Mice In Vending Machine

I have a mice in my vending machine !

I visited one of my location 2 days ago and i was surprised why there are still a lot of snacks and chocolate bars inside the vending machine, i was very surprised because this is a monthly location and normally it is empty when visiting this location for the longest time that im servicing it.

I as usual goes through the machine and when i was checking everything,

i noticed that several chips had foil holes and the contents inside were all empty.

I immediately already suspected that this is done by a mice since i had 1 location also in the Vancouver area where this thing happened and the solution was to cover a hole which is about 1 to 2 inches in diameter where the electrical wire goes into the machine.

Normally all the vending machine has the electrical cord going into the machine covered with a rubber grommet

but in some cases when you have been moving and changing machines this rubber grommet is not secured into it’s original position.

I heard that there are locations when they hear that when your machine is contaminated by a mouse they wanted to remove completely as soon as possible and no one will be using it anymore, since it is not a joke when the machine contains some mice droppings and you will get contaminated with disease and the customers are just making sure that everything is good.

These are the pictures on how the mice go into the machine and pictures on also how to make sure that they will never get into the machine anymore.

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