Why Are Crime Rates Higher In the Summer? ( Actual Pictures in My Vending Machine Locations )

Summertime Crime Increase On Vandalism and Theft

In this summer, the summertime in United States, Canada and pretty much in Northern Hemisphere has experienced a significant increase in petty crime, including vandalism and theft.

I will outline some of the more common types of petty crimes that are likely to have occurred during the summer months.

Most of these are likely to be the result of young people being unable to hold down a regular job and their parents are unable to pay the bills.

The increase in crime during the summer months can also be linked in part to the younger generation being unable to cope with the economic climate, which has affected all aspects of society.

Illegal Dumping Sites – Increase on Illegal Dumping throughout the Summer

On the one hand there is a definite rise in Illegal Dumping Sites across the nation, yet on the other hand we see reports of crimes being up during the Summer months, which is a definite sign that the crime increases on Illegal dumping Sites has been on the upswing.

However, as a nation, we are also seeing an increase in crimes committed by individuals who are looking to take advantage of other peoples’ innocence and this seems to be the perfect storm for the summer time crime increase on Illegal dumping Sites. Perhaps you might consider all this in 2021.

Summertime Crime Increase on Motor Vehicle Theft

A summertime vehicle theft deterrent is when a person puts in an advertisement for another vehicle that the owner already has in their possession or a vehicle similar to what was stolen.

This practice is called “flagging”.

In fact if you are a victim of vehicle theft and the suspect is still on the run then you may want to consider using “flagging”.

Flagging your car will help you to catch the thieves red handed, without having to put up with endless calls from the police department. There are a few simple steps that you should follow if you want to successfully flag your car. These steps have been tested and proven to be effective

Summertime Home Theft Rate Rises Despite Summer Weather

Recent statistics show that in the summertime there has been a significant Home theft rate increase across the United States, Canada and UK.

This is especially true in Britain, where many people leave their homes for vacation throughout the year.

A high number of residential burglaries can be attributed to the increased crowds, which are common at this time of the year.

Increasingly more homeowners have become concerned about their home security and are looking into ways in which they can protect themselves and their possessions.

summer time crime increase on Burglary entering with the intent to commit a felony

Summertime Crime Increase on Burglary Entries With the Intent to Commit a Felony

The summer time has been known for burglaries and home invasions.

It is not uncommon to hear of children being hurt during an attempted burglary or home invasion.

There are many home security measures that can be taken to ensure that you and your family remain safe.

Most burglars and home invasions are typically crimes of opportunity and there is no one person or place that is immune to them.

Home Security and Burglar Alarms can provide the added protection that may deter would be burglars or at the very least, reduce their risk of entering your property.

In fact, there are many signs that may indicate that a home security or burglar alarm is necessary.

foot traffic create increase interaction between people provides opportunity for crime

Factors That Affect Crime Rates and the Foot Traffic

A lot of factors can be attributed to the increase in foot traffic.

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The increase in foot traffic creates opportunities for criminal activity and the decrease of foot traffic creates opportunities for less criminal activity.

We all know that the increase in the foot traffic is due to people using public transport, which is the main means of transport to get from one place to another.

It can also be attributable to more people walking or cycling to get from places to other places and it can also be attributable to increased interaction between people in cities.

Temperature Causes an Increase in Irritability and Aggression

One of the most cited theories on the relationship between temperature and allergic reactions is the one stating that it causes an increase in irritability and aggressiveness.

The hypothesis states that during cold weather or in winter, people that normally live in more secure conditions (i.e., they are not in the open plains of sub-zero environments).

This would explain why during times of increased hostility and tension, human beings experience greater increases in temperature than those who are calm and content.

How Dwindling Foot Traffic Creates Opportunity For Crimes To Occur

With fewer foot traffic on the streets during the summer months and even winter months, property crimes such as vandalism, theft, trespassing, and home invasion increase dramatically.

With less time on their hands to commit these crimes and no place to go, property criminals feel free to commit crimes at any hour of the day or night.

When a property crime such as this occurs, it is the responsibility of the property owner to have his or her premises secure and clean, so that he or she can sleep soundly knowing that if it happens, the property is safe.

By taking reasonable steps to protect themselves from unwanted visitors and criminals, property owners can put an end to crime in their neighborhood by providing a safer living experience for everyone.

Summer Crime Rates – Could Longer Daylight Hours Be Causing Property Crime?

There are many theories as to why crime rates go up during the summer months, but some researchers believe that it has something to do with the change in season and the time people are able to get out of the house.

The truth is there are several theories about why crime goes up in certain times of the year, but some researchers have claimed that there is no direct correlation between crime rates and the number of daylight hours.

Most of the theories have to do with the characteristics of the area in which crime occurs.

A good example of this is the argument that states with longer daylight hours tend to have higher rates of car theft than states that have shorter days.

Homes more tempting criminals because windows and doors left open frequently

Why Homes Are More Attractive To Criminals Because Houses Make For Easy Targets

Most burglaries take place when people are at home. But what most burglars do not see is that houses can be made into much more tempting places for crooks to target. Windows and doors left open are often the first things burglars see as they approach a house. If there are no security measures in place then the house will seem like a much easier prize for a thief. But by installing some simple and inexpensive security products, a thief can make an otherwise attractive house into a much more difficult target.

Why Is Outdoor Security So Important?

Summer time Burglars are more than ten percent more likely to target homes that are at least one mile from their own location. The farther away your home is, the harder it will be to protect yourself and your family. However, if you have the right outdoor security system you can protect your property and prevent burglaries. Summer time burglaries cost the country billions of dollars in property damage, loss of life and personal injuries. Therefore, we all need to do what we can to prevent these incidents from happening.

