Stagnant Prices On My Vending Machine

It’s been a while that i have not written a blog for the vending machine business.

I was very busy making it work out on my online business which is producing promising results and getting my fingers in constant motion and i found a new problem when sitting down on a desk for a long time.

Everyone around me is hearing a new lingo from me already and im mentioning all the time on squeeze and landing pages and conversion rates. Maybe im just getting more tech y now.

Surprisely there are people opt in on landing pages at 2am to 3am in the morning and producing sales online.

You would get a neck pain by straining too much on the computer screen, but this is a lot better than going out and sweating out on the road on an unending loading and unloading regiment and having to put up a show on everyone. But inherently im a nice person just wanted to get things done as soon as possible.

I will gladly make another website to help you that anyone can make a living on the digital world.

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I would like to help everyone which will be on my future blog posts.

It will not be a hyped up scammy money suction funnels. But you have to prepare yourself to go into the momentum in getting into studies again. This is no age discrimination and you can work anywhere with a laptop and internet connection.

It would be very good to delve and discover a business model that doesn’t require : physical products, machine maintenance, unending customer complaints and vending machine being moved because of various factors which i have mentioned on my other blogs.

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But to summarize the factors that the vending machine business which might get affected then there are these reasons that comes into mind :

  • Location needs storage so your machine goes out, this is presumably subtle reason that the location wanted you out
  • Manager suddenly changed their mind on changing vendors without the thought that there are many costs involve in putting up a vending machine in the premises ( moving charges, refilling costs, loss of location investment )
  • A new competitor who promises with a flashy machine and promises to give out 40% commission which is to my mindset that this is just all fluff and hyped up just to get your location. After all if you are into sales then there is always competition
  • Renovations are far the main reason why you have to move your machine into a semi retirement situation

Do you think if you are a nice looking woman and doing vending machine for a living, would you encounter all the problems which i indicated above?

I have a location on downtown in a federal building which i held for a long time already. Finally the construction will be stopping soon on the major renovation that is being done on the next floor which is one floor up on my vending machines.

Behold my pop and snack vending machine and on the side is another combo machine which debit credit facilities and a newer model. My prices for the snack machine was stagnant and its impossible to change it.

The other machine beside me actually stopped selling chocolate bars for $1.25 a pieces because it is impossible to sustain the business. Yes of course my cost for a chocolate bar will be around $0.80 a piece but if you have to consider the time, gasoline and consider the vendor to have a decent profit to keep food on the table.

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The standard price in the market now for chocolate bars is already $1.75 to $2.00 inside the vending machines, since vendors needed to make at least double the cost of the product,

Do you think that if you have since kind of scenario, will you keep the location or sell it ? What if it was your location that its impossible to change prices? Perhaps offer a variety and different kind of products?

Normally people like the traditional stuff honestly.

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