Disastrous Effects of COVID-19 On Vending Business

How Do You Effectively Deal With A Pandemic In Business?


The vending machine business is very laborious and requires a lot of energy.

This is a business that you have to keep everyone happy at all times, otherwise you are walking on a landmine.

I thought the vending machine is a very good semi passive business since it normally consists for numerous locations. The vending machine locations are categorized as follows:

  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Repair Shops
  • Community Centers
  • Schools
  • Apartments
  • Hotels

With the recent pandemic that caused a worldwide tremor on stock market, businesses, hotels and travel. All businesses are affected and is a domino effect.

Especially folks who are self employed get hit the most, since there is no immediate EI benefits. Let us say that I own a small restaurant in Robson St, Vancouver and I rely on tons of tourists, high profile locals, and regular patrons and then suddenly they all disappeared.

I do not think the government of Canada will help subsidize your rent. I also get affected if you completely rely on the income to pay your rent or mortgage and tax owing to CRA and suppliers on credit.

Everything is affected like a domino.

Here Comes COVID 19

effect on business with a pandemic

The effect on business with a pandemic can be catastrophic. It is the topic of debate among scientists, government officials and those who work in health-related fields.

A pandemic disease can spread very quickly from one person to another. Before an individual contracts a virus that leads to disease, it could be passed on through other infected people or animals that they come into contact with.

This creates a perfect breeding ground for an infection to take hold. The fear of such an outbreak being used as a weapon is what makes certain people so protective of their own safety.

In the case of a human being, it would be nearly impossible to create a problem that can spread as quickly as this one. There are also more natural sources of disease.

For example, a pandemic virus can mutate and create a milder form of the illness. This would not pose a threat to the public.

However, it is the person who has it that poses a danger. So, how can a business deal with a pandemic?

Well, one of the ways would be to eliminate exposure to a pandemic virus.

The city of Vancouver have made sure that all people who congregate in an establishment should be closed for the time being and the rate of the infection rates are to be observed.

corona virus signage building closed
It is common sense that when the pandemic is nearing its plateau, the businesses will slowly go back. But the problem is how long can you stay alive without any income?

corona virus signage building closed
There are a number of ways to kill a pandemic virus, but none of them is quick or easy.

The best method would be to keep everyone in contact with everyone else completely immune to any type of the disease.

This means close contact is not allowed between those who might have been exposed.

Each time someone comes into contact with one of the pandemic strains they should take care.

Their immune system will make them more susceptible and another person will pass it on to them.

Those who work for a company that deals with humans in general should be well protected against such illnesses.

Social distancing is one of the best solution in slowing down the pandemic since the infection will definitely plateau and even out and after a period the virus will die down.

social distancing in practice
I guess it would be a better move if the government implements the separation of the elderly and young at public places and maybe offer a time just for the elderly seniors and a time frame for the rest of the population.

For me personally running various locations and most of them are closed and left with a handful will not be able to pay my rent or mortgage, work van loans, credit card bills and whatever monthly expenses.

Self employed individuals have no recourse but to stop all payments to creditors to stay afloat since this is an unnatural unfortunate event and this may last for 2 to 3 months!

I’m 100% that all other vending machine operators have the same faith as me and we just have to work all together and hope that this virus cases will not be increasing and nearing its plateau.

I guess with all the free time right now is to pursue some desires in taking some online courses that may enlighten and continue your learning.

It would be best to always keep oneself busy at this time of crises.

By the way if I have my way as a health minister or an authority figure, I would have taken some necessary steps in implementing the following:

Germicidal Lamps

Air Purifier with UV C germicidal lamp to kill viruses

Portable UV light to scan areas for killing viruses

Infrared Sauna Therapy

Far Infrared to Decongest Lungs

Red Light Therapy to destroy virus

Water Ozonator

It will take forever for me to write How To’s in the different technologies above on how to combat virus effectively but I guess it shows you that the above can be arsenals in protecting your business, property and especially your health!

Personally I keep myself healthy with an Infrared Heat Mat and Red Light Therapy.

For the moment let us just wait and see what will happen next.

By the way this might a good time to buy : Oil related stocks and Index Fund in the stock market, but the problem is where do I find the money to buy these ifs I’m running out of funds for my daily food and necessities?

How to Secure Vending Machine Glass From Vandalism

How to Secure Vending Machine Glass From Vandalism

The vending machine business here in Vancouver has been very stable especially if the locations has been with your for a long time already.

I normally take a vacation during Christmas holidays here in Vancouver and fly back somewhere where the weather is warm, nice and away from the unending bills, rat race and extreme manual work from vending machine business.

This is not the case this time as I have for many years and did not take a break this Christmas season. There were several factors for me to stay put here.

hard to get vending machine location ( analogy )

Recently I was able to enter a fortress location which is almost impossible to get my vending machines’. I remember that I wrote letters and even had an appointment but to no avail during the early years when I was stepping my best foot forward on this large organization.

This year was very fortunate for me since the new location I was able to obtain had a great management and they were all working closely and was recommended to another 3 locations.

Vancouver Business Not Doing Good

Service industries always survive since your must go to the shop to acquire the service, while it’s a haircut or restaurant meal. Here in Vancouver the small business is not doing great as compared to its counterparts in Asia.

vancouver business not doing good

Everything in this city is overpriced. I mentioned this many times on my previous blog and I myself just do not get it on how a small family can survive it this city.

Let’s say for example, I always observed that small families here landed here in Vancouver and initially is very excited since there is virtually no traffic no problems with the efficient system as compared to other corrupt countries laden with crimes especially in other countries.

It is absolutely safe to walk and enjoy the freedom to whatever fancies you as long as you stay within the confines of the rules and regulations of the city.

But living here is very difficult with ICBC insurance going up each year, gasoline prices, apartments, condos, townhouses nearly doubled in a 5-year period here in Vancouver and the lower mainland.

Even if the house supply now is more than demand it is still not in everyone’s reach.

Families that came here would be forever stuck and work till death do us part scenarios and freedom will only be burst of weekends for the rest of the population here in Vancouver.

