How to Upgrade Old Vending Machine to Use Card Reader?

How to Upgrade Old Vending Machine to Use Card Reader?

debit credit card reader device

What is the benefit on upgrading the old vending machine to accept debit credit readers?

In this era of time there are more and more people who do not carry cash in their wallet. There is a statistical evidence that the cashless method of paying goods and services is trending.

I myself who avidly uses my debit card for lunch, groceries and movies. As you have noticed that everyone is staring all the time on their phones and there is no more social interaction. What I meant is like someone who looks and smiles at you is not as prevalent as it is used to be in the early 2007’s

I had some locations that I have installed debit credit device on the vending machine and according to my experience and collections, the sales did actually increased around 15 to 20%. It is not true that other people are claiming a jump of 50 to 60% sales. People who claims 60% jump in sales are probably the ones that are selling the devices or receiving commissions from recommendations.

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There are locations that wanted to have a very good user experience and convenience when there is a debit credit card reader on the vending machine. If you wanted to please everyone then it would be your decision in installing a debit credit card reader.

Sales will definitely increase which I have mentioned above.

How to determine if your vending machine is MDB complaint?

It has to have that 9 pins connector that can connect all current bill acceptor and debit credit card readers. What is MDB?

mdb complaint coin mechanism

MDB stands for Multi Bus Drop. This is the international standard technology that will connect for peripheral devices. There are still a lot of NON MDB vending machines but most of them can be upgraded by changing the control board to become MDB compliant.

How do you know if the vending machine is NON MDB?

Here is a video that shows you that the vending machine is not MDB complaint.

I have an old AP LCM4 combo vending machine and it needed to be upgraded to read debit credit card readers.

Some AP LCM4 combo vending machine have an old e prom on the control board that needs to be upgraded so that it can recognize the debit credit card reader.

Upgrading the E prom is needed to make sure that everything works.

eprom upgrade for ap LCM4

eprom for AP LCM4

Here is picture that shows you where the E prom is located on the control board.

eprom on the control board

You have to follow some steps when upgrading the EPROM which is basically straightforward:

1. Turn Off Power on Vending machine

2. Use a small screwdriver to pry out the EPROM on top and bottom slowly, careful not to bend the PINS of the EPROM

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eprom removal

If you are not experienced in removal of EPROM, I suggest for you to buy this cheap E prom Removal tool in Amazon Link which may come in handy when upgrading your vending machine control boards.

Here is a video showing you how to do that.

All the vending machine control board has an EPROM which can be upgraded to the latest firmware and software and may include the latest program to successfully adapt MDB peripherals such as : MDB Bill Validator, MDB Coin Mechanism and Debit Credit Card Readers.

If your vending machine is manufactured by Crane or other vending machine manufacturer then please contact the following companies and send them an email to see if it will work on upgrading your vending machine.

Sometimes you have to change the entire control board so that your old vending machine will be MDB complaint. Please see the following links below to see which part you will be needing.

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D&S Vending, Inc.

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