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Report From Department of Justice crime more common in summer than the winter

Report From Department of Justice Crime Stats Office – More Common in Summer Than in Winter

A report from the Department of Justice crime statistics office is more common in summer than in winter.

It is not so much that the number of crimes is up during the summer months as it is that criminals are looking to take advantage of the good weather to commit crimes more openly.

It is estimated that a third of all robberies, assaults, and house breaking crimes are committed in the summer months.

That is over four hundred thousand crimes reported each year in the United States and an alarming twenty-five percent of those are considered to be of a violent nature.

Clearly, the criminals are aware that there is more likely to be a police officer present at home in the summer time than at any other time of the year.

Location 1

In a span of one week here are some of the crimes that happened at my vending machine locations.

I was extremely surprised when I went to service my soda pop machine in one of the locations that I visit twice a week, the soda pop machine was flip with face down.

The story was the guy did not have any change and was asking people and no one gave him some change and for some reason, his rage turned to the soda pop vending machine and was knocked down by going to the ledge and pushing it down.

soda pop machine knocked down
trying to lift the soda pop using my dolly but does not work
face flat on the ground on my soda pop machine

Solution: I asked for help from 6 men and it was less than 5 minutes and lifted the soda pop machine back up and everything was working again.

  • I had about 10 to 20 exploded soda cans inside when I opened the door
  • I have to fix the coin path inside the soda pop machine since it was dislodged
  • I disconnected the Bill Acceptor to avoid people complaining that their $5 Dollar bill was eaten ( it is only in this location that I have these kinds of complaints )
  • My next visit will be to install a hook and secure it against the wall.

Total Damage Cost : 1 Hour ( Should have been only 15 minutes at this location ) since I have to move along to the next location so everything is delayed.

Location 2

I also was surprised when I visited this location and found out that someone punched the Soda Selection Button and the internal supports just broke off due to a very heavy punch from an angry person.

vendo model 720 selection button punched hard and broken inside
look that the supports are totally broken ( a good one is at the left side )

Solution: I took a good soda pop selection button at the bottom and replaced it, it took me about 15 minutes to change it and work now

Total Damage Cost : 15 minutes and Missing Selection Button which i took on the unused bottom to swap it out

Location 3

Someone was trying to break a combination lock which is very easy to open just by hammering it down.

See the video on the crime in progress

Solution: I will call Police and file a report on Monday since the video security knows the person who is doing it. When I opened the vending machine there was nothing missing except for some chips and chocolate bars.

The owner of the apartment wanted me to report this to the police and called me several times reminding me.

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Total Damage Cost : I have not called the Police yet, but will do next week and will have to wait for a long time for automated recordings since it is not 911 on filing police report.

Location 4

There is a reputable warehouse and about 300 people are working there and I have to service this location every week.

The people in the warehouse consist of 17 to 19 years old. Seems that they are well paid and have benefits from the company.

The snack machine is located in the lunchroom and there are no security cameras located.

The snack machine polycarbonate is damaged at the bottom and the top side was banged hard and some chips, chocolate bars are missing

polycarbonate damaged on the snack machine
top portion of the snack machine being pushed in
snack machine which was vandalized last week and I took out all the products since people are stealing it

Solution: I bought some slotted steel plates and secured them on the sides of the snack machine and pray that it will not happen again.

Total Damage Cost : I bought 3 slotted steel plates during the early week and had to make changes on my regular schedule and delay the other locations.

Spent about $50 on parts and about 45 minutes fixing it on location.

installed 16 gauge
slotted steel side frame
the dented polycarbonate is evened out by a hammer and I put some steel to protect it from prying
the top portion of the damage done previously covered with steel horizontally

This is not 100% proof of vandalism but it will prevent it.

In case if someone breaks in again then I will install a full steel frame in the future!

Location 5

I have another location with is another warehouse with 300 people working there.

I found some new evidence people trying to shake the machine and the coin return is being damaged

hooks moved by people trying to shake the machine
coin return damaged

Total Damage Cost : Stress on my part, it is a wait and see scenario and my next visit and what to expect on the vending machine if people trying to vandalize or not.

Reward came after those vandalism attempts

After all the unfortunate incidents that happened in a span of a week, I was awarded another location with 300 people living with 24 / 7 security with the vending machines beside the reception.

The pictures you see are machines just delivered and it took me about 2 hours to install a heavy-duty polycarbonate and slotted 16 gauge steel grill to avoid future vandalism!

new locations with 2 full size vending machines
machines are located just right beside the reception with 3 security cameras

With the onset of CRB which is coming to end on September from Canadian Government.

Even if i have new vending locations it is not a guarantee that I will be generating sales in equivalent to the CRB that self employed business are receiving from the goverment.

Pretty soon the government will find ways on how to get back the $$$ that was given to businesses and out of work individuals.

The real deal is that a lot of self employed businesses will be on brink to financial loss after September 2021.

Question is : If there is no more Pandemic but will there be jobs for everyone since business is coming to a crawl everywhere?

Even if there is no Pandemic on September most business are just surviving and it is not as profitable as compared before the Pandemic.

This will take a couple of years again for all the businesses to get back on track and on their feet and perform outstanding earnings.

Most other countries are still suffering heavily on the Corona Virus and will take a couple of years to recover completely.

It is only Canada where I live that most people had their vaccinations but the rest of the world seems to be out of control. See the statistics on Corona Virus World Meter.

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