Small business self-employed especially the retail sector is very fragile and is hanging on the threads and anytime when rent increase or new tax valuations then the business will surely close down.

The vending machine business is actually a very fortunate small business since I am not tied to rent increases and tax valuations but the main setback is that your have to work 5 to 6 days a week and sometimes your get kicked out of a location since some unscrupulous vending locators steal back your location which was sold to your a couple of years ago.

In the vending machine business here in Vancouver, you have to constantly be alert on several factors:

  • Making sure your locations are happy
  • Keeping customers complains at bay
  • Securing your work van from vandalism
  • Securing you’re vending machine from vandalism
  • Lightning fast to find replacement locations in case your get kicked out
  • Be Prepared to spend $800 in case one of your soda pop machines’ compressor fails

How to Secure Vending Machine Glass From Vandalism Trick

I had a call from 2 locations this year and actually I was very happy with the statistics on the vending machine business. Normally stories from other highly experienced vending machine operators, loosing 1 or 2 locations is a normal occurrence in this business.

I hear even shocking stories from other vendors loosing 3 to 5 locations every year and had to replace it. I guess loosing that much is not worth doing the vending machine business. Better go find a regular job that is more stable!

Always keep your machines’ stocked so your won’t lose sales. The machine practically does most of the job for your! Also, talk to the folks at the establishment where the machines’ can be found or will be located to ascertain how a lot of people will use the machine and what they might love to see in the machines’ together with any complaints or concerns they may have regarding the machines’ already there or machines’ which will be placed there.

You may even offer to allow them to watch your empty the machine and count the money so they can be sure they are receiving their share. When your begin a vending machine business your will see that there’s a comparatively large amount of paperwork involved.

You should understand that if your have involved with the vending machine company, your need to do the maintenance yourself. The vending machine company is about profits as it’s thought to be cost proof.

I lost a location that I held for many many years and they told me as usual to move the machine because they are going to have a renovation on the retail space area. This is the common statement ploy by some locations that do not have much rapport with your as a vendor and a very good excuse to make way for another vendor who stole your location.

I do not have many regrets on this location since I just visit this place every 3 weeks which is actually almost nothing in terms of sales. I moved this combo machine to a location which I visit every week instead.

Loosing and gaining locations for me in my experience makes my business bigger leaner and stronger. But moving and machines’ are always a constant drain on cash and surely a negative lost.

Moving is around $120 for 1 machine here in Vancouver, BC.  How long do you think you will recover the $120? By selling 240 pieces of chips!

This new location is known for people who vandalize anything, but sales is extremely good.

I asked for a quotation on the installation of security steel mesh at the back of the vending machine glass and the technician quoted me $400!!!

This is the story on how I just spend $20 Canadian Dollars on installing a steel wore mesh to protect the vending machine glass in case it gets vandalize.

I bought the wire mesh from The Home Depot for $20 Dollars!

wire mesh for prevention of glass vandalism in vending machine

Above is the wire mesh bought at The Home Depot for under $20 Canadian dollars

A 24″ x 5 ‘ ( feet ) is normally good enough for 1 vending machine application.


The wire mesh is installed from the back glass

wire mesh installed from the back


Use Washers to screw the existing screws on top of the Wire Mesh

washers used to screw it together with the existing screw for the wire mesh

STEP 3 : Carefully follow the original pattern of the Glass and hold everything together with the existing screws

wire mesh on vending machine glass

looks great now

All for this for only $20 plus 1 hour of my time and I was still able to do about 15 locations on that day!

Vending Machines have a tendency to spawn most in towns and populated locations, and not in the center of the wilderness, but there are a few exceptions. They can provide ease and convenience, especially when your are in a rush. Vending machines’ in school premises are rather helpful for students since they provide a wide selection of snacks and healthier drinks.

When your begin a vending machine business, it does not demand a great deal of effort and your may make money easily. When the machine detects that the cash your have deposited is sufficient to buy the desired beverage, it is going to dispense the beverage of your selection. A soda vending machine is just one of the simplest ways of making money from a vending machine enterprise.

The maintenance if your’d like to begin a vending machine company is set at a minimal cost so anyone can easily start this up. If your get the machines’, then your may choose any supplier your wish for the products, but should your lease the machines’, your might be stuck with the company until the conclusion of the lease. Find someone that your may count on to get machines’ and possibly even parts for them should your need them.

Christmas Vacation from Vending Machine Business

christmas vacation from vending machine

Vending machines’ are a really good method to produce an extremely nice second income.

Owning a vending machine isn’t strictly confined to people who have a little company, but if your don’t, then your’re going to have to locate a location to place it. Whether your’re attempting to begin your own vending machine company, or your’re simply attempting to get rid of the demand for two distinct machines’ at work.

There’s no authentic hard work that’s required when the machine is in place, and everything your truly have to do is make certain that it stays stocked and collect the money.

To me vending machine still is the easiest way in a small business operations. Right now I need to take a few days off from vending machine business!

Merry Christmas!

Vending Machine Business Plan Secrets

Vending Machine Business Plan Secrets

vending machine business plan

Details of Vending Machine Business Plan

A number of the leading suppliers in the business include Candy Machines and Smart Vending. In the very first instance specify the simple consideration why you would like to find a vending machine. If your vending machine is put in break space, know the variety of workers that will have access to the machine.

The Little-Known Secrets to Vending Machine Business Plan

It is possible to apply a loss-leader strategy on specific products when you’re comfortable with your clients’ purchasing patterns. Obviously, a substantial number of bulk machines would be necessary to generate a fair quantity of revenue. Vending supply providers, like a cash and carry, sell goods in cases, so if you just have one snack machine and you get an event of chips, unless that business only buys one particular sort of chips then I guarantee your chips will expire before you sell all of them.

Without a suitable business program, you can put yourself up for failure from the beginning. The first few steps have to be completed in order. Therefore, you might want to likewise look at employing an existent business plan template.

Want to Know More About Vending Machine Profit Statistics?

