Spring Time Double Time

When spring time is around sales increase.

You need to double time when doing your vending business.

According to my experience pop and drinks normally increase twice.

Understandably the drinks hardly moves during the winter time except for locations in hotel where everyone has a constant need for water.

For most people with family they take a quick getaway. Spring break for a day or two from the norm.

Back home in the Philippines when it is summer break. Everyone goes abroad. Everything is affordable on the southern hemisphere of the globe. I have observed that even non Filipinos, especially Asians enjoy summer breaks.

Everything is cheap and affordable.

The southern part of the globe are so lucky that their currency is small but goes a long way.

Here living in Canada or the northern part of the world is very restrictive. You have to save up for a year just to get a vacation. I agree that the currency is very strong and stable but the affordability is sky-high.

Even if you are a millionaire it’s hard to move around. Going away for a week is too much and small businesses will be loosing a substantial amount of income to cover expenses.

If your currency is small like in the Philippines you have so much and the places you go have different prices ranges.

There is always a place in Asia to go depending upon your budget.

Gigs and business is scarce here and small businesses work extra hard since it their only chance to make more profits during the spring and summer months.

I previously owned a convenience store and I even lose money during the winter months and just barely surviving.

However, when spring and summer comes, people go out more often and all businesses picks up.

For the vending business it is also the same scenario.

The pop machines work extra hard in dispensing drinks.

Vending machine business owners works so much that they have to postpone vacation till the winter months when business is slow.

I’m always looking forward when it transitions into spring and especially summer months.

So my advice is to get ready and be prepared for the coming spring and summer months and double up inventory on pop and drinks.

During spring and summer months, it also good that the days seems to be longer.

You are more productive when the day is longer.

Everything is always better when the weather is warmer.

I have been doing the vending business for quite a while.

And it will also be a good time to have some extra time set aside for gaining new locations.

Try to go out and prepare some proposal letters to prospective locations. Hopefully you will be able to add another 1 or 2 locations to your existing route since they always say it’s a competitive business.

For me I never felt that vending machine business is competitive.

I honesty was able to go with the flow and see improvements.

It is also honing your skills on your journey of vending machine business.

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Okay Google Saved My Day

ok google lets go to downtown vancouver without traffic
ok google lets go to downtown vancouver without traffic

I have been more than ever relaying on ok google nowadays especially when im lost or when doing some simple task.

Ok Google saved my day which 3 days ago.  As usual i switched on my GPS on my dashboard and getting ready for work. Normally when i go to multiple locations, i program the various addresses on my GPS before i set off.

oh no gps is not working
oh no gps is not working

I was in panic mode when i turned on my GPS because it keeps on looking for signal forever.

I switched off the GPS and connected my backup GPS ( both of them by the way are TOM TOM ) and it was up to no avail. Both of them are forever looking for signal.

i was wondering what happens when service companies, couriers, taxis and on the road mobility can still perform without a GPS ? If there are a lot of companies relaying on GPS then it would be detrimental to their businesses if the GPS didn’t work even for a few hours. Imagine how much money and time will be wasted ?

Luckily i got a very cheap plan on Freedom Mobile with unlimited data plan and OK Google is used for so many times during that day and actually it was OK Google who saved my day.

good thing i have data service lte with my phone
good thing i have data service lte with my phone

It was Google maps with my OK Google that propelled me to have a productive day.

When i got home from work.  I was searching the problem i encountered on looking for signal problem and it was on the triangulation problem sometimes on the satellites. The topic was very technical and i didn’t bothered to pursue the root cause.   After loading and unloading, my brain doesn’t seem to work on that moment.

I was searching for looking for signal problem and stumbled into a very useful free multiple route software.   It is very useful especially if you have like 6 to 10 locations every day.

I try to do the locations in a single area but sometimes there are situations that maybe there are 3 locations in Vancouver for example and another 5 locations in Richmond. So the multi route planner will handily come into play. This will work for everyone when going to multiple route.

