Empty Pop Cans Was Stolen On My Vending Machine

It was last week Sunday.

Sunday was usually reserved for my continuing studies at home. It was also utilized for a small family get together day. Good thing that we already watched Ready Player One the week prior.

I thought I’m going to get another unhappy customer on an unregistered number to do with my vending machines.

I got a call from one of my hotel locations. Any hotel locations is very unsettling since if you visit the location you don’t know if the machine was vandalized or not.

The person on the other end of the phone seemed to be in a rush and wanted to get things done.

He says that the pop are all empty on a commanding tone.

I just told myself oh well these things have to be done as soon as possible so as not to lose a location. If you keep on delaying service calls you might as well put your location aside as a ticking bomb as I have mentioned on my previous posts.

I arrived at the location and visited all the floors on the vending machines. Most of the machines are still good. I went the last machine which is located in the middle floor and I was surprised why the empty cans which was displayed on the combo vending machine was stolen.

I actually emptied the several pop cans so that I can display a dummy can to represent the products inside the vending machine and yet it was still stolen.

close up empty cans

How can anyone be so desperate to get the empty cans?

Maybe sell it for 0.20 cents extra on his pocket ? Does 0.20 cents count a lot these days?

Imagine on a busy hotel located in a nice high traffic location.

Whenever I visit this location I wanted to upgrade my combo vending machines to a nice see thru glass vending machine but have to save enough $$$ money maybe sometime next year.

These are the machine that i have in mind.? But i have to buy and secure (3) of them and make sure that there are secured properly.

?These machines costs around $5,000+ brand new.? Since i’m a veteran in vending, i normally collect used ones for $2,500 a piece.? You just have to be patient and wait it out.

This is the same sentence repeatedly uttered inside my mind every time I service this hotel location.

That Sunday I had to go to Vancouver, BC downtown too after servicing this hotel location in Coquitlam.

I also got an angry call from a hotel manager too here in vancouver, bc downtown.? He told me that the snack machine is empty.

People are banging the machine.? They say there is no Oh Henry bars.

Does this snack machine looks empty to you?


I really never worked regularly on Sundays but it is a rare occurrence. The reason is there was some filming in downtown on Saturday and I have to turn back my van and come back on Sunday to finish my job. Spare cash in my wallet doesn’t hurt even just going for a short trip and fishing a bag of extra coins.

Sometimes when you are parked on the street you would ask a question if it is truly safe to park between two police patrol cars. Is this spot the safest or dangerous place to park at that moment of time ?

Im glad that my Sunday affair is a job well done.

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