Since a drink vending machine is refrigerated, it has a tendency to be slightly more costly than your ordinary snack machine. Vending machines can be a terrific method to create that sort of profit with minimal work. In Italy, a vending machine is in a position to earn a full pizza in only 3 minutes.

The complete profit that’s created by the snack and vending machine business, typically, every year is over $64 million. A great deal of the food in such machines will be prepared to eat or require reheating, and there’ll frequently be frozen food available too.

When you own a business with machines in many distinct locations, it can be hard to continue to keep tabs on each and every machine’s exact inventory status. If you’re franchising particular products they might not sell even in a high traffic location in the event the target market isn’t suitable. In that instance, you ought to know that it is dependent on what portion of the machine you’re referring to.

The Benefits of Vending Machine Profit Statistics

Generally, your profit isn’t immediately obvious. Your ROI is easily available for future projections of business increase, investment wants, or for tax purposes. Creating a spreadsheet to figure this number is the quickest way so it is possible to try distinctive sales estimates.

Although healthy items have a tendency to be more expensive, this means you experience a chance to make more on the markup. Suggestions were used to determine preferred wholesome choice products, but did not influence the proportion of healthy to less healthy items out there in the machine. Competition is an immense portion of what makes America and Canada the country that it’s today.

Vending Machine Profit Statistics for Dummies

When it is not making you a profit, it still might be an excellent concept, provided that you plan for it. Otherwise, you will need to secure a massive loan to purchase much more equipment if you would like your business to scale up quickly. Naturally, start-up costs are always something to get in mind.

The Most Popular How Much Money Can You Make from a Vending Machine ?

How much money can you make from a vending machine

A Secret Weapon for How Much Money Can You Make from a Vending Machine ?

You’re able to purchase candy or sodas or whatever you want to sell in huge quantities. There are a number of reasons why vending machines are able to help you make a profit in a stable, predictable way.

The Hidden Facts About How Much Money Can You Make from a Vending Machine ?

If you select a bad location for our machine, you will probably wind up losing money. You may also place a web-based online ad. If you set a machine somewhere with a lot of foot traffic but doesn’t have people stay for at least one hour, you won’t be very profitable.

Key Pieces of How Much Money Can You Make from a Vending Machine ?

If you wish to run a vending machine business you will have to negotiate with each enterprise. You may also earn a bundle if you own a lot of Vending Machines. A Vending Machine is quite a very good instance of a passive revenue generator, because the person who owns the Vending Machine doesn’t really have to be present on the Vending Machine to make his money.

Hence, your want to restock every machine at minimum once a month. Machines are usually restocked 1 to 2 times weekly, dependent on demand. Even should you own just ten vending machines, if you set them in quality spots, you can create a profit of $100 per day!

If you have the machine, you’re accountable for repairs, and whether the machines become dated you might drop business to more modern machines. You’re vending machine may require awhile to develop into profitable. Put simply, a HealthyYOU Vending machine delivers every one of the situations you want in a healthy vending machine, and not one of the situations you don’t want.

What Does How Much Money Can You Make from a Vending Machine ? Mean?

When a vending machine operator owns many distinctive machines in several locations, however, the company may generate an important income. For example once it comes to driving from machine to machine, you’ll want to map your route. It is preferable to place your vending machines inside of buildings if you are able to secure the contracts.

The Idiot’s Guide to Is Owning a Vending Machine Profitable? Revealed

The Most Popular Is Owning a Vending Machine Profitable ?

Vending machine profit is normally low. Starting a vending machine company can be among the most exciting opportunities that numerous folks could undertake. Vending machines can be a terrific approach to create that sort of profit with minimal work.

If you wish to begin your own company without much of an effort, you could be interested to understand what are the most profitable vending machines. There are a lot of reasons why vending machines are able to help you make a profit in a stable, predictable way. When determining what things to put in your vending machine, take a look at your prospective consumer.

Choosing Good Is Owning a Vending Machine Profitable ?

A lease also enables you to continue to keep your vending equipment current and requires less money upfront to start selling products. Whether you opt to purchase new or used, select the machines which most meet your requirements and your startup budget. You’re strongly advised to learn about the machines yourself so that it is possible to intervene in emergencies rather than waiting for the contractor to get there.

The Importance of Is Owning a Vending Machine Profitable ?

Vending machine is turning into a hot topic since it is simple to operate, less time-consuming and doesn’t require any labor, only maintenance required after some moment. If your vending machine is put in break space, know the range of workers that will have access to the machine.

When you have found success with a couple of locations, roll over a number of the profits into buying different machines. Purchasing a successful vending machine route will be pricey, likely costing several situations the route’s yearly income. The machines start making you money from the very first sale as soon as they are set on location.

Top Where Can I Put My Vending Machine ? Tips!

Where can I put my vending machine

Apparently, a substantial number of bulk machines would be required to generate a fair quantity of revenue. You only restock and empty the amount from the coin box on a normal basis that’s it! If you’re thinking about purchasing a used machine, see how much the newer version of the identical machine expenses.

Make sure there’s an electric outlet in which you need to set your machine. Nonetheless, if you must move a vending machine without professional support, then it’s still possible to tackle that seemingly mammoth task so long as The vending machine moving process isn’t overly complicated but you have to adhere to some simple safety rules to keep things running smoothly from beginning to end.

The very first step to getting vending services is to determine what you desire. If your vending machine is in a business break space, survey a sector of the staff to discover what they like. In case the vending machines aren’t on the appropriate refill schedule for the summer, a lot of the calendar year’s revenue is going to be lost.

Up in Arms About Where Can I Put My Vending Machine ??

The item info in the site was to the point and it made it quite easy to make our choice. One of the greatest methods to locate a quality vending machine locator service is to ask different members of the industry which ones they’ve used successfully before. So in the event the machine isn’t performing well in the first few months, your likelihood of succeeding with that location aren’t excellent.

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How Much Does It Cost to Make a Vending Machine?

