How to Set Up Your Vending Machine

If you purchase a vending machine from a reputable company, it?should come with the manufacturer?s User Manual/Operation Manual.? In some cases, these can be very user friendly and walk you step-by-step through the most common questions/issues you?re going to have with your machine. In other cases they can be very scientific and difficult to understand.? Make sure to read over your manual for the set-up instructions.? If your machine didn?t come with a manual, you can usually find these online by searching by the make and model.

Once you have your machine unpackaged, you?re going to want to move it with a pallet jack or utility dolly to the exact spot you?re going to place it in your location.

You will need a power strip with a surge protector to get the machine powered up at your location.? Once plugged in, most machines will start correctly up to automatically.? If your vending machine is refrigerated, you may need to adjust the thermostat.? Reference your Owner?s Manual for instructions on how to adjust the temperature.

Next, you?re going to want to choose your products and determine your prices.?You?re going to want to enter the ?Programming Mode? for your machine.? Follow the instructions on your user manual to do so.? The programming mode is where you program the prices for each product selection on your machine.? Set a price for each selection and then load your products into your machine. If you?ve purchased a credit card reader for your vending machine, you?ll need to call or email the manufacturer of the device to set up an account and get your unit ready to accept credit/debit card purchases.

Finally, you should conduct several test vends to make sure that everything is working properly on your machines.?This will ensure proper functioning of the unit and prevent the machine from rejecting payment due to inability to produce change.? If everything checks out, then your machine is ready to start making money!

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