Here it is :


the good about this is free for usage up to 20 locations and then you opt to subscribe if you have more than 20 locations.

ok google lets go to ...
ok google lets go to …

Conclusion :

It would be a great addition to have an unlimited data plan.  When you are self-employed going to multiple locations every day. For me a multi route planner is an bonus and great to use at certain times if you need it.

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Moving Out Moving In

When you are doing your vending machine business you need to have great customer service in order to stay afloat.

and never move out since everyone’s likes the idea of stability.

You always wanted to have a stable business especially if you have done all the moving and time consuming placement.  Providing great customer service at all times.

praying that customers are always happy
praying that customers are always happy

In my experience you always have to be a yes-man all the time.

Everyone wanted to stay in business no matter if the location is small or big.  Better treat everyone the same and the importance of servicing when a problem arises that needs attention.

In many years of servicing my customers.  I had some occasions that they are either closing down their business or moving.

I had some early experience that the location simply tells you they are moving out.   Machines needed to be move.

vendor moving to new customer location
vendor moving to new customer location

I had a location that i serviced it very well during the early days of my vending.  The management just tells me to remove the machine since they are moving out.

The said location had another vendor during that time and never consulted me. They have another vendor on the new location.

During this early days of vending i thought that this is a common practice here in North America.

So i had my head programmed not to feel bad if suddenly a location will tell you to move out.

So i’m not expecting anything anymore and what i do it just try my best to service all my locations.

customer likes you as a vendor

After that regrettable incident i myself is very surprised that my locations that im handling have no more problems.

Most of them actually when moving out to a new facility opt me as their vendor.

Today as usual when i was servicing my location, the person in charge told me that they are moving to a new location and i need to removed my machines.

Inside my mind there were adrenalin racing thoughts that maybe this place will be another location to be taken out of my portfolio.

But when he continued to talk i was smiling as usual, he said that they are moving to newer facility and needed me to follow with them moved to new facility.

I guess if you treat your customers very nice and once you have been in the location for a long time and the location sees you that whenever a problem arises and you always take immediate action.

They would have more empathy toward their old vendor and would likely to follow them whenever they relocate.

always keep your composure

I just have a great composure all the time when i’m servicing all my locations and always listen to them if there are any concerns.

Doing the vending business here in Canada is very similar in contrast when i was still in the Philippines.

In the Philippines as the owner of the shop, you have to have great rapport with the management of the building.  Likewise always adhere to customer service since they will reflect to everyone even to the top management.

If there are problems like building renovations for a year and needs to be relocated first then the management will always consider the tenants with good relations as priority.

Conclusion :

In the vending machine business or whatever business you are in, you treat everyone the same small or big.

Resolve problems immediately because people do not want complaints.  Customer service is very important.

If you get a lot of complaints on service and machine problems too much then you will be moving out more often than moving in !

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How are The Discount Vending Store prices so low?

Being in business for many years has awarded us time to develop associations and set up business practices that actually work.

The most important area of savings begins with our purchasing. Creating relationships with vending machinist who are exiting the vending business allows us to avoid in most cases purchasing straight from manufacturers. Also, taking the time to research shipping carriers and finding the best deal contributes to savings, which we can then pass on to our client.


Occasionally, when circumstance do require us to buy from a manufacturer, we more often than not avoid purchasing any unnecessary embellishments.

When buying straight from a manufacturer, you will be tempted with extended warranties, training, technical support, etc. While we buy our machines already discounted, we are able to offer similar options to our customers, but at a significantly lower cost.



Most often when a purchase is being made, buying in bulk will ensure the biggest bargain. Such is the same for buying vending machines. The “new” healthy vending machines we buy are typically 1-2 years old, have never been used before. They have been stored in a facility and are still in the unique packaging.   The preowned vending machines we buy are quality preowned machines that still have plenty of life in them and are warily examined by our technical department. All of the machines we buy are sold in full working situation.


In summary, there are many factors that are involved with how well we price our machines. All these aspects combine and give us the ability to offer great, affordable vending machines with warranties to our customers all at a discounted price.