How Much Does It Cost to Make a Vending Machine Choices

Get the Scoop on How Much Does It Cost to Make a Vending Machine Before You’re Too Late

When a vending machine operator owns many diverse machines in a number of locations, however, the company may generate an important income. Vending machine business owners should have a fundamental comprehension of business practices and a knowledge of the way to repair vending machines. A vending machine company can use several procedures to raise profits.

As soon as you own a look at the 10 Most Popular Vending Machines Drinks, you will observe why. Alco-Checkpoint Breathalyzer Vending Machines sell themselves, and therefore you don’t have to be worried about having any prior sales experience. An individual cannot break a Vending Machine set in a public locked area either.

You also need to keep in mind the price of restocking your vending machines. When you have more machines up, you can choose in the event that you still need to work a full-time job. Obviously, another solution may be to construct your own vending machine.

Expenses There are a lot of other expenses that will need to be thought about even though they do not arrive straight from the operation of your vending machines. Understand your choices to make sure your machines continue being safe. The costs to obtain a vending machine vary widely based on the form of vending machine you demand.

how much does it cost to make a vending machine

Using How Much Does It Cost to Make a Vending Machine

Make certain you show to your moving company everything which you plan to move to the new home or apartment. The key issue is to make certain that the machine you want to buy meets your requirements. Rather than getting something from a vending machine, you are able to actually give something.

The issue is that you don’t understand what’s happening with the machine if you don’t see it. You’re selling food and little toys to children, it is a liability nightmare. Needless to say, start-up costs are always something to get in mind.

Whether you opt to obtain new or used, select the machines which best meet your requirements and your startup budget. No matter what you cover the machine, you can’t expect to make much money per sale. In some instances, the machines even introduced caviar to shoppers for the very first time, she explained.

You are going to need concentrate for every one of the base products together with the flavoring that’s utilized to finish the drink. The larger the office the better when it has to do with snack vending. The majority of the coffee sold will be of the normal type.

Additionally, the machines are generally inexpensive in contrast to soft drink or snack machines, which often require power and at times refrigeration to do the job. They are a handy way to pick up a quick snack, drink, or meal if there is the need for one. In Italy, a vending machine is equipped to earn a full pizza in only 3 minutes.

Introducing How Much Does It Cost to Make a Vending Machine

There’s clearly a chance and while many kinds of businesses like McDonalds, Subway and several others franchise their organization model. It will be hard to ensure the machine if a business enterprise does not have any high-volume of customers or isn’t big enough. In addition, it can’t be too hard to run an automated little business enterprise.

If you’re contemplating buying into a healthy vending franchise, I have a couple words of caution before choosing. More and more, businesses are making vending machines a significant part of their product distribution strategies. For instance, you can choose which products to purchase and where to get them.

What Everybody Dislikes About How Much Does It Cost to Make a Vending Machine and Why

You might even earn a profit. If you’re leasing a vending machine or whenever you have financed it you will need to include things like the monthly cost in your profit calculation. By achieving you will make more cash for yourself and be in a more powerful position against your competition.

Apparently, an important number of bulk machines would be necessary to generate a fair quantity of revenue. Vending businesses can offer valuable income in any financial cycle. The vending machine company is a 100% cash-only business that provides a residual income!

Happy employees and customers are excellent for business! There’s no need to produce a website particularly whenever you choose to start your company in little scale manner only. Possessing a coffee machine at work is not just an efficient solution as it is fast and simple, but it is going to boost your employees’ productivity, their satisfaction with their job and it’ll give them with the chance to network among colleagues.

Lies You’ve Been Told About How Much Does It Cost to Make a Vending Machine

Information regarding the particular state of the machine is listed clearly on the sales page so there aren’t any surprises. So locating a site at which you can attract 30 customers each day or more is crucial. The sum of money you earn is dependent on how good or bad your location is.

6 Reasons Why Vending Machine affects student obesity

6 Reasons Why Vending Machine affects student obesityobese student

Vending machines are offering quick snacks and drinks for those in a hurry. Usually, you will see them near universities or even inside them, offices and subways. Where the crowd is, at least two vending machines are there too. They are like a small store in a rectangular shape. So they are not providing fast food or any other artificial food, but sweets ( Snickers, Reeses ), sometimes even sandwiches, and drinks ( water and juice ). Of course, they are pricier than in a normal store.

In many ways, vending machines are used without thinking. Maybe you are not thinking about having a meal right away, but when you see the vending machine, you feel the hunger immediately. So that’s the power of them and that could be a simple reason why the obesity increases.

#1 – Why there are vending machines in Universities?

vending machine on one my school locations

As well as it’s a way to promote the vending machine companies, it’s a way for the University to be sponsored. The sponsorship contract gives sectors the opportunity to develop extracurricular activities for their students.

Vending machines are now a big business, and every public place has one now.

Vending machine is a business and if there are vending machines in the location then it would offer benefits for the vendor and the location. Vendors offer commissions ranging from 5% to 20% on the gross sales. This is the way it goes here in Vancouver, BC

The location such as a university, school or an office would likely want a vending machine simply because it gives them convenience for the students and employees and also receiving a monthly or quarterly commissions which keeps everyone happy.

#2 – Why students are using the vending machine so often?

so many vending machines in school

As a student, you don’t always have the time to cook something for yourself before going to school.

But there is a cafeteria inside the University which can provide you a good lunch.

And still, students are thinking that if they buy things from a vending machine, it will be less expensive than eating from the cafeteria.

Normally the cafeteria installs their own vending machines in the school offering food choices when they are closed on certain hours during the day.

They don’t know that eating from a vending machine makes them hunger. And so it appears the need to chew something, every time. That’s why it’s good to have a chewing gum in your pocket ( Not too much chewing gum either case it has sugar ).

They are eating fast, even standing on their feet, almost not swallow that item correctly. Nutritional researchers says that if you don’t want to put some kilograms on, you have to stay on a chair, eat slow and carefully chew the food. So that the food can digest better.

That’s absolutely wrong and unhealthy.

#3 – Why vending machines are selling sweets?

Vending machines are made by big companies, which, in fact, are producing sweets or sodas. Eating something sweet every day is not as bad as eating fast food every day. Most of the doctors recommend specified sugar portion once or twice per week.

