How are The Discount Vending Store prices so low?

Being in business for many years has awarded us time to develop associations and set up business practices that actually work.

The most important area of savings begins with our purchasing. Creating relationships with vending machinist who are exiting the vending business allows us to avoid in most cases purchasing straight from manufacturers. Also, taking the time to research shipping carriers and finding the best deal contributes to savings, which we can then pass on to our client.


Occasionally, when circumstance do require us to buy from a manufacturer, we more often than not avoid purchasing any unnecessary embellishments.

When buying straight from a manufacturer, you will be tempted with extended warranties, training, technical support, etc. While we buy our machines already discounted, we are able to offer similar options to our customers, but at a significantly lower cost.



Most often when a purchase is being made, buying in bulk will ensure the biggest bargain. Such is the same for buying vending machines. The ?new??healthy vending machines?we buy are typically 1-2 years old, have never been used before. They have been stored in a facility and are still in the unique packaging.?? The?preowned vending machines?we buy are quality preowned machines that still have plenty of life in them and are warily examined by our technical department. All of the machines we buy are sold in full working situation.


In summary, there are many factors that are involved with how well we price our machines. All these aspects combine and give us the ability to offer great, affordable vending machines with warranties to our customers all at a discounted price.

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