your profit isn’t immediately obvious. Your ROI is easily available for future projections of business increase, investment wants, or for tax purposes. Creating a spreadsheet to figure this number is the quickest way so it is possible to try distinctive sales estimates.

Although healthy items have a tendency to be more expensive, this means you experience a chance to make more on the markup. Suggestions were used to determine preferred wholesome choice products, but did not influence the proportion of healthy to less healthy items out there in the machine. Competition is an immense portion of what makes America and Canada the country that it’s today.

Vending Machine Profit Statistics for Dummies

When it is not making you a profit, it still might be an excellent concept, provided that you plan for it. Otherwise, you will need to secure a massive loan to purchase much more equipment if you would like your business to scale up quickly. Naturally, start-up costs are always something to get in mind.

The Most Popular How Much Money Can You Make from a Vending Machine ?

How much money can you make from a vending machine

A Secret Weapon for How Much Money Can You Make from a Vending Machine ?

You’re able to purchase candy or sodas or whatever you want to sell in huge quantities. There are a number of reasons why vending machines are able to help you make a profit in a stable, predictable way.

The Hidden Facts About How Much Money Can You Make from a Vending Machine ?

If you select a bad location for our machine, you will probably wind up losing money. You may also place a web-based online ad. If you set a machine somewhere with a lot of foot traffic but doesn’t have people stay for at least one hour, you won’t be very profitable.

Key Pieces of How Much Money Can You Make from a Vending Machine ?

If you wish to run a vending machine business you will have to negotiate with each enterprise. You may also earn a bundle if you own a lot of Vending Machines. A Vending Machine is quite a very good instance of a passive revenue generator, because the person who owns the Vending Machine doesn’t really have to be present on the Vending Machine to make his money.

Hence, your want to restock every machine at minimum once a month. Machines are usually restocked 1 to 2 times weekly, dependent on demand. Even should you own just ten vending machines, if you set them in quality spots, you can create a profit of $100 per day!

If you have the machine, you’re accountable for repairs, and whether the machines become dated you might drop business to more modern machines. You’re vending machine may require awhile to develop into profitable. Put simply, a HealthyYOU Vending machine delivers every one of the situations you want in a healthy vending machine, and not one of the situations you don’t want.

What Does How Much Money Can You Make from a Vending Machine ? Mean?

When a vending machine operator owns many distinctive machines in several locations, however, the company may generate an important income. For example once it comes to driving from machine to machine, you’ll want to map your route. It is preferable to place your vending machines inside of buildings if you are able to secure the contracts.

The Idiot’s Guide to Is Owning a Vending Machine Profitable? Revealed

The Most Popular Is Owning a Vending Machine Profitable ?

Vending machine profit is normally low. Starting a vending machine company can be among the most exciting opportunities that numerous folks could undertake. Vending machines can be a terrific approach to create that sort of profit with minimal work.

If you wish to begin your own company without much of an effort, you could be interested to understand what are the most profitable vending machines. There are a lot of reasons why vending machines are able to help you make a profit in a stable, predictable way. When determining what things to put in your vending machine, take a look at your prospective consumer.

Choosing Good Is Owning a Vending Machine Profitable ?

A lease also enables you to continue to keep your vending equipment current and requires less money upfront to start selling products. Whether you opt to purchase new or used, select the machines which most meet your requirements and your startup budget. You’re strongly advised to learn about the machines yourself so that it is possible to intervene in emergencies rather than waiting for the contractor to get there.

The Importance of Is Owning a Vending Machine Profitable ?

Vending machine is turning into a hot topic since it is simple to operate, less time-consuming and doesn’t require any labor, only maintenance required after some moment. If your vending machine is put in break space, know the range of workers that will have access to the machine.

When you have found success with a couple of locations, roll over a number of the profits into buying different machines. Purchasing a successful vending machine route will be pricey, likely costing several situations the route’s yearly income. The machines start making you money from the very first sale as soon as they are set on location.

Top Where Can I Put My Vending Machine ? Tips!

Where can I put my vending machine

Apparently, a substantial number of bulk machines would be required to generate a fair quantity of revenue. You only restock and empty the amount from the coin box on a normal basis that’s it! If you’re thinking about purchasing a used machine, see how much the newer version of the identical machine expenses.

Make sure there’s an electric outlet in which you need to set your machine. Nonetheless, if you must move a vending machine without professional support, then it’s still possible to tackle that seemingly mammoth task so long as The vending machine moving process isn’t overly complicated but you have to adhere to some simple safety rules to keep things running smoothly from beginning to end.