But sometimes, that’s all that students do. Every break from the classes it leads to eat sweets or chips in the University’s garden. It is also a way to get along with other students and have a social life.

Most of the students are stressed about exams and tired because of waking up too early. Chocolate and sugar has been promoted as a booster and something that makes people concentrate, which is not absolutely true. There are some limits, but people nowadays are exaggerating in everything and that’s why the sugar develops into fat.

#4 – Do students feel the need to drink soda every day.

Only if it’s Cola or Pepsi, They are promoting their brand as using caffeine, which helps the students to concentrate when they are up in the morning.

They also have a wide target group that is mostly about teenagers. And you can see it from TV Ads and motto s. Drinking Cola or Pepsi has now been a way of lifestyle. I’m not judging those companies, because they are doing good on the market, and everyone feel the need to drink some from time to time. But again, it’s the limit that is always passed.

Students are most attracted to those sodas because the way it’s promoted. It’s not necessary intended.

#5 – How much money a student spends for getting food from a vending machine?

It depends on the prices. Usually a soda is not much more than 2 or 3 dollars, and prices for the variety of sweets and chips are going from 3 to 10 dollars. Speaking from a student experience, you can spend at least 20 dollars per day, having a ‘ full meal ‘ from a vending machines.

Also, as with the increases of the blood sugar level, there can be many other problems than just obesity. Such as diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

#6 – Is there a way to stop obesity among students?

There is study done on the Sociology of Education that there is absolutely no correlation no link on student obesity and the school wide deployment of vending machines sales on: chips, chocolate and soda pop.

This is a study done with 19,450 5th grade students for both male and female for a duration of four years. The conclusion on the study simply states that children who could get hold of an Oh Henry chocolate bar after class every day did not gain weight as compared to the children who do not buy Snickers, Oh Henry or other sugary products from the vending machine.

Source : https://slate.com/human-interest/2012/01/junk-food-in-school-do-vending-machines-make-kids-fat.html

There is another study done :

“Every student who can buy junk food at school will suffer from overweight. The effect of junk food availability is statistically different for adolescents whose parents are overweight. Access to junk food in school has no effect on the 44 percent of students whose parents have normal weights. For those with an overweight parent, who may have a genetic susceptibility to weight gain, a 10 percent increase in the proportion of schools that make junk food available increases BMI by more than 2 percent”

by Linda Gorman with reference to Reading, Writing and Raisinets: Are School Finances Contributing to Children’s Obesity? (NBER Working Paper No.11177), co-authors Patricia Anderson and Kristin Butcher

It is hard to do that because everyone got used to eat from a vending machine. Is fast, and you’ll never be late for classes ( that’s a lie too ).

What percentage of schools have vending machines installed?

According to a study in the Journal of Adolescent Health there are about :

80 percent vending machines in middle school

97 percent vending machines in high school

These vending machines are virtually present all schools. It really depends on the products that are sold in the vending machine that will affect the students dietary habits which may result into positively or negatively.

Schools are in the position to implement what kind of products that are to be placed inside the vending machine. Children’s food choices are impacted on the upbringing dietary habits at home and in school. There is a large influence on the eating habits of the children on their parents.

In case of the school’s environment then there are 2 plausible ways to prevent this obesity.

a) The school must tell the vendor what kind of products that should be placed inside the vending machines. Healthy choice is the trend and also offering soda pop that are low in sugar content.

b) The school will introduce some nutritional classes ( optional ) and teach them the way they should take care of their body.

People nowadays are no longer respecting the 3-meals-per-day pack:

having a rich breakfast because it is the more important. And if you don’t have time to make it, at least drink a good coffee from a coffee shop and eat 1 or 2 apples. Having a light or rich lunch. It depends on what you ate in the morning and if you ate something in between the meals. And having a lighter dinner. Dinner is a way to not falling asleep with your stomach empty because you can wake up with some headaches.

The most important thing to mention is that you have to stop eating before you feel full. But if you want to eat much more than usually, consider eating slow and you will see that you will not get that full feeling.

Here is an interesting childhood obesity trends

This data has been taken at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

It is a good thing that CSPI ( Center For Science In Public Interest ) has made a free School Foods Tool Kit which is a handbook manual for parents and school administrators that notes the healthy food choices.

Table of Percentage of Childhood Obesity

Percent 2007-2008 2009-2010 2011-2012 2013-2014 2015-2016
Youth 16.8 16.9 16.9 17.2 18.5
Adult 33.7 35.7 34.9 37.7 39.6

6 Ways on Solving Problem When Vending Machine Eats Money

6 Ways on Solving Problem When Vending Machine Eats Money

healthy max machine with coin that got jammed inside the coin mech

You are in a rush to work or almost missing a class and you are thirsty or hungry.

Then a vending machine appears in front of you and you feel the luckiest man.

But something might happen right away.

From time to time, the vending machine steals your money, without giving you back the things you wanted.

You fill yourself with anger and think about to shake the vending machine and to a point even smashing it out of spontaneous rage!

Recently after a long time without any problems with my vending machines, I was on a vacation and was surprised when this vending machine was smashed in a reputable warehouse facility.

Most of the time, people consider this an option. We all want our money back because nobody’s paying for nothing. But what if it’s not working?

Those are some of the common questions in this case.

#1 – Why vending machines are not giving you the change and what to do?

Sometimes when you buy something from a vending machine, it can happen to not get your change back. Even if you already received the things you wanted from it.

Most of the coins or bills are filthy.

It was a teenagers’ trend to put chewing gum or duct tape on the money and try to take it back.

It was about getting something without paying for it.

But this trick is not working, only in movies.

When the vending machine is not giving you any change, even if you pushed that button over and over again, you have to call a repairman.

Usually, the number of the repairman is written just below the hole where to insert the money.

my phone number in case there is a problem on the vending machine

#2 – I paid with my credit card and the vending machine charged me twice. What to do?

If you look at your card statement after you paid with it at some vending machine, you will see that it charged you twice. It happens because the vending machine company didn’t accept the payment yet.

