How To Fix A Vendo Soda Pop Machine Broken Selection Button For Free

I have a location that i service 2X a week and i consider this location as one of the rare good money $ generating source to pay my bills.

Since this place is public and is open 24 / 7 and lots of people walking on a very busy street day and night. Im always praying that when i visit this location no one is trying to vandalize this location.

The location is been very good to me and to the building residents for a long time, until yesterday when one of the Selection Button is literally punched hard and broken the plastic supports that is activating the switch selection to deliver the pop.

Below is the picture in front of the selection button

picture in front of the selection button

The picture above looks fine but when you press it, the switch does not work anymore and it does not bounce back like a switch with springs behind.

The picture below shows the button when i opened the Pop Machine where you will notice that the supports are totally broken.

picture behind the broken selection button

It is a good thing that i found the spring that means i can fix it for FREE.

Normally You need to buy a replacement button which i cannot find it at eBAY or Amazon. If you buy it from Coke then another $100 will drain your wallet quickly plus the fact the Coke is like far drive like 30 to 45 minutes plus the fact that COVID restrictions and hassle on getting in the parts and have to pay for it.

Easy fix will be to attach a metal hook and it will be working great again.

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In the moment of writing this article, I have not yet been to the location, so I have to update this article when it is done with pictures and instructions and how to Do It Yourself For almost nothing and FREE.

I will update this POST as soon as Im done fixing it with Pictures!

Note : this summer is very frustrating for a lot of vendors: minor vandalism, pop selection SOLD OUT and they put Out OF Order Signs and do not know how to read if product SOLD OUT then no product comes out. They will put Out Of Order Sign Instead of SOLD OUT Signs.

Beware this summer there is a lot of vandalism everywhere, not only vending machines, ATM, but also along my place of residence where there are a lot of CAR Breakins!


POST to BE UPDATED WITH Pictures on Solving the Problem…

My solution is buying a small strip of bendable aluminum and attach it to the broken Soda Pop Machine Selection Button and hopefully it will work out.

Will update this POST AS Soon As Im Done with Fixing

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