The very first step to getting vending services is to determine what you desire. If your vending machine is in a business break space, survey a sector of the staff to discover what they like. In case the vending machines aren’t on the appropriate refill schedule for the summer, a lot of the calendar year’s revenue is going to be lost.

Up in Arms About Where Can I Put My Vending Machine ??

The item info in the site was to the point and it made it quite easy to make our choice. One of the greatest methods to locate a quality vending machine locator service is to ask different members of the industry which ones they’ve used successfully before. So in the event the machine isn’t performing well in the first few months, your likelihood of succeeding with that location aren’t excellent.

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How Much Does It Cost to Make a Vending Machine?

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Vending Machine Choices

Get the Scoop on How Much Does It Cost to Make a Vending Machine Before You’re Too Late

When a vending machine operator owns many diverse machines in a number of locations, however, the company may generate an important income. Vending machine business owners should have a fundamental comprehension of business practices and a knowledge of the way to repair vending machines. A vending machine company can use several procedures to raise profits.

As soon as you own a look at the 10 Most Popular Vending Machines Drinks, you will observe why. Alco-Checkpoint Breathalyzer Vending Machines sell themselves, and therefore you don’t have to be worried about having any prior sales experience. An individual cannot break a Vending Machine set in a public locked area either.

You also need to keep in mind the price of restocking your vending machines. When you have more machines up, you can choose in the event that you still need to work a full-time job. Obviously, another solution may be to construct your own vending machine.

Expenses There are a lot of other expenses that will need to be thought about even though they do not arrive straight from the operation of your vending machines. Understand your choices to make sure your machines continue being safe. The costs to obtain a vending machine vary widely based on the form of vending machine you demand.

how much does it cost to make a vending machine

Using How Much Does It Cost to Make a Vending Machine

Make certain you show to your moving company everything which you plan to move to the new home or apartment. The key issue is to make certain that the machine you want to buy meets your requirements. Rather than getting something from a vending machine, you are able to actually give something.

The issue is that you don’t understand what’s happening with the machine if you don’t see it. You’re selling food and little toys to children, it is a liability nightmare. Needless to say, start-up costs are always something to get in mind.

Whether you opt to obtain new or used, select the machines which best meet your requirements and your startup budget. No matter what you cover the machine, you can’t expect to make much money per sale. In some instances, the machines even introduced caviar to shoppers for the very first time, she explained.

You are going to need concentrate for every one of the base products together with the flavoring that’s utilized to finish the drink. The larger the office the better when it has to do with snack vending. The majority of the coffee sold will be of the normal type.

Additionally, the machines are generally inexpensive in contrast to soft drink or snack machines, which often require power and at times refrigeration to do the job. They are a handy way to pick up a quick snack, drink, or meal if there is the need for one. In Italy, a vending machine is equipped to earn a full pizza in only 3 minutes.

Introducing How Much Does It Cost to Make a Vending Machine

There’s clearly a chance and while many kinds of businesses like McDonalds, Subway and several others franchise their organization model. It will be hard to ensure the machine if a business enterprise does not have any high-volume of customers or isn’t big enough. In addition, it can’t be too hard to run an automated little business enterprise.

If you’re contemplating buying into a healthy vending franchise, I have a couple words of caution before choosing. More and more, businesses are making vending machines a significant part of their product distribution strategies. For instance, you can choose which products to purchase and where to get them.

What Everybody Dislikes About How Much Does It Cost to Make a Vending Machine and Why

You might even earn a profit. If you’re leasing a vending machine or whenever you have financed it you will need to include things like the monthly cost in your profit calculation. By achieving you will make more cash for yourself and be in a more powerful position against your competition.

Apparently, an important number of bulk machines would be necessary to generate a fair quantity of revenue. Vending businesses can offer valuable income in any financial cycle. The vending machine company is a 100% cash-only business that provides a residual income!

Happy employees and customers are excellent for business! There’s no need to produce a website particularly whenever you choose to start your company in little scale manner only. Possessing a coffee machine at work is not just an efficient solution as it is fast and simple, but it is going to boost your employees’ productivity, their satisfaction with their job and it’ll give them with the chance to network among colleagues.

Lies You’ve Been Told About How Much Does It Cost to Make a Vending Machine

Information regarding the particular state of the machine is listed clearly on the sales page so there aren’t any surprises. So locating a site at which you can attract 30 customers each day or more is crucial. The sum of money you earn is dependent on how good or bad your location is.