It takes a while for them to accept it, and it could happen even after 1-2 days.

The other amount is a temporary hold. It is like a guarantee for them that if you spend all the money from your card, they will still get the balance.

Don’t worry, after the payment is made, you will get your hold immediately.

#3 – How to get a snack unstuck from a vending machine?

The shaking is not an option. And there are more easy ways to do it than moving, punching or kicking.

The hole from where a snack would fall has a flap that prevents the snack or a soda to break on the floor. Simply, you just have to push it and let the flap snap back down.

Because of the physics theories, in this way, the flap moves the air from the vending machine and makes your snack fall on its own.

If this way is not working too, the only option is to call the company. But this process can take very long, and your snack will remain stuck.

#4 – The vending machine is broken and took my money. What to do?

The most important thing to remember is, as I said, to not move the vending machine. Because of its size and weight, it can cause you damage if it falls on to you.

The first thing to do is to call the number that is written on the machine.

The assistance for the particular company will ask you for some details and probably it will help you repair it. If the problem is much bigger, they will call somebody for maintenance.

But, again, this can take a while and maybe you are in a rush to work. In this case, most of the vending machine companies are giving a refund on your card statement. If you are lucky enough, you can get an extra dollar and some apologies for the trouble.

#5 – What if there’s no phone number written on the vending machine?

In this case, you have to look up for the manager of the property. Usually, vending machines are placed on big and crowded properties, such as malls, supermarkets, Universities, etc.

The property manager will solve the problem and maybe give you a refund. But it takes a while to find the offices of the property.

Most commonly, those vending machines are from Pepsi or Cola and surely you will find contact details on them. If the vending machine is placed at the subway or on a bus station and doesn’t have any number or email on them, then it’s the property of the City Hall.

In this case, you have to enter the City Hall’s website and search for their e-mail. It’s best not to call because, most of the time, the secretary is busy. And the e-mail shouldn’t be filled with so much anger.

Be careful. Some of the vending machines are broken of its own free will. So the property can illegally steal your money. If you think something’s up, it’s time to involve the police too.

#6 – Why should I call for maintenance?

Even if it’s a dollar or two, you surely want your money back. And if somebody is coming to fix the vending machine, it will help to prevent the same thing happening to somebody else. Sometimes, the malfunction of a vending machine is because of people who don’t know how to use it. There are people not knowing how to introduce the coins properly, and so it breaks. Most of the problems require experienced men to fix it.

As people, if something like this happens, we surely act with anger. We don’t have time to wait for things to be fixed, and we want our money back right away.

In some cases, it’s not our fault for the problems a vending machine has. A vending machine needs to be cleaned properly for the money to not stuck in between.

And in this case, is the property to be blamed. The hint I’m giving you is to take your money back in every way. It is a way to warn the property that something is wrong. And either they fix it or change it with a new one, it prevents happening over and over again.

Vending In Summer Season


When It comes to vending business during summer you have to make sure that everything is on top of things.

I was recently busy with some relatives coming over and have to entertain here in Vancouver, BC

There is always danger lurking when in locations even when there are high traffic office people walking around.

While I was unloading some pop at the back of the Van, I left the mid door open because I have to consolidate everything into the bin for delivery.

Suddenly there was a man standing and staring at the middle part of my van. I just offered him a snack and a pop. He said that he will not rob me of my stuff without me telling accusing him of anything. He was muttering to himself “I think I should have stayed home”. After I few seconds I saw him standing in another truck staring at the people talking and was looking that they are unloading.

thief wannabe

close up of observer

It would be nice that you always to be gloves when doing the vending business.

Mine was running out and I opened another box of gloves which was white and one person commented Michael Jackson.

michael jackson gloves

You know that when in summer there are some local residents and some tourists are trying the luck of their local currency will work on the vending machines.

If there is a coin jam, chances are that there will surely be a coin that has a wider diameter or a thicker composition would surely jam the coin mechanism.

Frequent inspection and visits to your busy locations and some unnecessary calls will disrupt your regular vending machine schedule.

There are some culprits that cause my time and loss of sales when the vending machine is jammed and not working.

coins that jammed my vending machine

coins that jammed my vending machine

Truly Vancouver, BC is diverse with the coins that I was able to collect above.

I went to a location in the east side part of town where the previous snack vending machine was vandalized and I swapped it to a POP Machine and I was not surprised when the pop machine is out of order again. Someone was trying to put some slugs into the machine and trying to see if it will work out?

out of order again pop machine

pop machine out of order

It was nice sometimes if vendors could just get away for another micro-vacation.

This time was I was in the extreme southern part of the united states in Arizona. The weather there was similar to the Philippines but it was very dry and hot. Actually, the best part is that there was no traffic and very clean. No one seems to be on the streets in the part of the neighborhood and their air con has to be very efficient with all establishments and houses centralized air con.

We are considered lucky here in Vancouver, BC to have natural air conditioner even if it is summertime.

I guess there are more heroes in action in the US since there are allotted parking for the wounded beside the disabled car parking in some business establishment in Arizona.

parking for wounded soldiers in arizona

parking for wounded soldiers in arizona

This is not related to vending but I just wanted to say that I’m still working when I was down in the south since I was trying to some help with acquaintances in some related issues concerning the proper placement of things in a way to produce the best energy and healing – feng shui.

Feng Shui can cure health-related illness and can create harmony and bring desired health, wealth and happiness.

feng shui master

It is a hobby of mine that I took some courses related to Chinese metaphysics in Singapore and Malaysia when I was still in the Philippines and I have actually helped hundreds of people in consultations.

feng shui certificate

My business in the Philippines was related to computers, office supplies, ink and toner refilling services, and Feng Shui was my hobby which I was very attracted and had some passion until the present.

Right here in Vancouver, BC I’m just concentrated in doing the Vending Machine Business.

As a tourist in Arizona, I always visit the central museums which always amused me. I guess that goes for everyone when visiting unfamiliar grounds.

arizona museum

arizona museum entrance

When I was back in Vancouver, BC there was a location in a community center and one of the machines are out of order. I noticed that was 2002 Half Dollar Jammed inside the coin mechanism.

