2 for 1 Business Deal

Did i tell you that i have a bunch of locations in Annacis Island.

It is a group of factories mostly. The locations are not that great but it gives a consistent income for me.

I’m concentrated mostly in the Vancouver area which is my preference. It’s very obvious that everyone goes to downtown to work and it is understandable that there are tons of traffic and you don’t ever get tired even just by visiting different locations side by side or even an adjacent street.

Life is very colorful in downtown even there is unbearable traffic, it is just a matter of getting used to it actually.

I grew up in Makati City where the hustle and bustle can be compared to downtown Vancouver city.

Makati city has everything that you ask for. All kinds of fancy restaurants and fancy neighborhood.

I’m used to it and can’t possibly think of going to a rural or rustic place.

I always have a curious mind and likes to be in a very diverse area where there are tons of facets of life and different cultural backgrounds. I grew up with this kind of atmosphere where you get immune to what people portray you as an individual.

It is the beauty in a big city that you tend to have a certain emotional intelligence maturity.

Going back to the location at Annacis Island which i have been servicing for about 3 years already. It is a transport factory type of company and they open early and closes late since there are always large trucks moving in and out.

I held this account and im very happy since even if the snack or pop machines are empty people would just ring you and remind you to service it.

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The people there are no frills and im very happy to serve this kind of location and similar locations that has the same treatment towards me.

Easy going, nice and dealing with the customer is very comfortable.

Sadly this location moved and had to go to Port Coquitlam which is out of my service area.

Outside Vancouver, Richmond, delta, burnaby and coquitlam will be very hard and difficult for me to provide outstanding service. I have to take care of customer complaints and sometimes need my immediate response especially if there are those annoying coin jams which is actually the fault of the customer who doesn’t know how to use a vending machine properly.

I have an acquaintance that resides in the vicinity of Coquitlam.

I was offering this location to him. The deal was to exchange locations which is good enough for me.

The vending guy has locations in burnaby and Richmond and sales was not performing. The 2 locations that he is servicing sales is equivalent to my single location which has moved to Port Coquitlam.

He offered me a hotel location in Burnaby and an office location in Richmond.

I told him that im kinda avoiding office locations since i have some problems with people in the offices for some reason. I never have any ill feelings with most people in offices but i lost some locations which i really don’t know the reason behind it.

For some reason too that i always have great rapport with public locations.

I have great success with companies that deals with a lot of people.

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Seems to me that those companies have maybe developed a sense of emotional intelligence and not judgmental or biased towards new contractors or vendors.

Some office companies put too much strain and rules on a vendor. Secure a fab, come only on certain times of the week, report to front desk with signature and all that stuff. I understand this kind of procedures since i grew up in a similar neighborhood in the Philippines which is in Makati City where all the corporate offices are located. But in makati, it is easy for me to get around and when im conducting business before, everything was smooth and no frills.

And for the best part is in Makati City when you are conducting business, you be there permanent contractor or supplier as long as you deliver to their expectations.

I was doing the ink and toner business back in Philippines and i do it accordingly and in a professional manner and was doing as long as i can until when i moved here.

I think you get the picture without me elaborating more.

There goes my 2 for 1 deal in the vending machine business.

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