Bad Day At Work

When doing the vending machine business,

never force yourself to be in a hurry at the time, once you get into an accident it’s all over.

It is not worth your time and effort to earn a few dollars if you get injured. What is the purpose of earning money if you had an accident while you are in a hurry. I always remember in my childhood days when my mother tells me not to hurry up all the time and it is still very finely printed in my memory :

  • what is the use of money when you get into a car accident ? all the money in the world will not make you normal again
  • what is the use of money when you get into a motorcycle accident ? it might be too late to regret
  • if you are late in school then what is the big deal ? if you get into an accident would a late report in your school records affect you and your future well being ?

Whenever you are doing something just take in easy and sometimes you have to bend the rules and have to take care of yourself first before anything else, if you are late of an interview then maybe there is a bigger reason why you are late because you are cautious when driving to your destination.

If a bad day in work can be avoided

then you will still have the next day to go your vending location when your late in visiting just becuase you are extra careful when driving to that place, you just have to let go what people think about you and just do what is right.

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In some extreme cases like you have been trying to go that particular location every other day but its a tough place since parking is very rare and when there is a vacant space the next u turn, someone else grab that precious spot. In your mind maybe its around $50 profit if you’d have done it but because you have to be careful to find a parking slot someone else got it ahead of you. If you are too fast without being in compsure you might get into a split second accidents which are too numerous to mention.

Well i am usually a very careful guy when doing my things

and everything is scheduled and organized but it was today that i had my bad work day when i was hurrying up to my van to go to the next location that was closing and was thinking maybe i can still make it on the next location or else i wont be coming to vancouver tomorrow and will be delayed after 2 days since the next day is for surrey and richmond locations.

With this in mind i think i would have to change my priorities and mindset again when getting things done. My suggestion to myself is just to take it easy and try to finish work when you are able to with the thought of being very cautious and careful.

It would be a suggestion that the divider painted in bright colors like yellow to avoid other people that might trip or fall.

It is absolutely my fault since i was in a hurry to get things done.

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