Is this a sign that I needed to consider down south in the United States? 🙂 🙂

Pop machines are always empty down there.

It is actually a very good idea when doing business in the south since everything is cheaper compared to Vancouver, BC. Insurance, townhouse, gasoline I guess everyone knows that.

half dollar coin

half dollar coin

If you come to think about it, the vending machine business is actually a very portable and mobile business. You can sell it to anyone without much support and training. This is one of the businesses that you can actually hand it over and the next person can run the business generating revenues.

This small business is relatively easy to operate and sell. The biggest hurdle is that you naturally have to be in Red Bull Mode or Monster Mode when doing the vending machine business.

I could never imagine handling so many machines mostly without hiring extra help. I heard many horror stories relating to stealing and problems when someone else is running your business since it is an almost cash business ( some credits card transactions ).

My point is that during summer when your sales are up there are more problems but most of them are minor.

According to my many summer seasons running the vending business here in Vancouver are the following:

  • Empty Pop Machines
  • Coin Mechanism Jams

It would be a good time to clean pop machine compressors and always check the coin mech whenever you are doing your rounds during summer.

Vending Machine Out Of Service Again?

vending machine out of service

I’m very sure that there are some of your locations that are having the same dilemma as me.

I have a location located on the east side of Vancouver and I placed a very nice glass front vending machine with the state-of-the-art bells and whistles.

Normally the vending machine works really simple. Insert a coin and then the product drops on the delivery bin.

I was very patient with this location and giving them good commissions. Sometimes my commissions are not justified because the maintenance on this machine is more than what I’m supposed to earn. 

Every week there is a problem like delivery bin out of alignment or cans stuck at the bottom which is caused by the customers.

I have a similar glass front vending machine that is producing extremely well in a very busy warehouse in Richmond where most of the users understand how to use a vending machine.

vending machine in richmond

This location is doing extremely well when I secured this location three years ago with regular vending machines. But the regular soda pop machines are coming to age and have a constant problem.

When I upgraded to the glass from vending machine everything was good. But this location constantly has problems like bottles stuck at the bottom, the delivery bin was pulled thereby spending unnecessary expenses. The cost of fixing it is at least $285 with the delivery bin and labor.

How many pop cans can you sell just to recover this expense?

My solution was to sell this good nice glass front vending machine and downgrade for regular soda pop vending machines which are simple and easy to use.

But I’ll give this location another chance and observe.

Sometimes the solution will be just to replace the glass front vending machine to two regular soda pop vending machines which are simple to use nothing fancy like the picture below and produces sales that are expected week after week.

simple no nonsense soda pop machine

If it was you running an extremely good location but the problem is the customers, not the machine, what will you do?

Problem is it takes a lot of energy and effort the switch machines and moving charges alone makes a big hole in your wallet. $120 move out and another $120 move in, the cost of one machine.

It was the first time in my life that someone inserted a loonie inside a bill validator. So this pop machine was out of order for a week and no sales. I guess everyone is different. Some likes to play a prank and most of them are normal users.

coin stuck inside the bill validator

I got out of the area and just having thoughts about why people like to play pranks on vending machines all the time. I sometimes wish they could run the business for a day.

The parking meters in downtown are always rigged by thieves.

They install a miniature magnet and fish out all the coins at the end of the day. I actually saw it myself on late afternoons. But of course I frequent the locations and dared not to take a photo or else vandalism will the result for me on my next visit.

coin meter rigged by thieves to fish coins

When will the gasoline prices get stable here in Vancouver, BC? It is a question always asked by the people living here. Everything is sky high. Insurance, Gasoline, Food and everything is way higher. It is the weather here? I just do not get it.

I wish I can also increase the prices of my vending machines.

good price for gasoline

Some peoples are inconsiderate. It is a good thing that I naturally calm minded person. If you are in a hurry to get all the vending locations done and someone is blocking your way then what to do?

I always see people in downtown trying to fight their way out in situations. But I do not want my small business to be short-lived by arguing, so I guess you notice that your way blocked then just simply quickly drive the opposite way, of course in the commercial lanes too.

inconsiderate truck blocked the side road

There are so many thieves here in Vancouver, BC generally in the lower mainland. I just do not get it why peoples are not alert and aware of what is happening around being vigilant all the time especially when you are outside.

Alas, I was on the way to get home from vending and just have to get one more place done. But soon when I arrived, there was a note on the vending machine that it is Out Of Order.

I suspect that it is just some coin jams that’s all.another out of order vending machine

So I found out there is a coin that resulted in the other coins that got stuck along with it.

foreign coin that got stuck inside vending machine

You know that in the Philippines the default religion is Roman Catholic even if you are not religious.

Even if you are not a devout Catholic or just tag along with the rest it’s better to do what the Romans do when you are in Rome saying scenario.

You see the people in the Philippines are homogeneous, I think you get my point.

I vividly remember that thou shalt not use the name of the lord in vain as some hardcore religious person will put it that way.

I thought I need to take a quick micro-vacation.

jollibee in seatlle

When I was still living in the Philippines, Jollibee beats the heck out of McDonald. Why is this bee beating all the hamburger joints in the Philippines? McDonald, A&W, Burger King, Cali Burger, etc.

I guess a little visit to this Jollibee branch in Southcenter Mall in Tukwila, Washington is good enough for me to enjoy a micro-vacation for the moment.

jollibee tukwila washington USA

A vending machine service operator cannot depart when summer arrives.

The sales of pop and beverages cannot be ignored.

Sometimes I wish I was in California or the southern part of the US since the weather there is always hot and a lot more patrons drink loads of soda pop as compared here in the Northern West Coast.

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Vending Machine Placement Service


In this business where locations are scare especially here in the lower mainland Vancouver, BC. Most of the self-employed vendors here rely on the services of a vending machine locator.

These locators are very useful since they can find some spots for you to place your vending machines in case they go homeless for reasons below:

  • Location changed their mind on vendors
  • Competition snatching up your location
  • Manager is unhappy with your looks 🙂
  • People don’t understand that it needs time some time for you to swing by see reason below

This stems from the reason why sometimes I do not immediately go to the location and fix the problem. Why do I not go and fix the problem as fast as the 911 ambulance?

Most of my locations are like 20 minutes drive. Some locations will say Bill Acceptor cannot accept cash, Machine ate my loonie, Old machine garbage, and the likes.

These things happen all the time and the locations that call me for those minor problems have a backup device attached. Such as a credit debit reader or if it does not work then coins will work too. And normally the location’s sales are very low performing that it does not justify for me as a vendor to go and fix the problem immediately.

It can wait for a few days or a week.

Accounts that you visit once a week, of course, will need immediate attention.

With all the reasons above and you are always busy and on the run then you do not have time to look for a location since you are busy running around servicing.

What happens if you lost a location?

It would be best to request the location to give you time at least 1 month or 2 months to find a replacement location. Because if you cannot find a location immediately then you have to pay $120 moving to storage.

Then another $120 moving to the new location. Aside from the vending machine locator’s fee which ranges from $400 to $2,000 here in Vancouver, BC.

Here in the Lower Mainland Vancouver, BC there a few vending machine locators that you can ask help for finding a location for your homeless vending machines.

I have a story to tell


When I was still new in the vending machine business, I heavily rely on vending machine locators for new locations.

Here in Vancouver, BC not all vending machine locators are honest.

There are locators that constantly sell locations at Craigslist Vancouver, BC. I guess this applies also the Craigslist ( City in the US or another city here in Canada ).

Do you know how to spot a cheating locator that sells you an overinflated price for a lousy and bad location?

After years of doing this vending machine business, I can now know how to read between the lines on the AD at Craigslist on the vending machine locations if the seller is genuine or just out to get and bleed your hard-earned money.

True and real locations sell locations for the prices below:

  • $250 Offices
  • $250 to 850 Very Good Office Location

That is about it! Nothing higher than $850 should be trusted by the vending machine locator.

How do you spot a bad vending machine placement service locator?

empty promise

If you go to inspect and check the location with the supposed locator that you just met on Craigslist and he or she agrees then it is a good locator.

Good locators will normally sign a disclosure agreement with you in case you do not buy the locations after showing it to you and will not force you to buy it immediately upon inspection.

Bad locators will be very impatient and will sometimes get furious and mad why you wasted his time after showing you the location? He will unjustly reason out with you that he will threaten to snatch and get all your locations one way or another.

He will let you know that it’s you and against all his henchman in a mockingly way.

I met such a person but since I’m normally calm and have been doing business for the longest time already, I just took some locations from him every time there was an offer.

Sometimes you have to be friends with the enemies

friends with enemies

This is a business strategy way back in the Philippines. Since it is wise for everyone doing business to be civil and inside your head you know that you need one another bad or good business contact as long as everyone benefits.

But here is not the case for me here in Vancouver, BC.

A bad locator normally has all the locations and contact details even after selling you the location. Some the locations that he sold you will be snatched back by the same locator.

His tactic is using another pseudo name or assigns someone to go after all the locations that he sold to you before and try to offer it to another naive and gullible newbie vendor.

How to Catch A Bad Locator Red Handed?

First things first is that a bad locator will sell you at a minimum price of at least $800 for a location. I have been buying a couple since I have some machines that needed to be placed immediately.

Sales will be dismally low, meaning about $10 to $50 at most every month. People at such locations do not buy from vending machines.

His prices will be advertising ranges from $800 to $2500 per location with very good sounding words like 100 people, Hundreds of walk-in visitors and all the good words that you wanted to hear will be promised to you.

I mentioned before that a location at most will be $250 to $850 from a reputable vending machine locator only.

I’m into this business so sometimes I talked to other vendors. And they all told me the same story.

Some of their locations suddenly wanted out and go with another vendor.

Will this is very traumatic for us vendors since every dollar counts. Even if the location is just performing say $50 a month because we need to add all the locations in totality.

Loosing will entail you expensive costs:

  • Moving in and out $240
  • Finding Location $250 to $850

The worst thing is that if we are booted out of a location and our machines are old machines then what to do with them? Storage fees charge an added headache. $30 per machine for storage.

Catching The Bad Locator

Let you lost location goes by for a couple of months or even 3 to 4 months. Ask one of your friends to visit the old location that you lost and look for the manager.

Of course, you know the manager’s name since it was your previous location. Probably you do not have a good rapport with the manager too when the location was snatched back by your locator.


Ask your friend that you need to contact the new vendor because you are just starting out on your vending machine business and would want to ask help from the vendor.

Once you got the phone and contact info for the vendor on your previous location. Then it would be easy for your friend to call and connect and ask who offered the location.

It is a simple to approach to catch a bad locator who was recycling all his locations that were sold and ripping and bleeding money from some of his customers.

In a very worst case scenario, you can actually to court and ask for a pro bono lawyer and build a case against the bad locator and normally for small claims court, the judge will normally let the bad locator pay back the locator fee that he sold to you before.

For all of us vendors, I guess this is a way to get back to a bad locator.

In doing business you have to protect your investment especially your location.

How To Avoid These Problems?


Stick to a good locator that has a proven track record.

Try to go and do outreach by yourself. Build up enough confidence and just try to approach a location by yourself and see ways to improve your offer when you get rejected.

I myself was able to get locations by myself which are doing extremely well compared to the ones that I bought from locators.

This will also ensure that you have a quite good rapport with managers since you got the locations yourself.

What If I cannot Do it?

for hire

Hire a temporary salesperson to do the job for you in going to establishments. Be sure to collect all the information needed and give it to the temporary sales person that you hired.

Be sure that you hire a presentable and approachable person that naturally likes to talk to people or a people person. Most probably a young university student who wanted to earn some gig on the side.

You can do this ad on Craigslist as well and be sure to hire just temporary for a sales gig.

I sincerely you have success to the experience and knowledge I had encountered.

Till next time!

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