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How to Start a Healthy Vending Business

Are you looking for a new business opportunity that requires no special skills or training, can be done part time or as a home-based business, and can get your whole family involved ?  How about starting a vending machine business ?

Whether you’re vending traditional snacks, drinks, healthy snacks, or a combination, you’ll need a vending machine that is appropriate for your product and eye-catching to draw in customers.


Many healthy vending franchises say they’re giving you a great deal when they offer vending operators start-up packages that include the machine, product, locations, tutorials, etc. for exorbitant prices. Such franchises include Human Healthy Vending, Healthy You, Fresh Healthy Vending, Naturals 2 Go, and others.


Don’t be fooled! You can buy a vending machine new or used with a warranty for less than half of the cost that the healthy vending franchises charge! When buying a machine, keep in mind that a Healthy Wrap or some other healthy design/decal will identify your vending machine as a healthy option for customers and attract more sales.

Many healthy vending operators who are just getting into the business are under the impression that they have to special-order product or purchase online to offer their customers the healthier options they’re looking for.


Buying in bulk from places like Sam’s Club or Costco can save you hundreds when re-stocking your machine and you can then pass those savings on to your customers. Additionally it is more convenient to be able to buy them on demand as you are serving your route instead of waiting days for the product to arrive.


Once you have the perfect healthy vending machine with all the best products stocked in it, you need to find the most profitable locations for your machines. You can usually sell a prospective customer on your machine, product, and services alone, without the need to offer a commission.


Lastly you will need the proper licensing from your state, county and city where you are doing business.

The vending business is one of the easiest small businesses to get into and the Return on Investment (ROI) is typically less than a year if you do it right by buying an affordable machine and securing good locations.

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How are The Discount Vending prices so low?

Quite often we are ask the question,

“How are you able to offer such money off on your machines?”

Being in business for many years has awarded us time to develop connections & set up business practices that really work.

The most important area of savings begins with our purchase. Create relationships with vending operators who are exiting the vending business allows us to avoid in most cases purchasing directly from manufacturer. Also, taking the time to research shipping carrier & verdict the best deal contributes to savings, which we can then pass on to our customer.

Irregularly, when situation do require us to purchase from a manufacturer, we more often than not avoid purchase any unnecessary accompaniments. When buying directly from a manufacturer, you will be tempted with extended warranties, teaching, technical support, etc. Since we purchase our machines already discounted, we are able to offer similar options to our customers, but at a significantly lesser cost.

Most often when a buy is being made, buying in bulk will make sure the biggest bargain. Such is the same for purchase vending machines. The “new” healthy vending machines we buy are typically one-two years old, have never been used before. They have been stored in a facility, and are still in the original packaging.   The preowned vending machines we purchase are worth preowned machines that still have plenty of life in them & are carefully examined by our technical department. All of the machines we buy are selling in full working condition.

Read More: Stealing On My Vending Machine

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Should I Purchase a Warranty For My Vending Machine?

Purchase a vending machine can be a stressful and costly ordeal, and when doing so you must consider the potential for damage or defects over the life of your machine. That is where a warranty comes in; but how do you decide which warranty option is best for your needs? What exactly does the warranty cover, & for how long? Are there any parts/services NOT covered under the warranty? Is all of this even value the extra money?

When it comes down to it, a warranty is only as good as the company holding it. a lot of vending companies are only in business for 3-5 years, so carefully consider this when deciding on a warranty option. If the company is offering a 1 year warranty then chances are you would not meet any serious issues; however, if the company’s proudly proclaiming that they offer an un-beatable full 7 year warranty, then this should raise a red flag. Keep in mind that if you purchase a machine brand new, any manufacturer defects will usually be noticed within the 1st year of operation.


So what accurately is covered under a common warranty? Well, by and big a warranty means parts. If you need a replacement vending motor, coin unit, or controller board, then the warranty is your friend. However, when it comes to the setting up, this will be entirely up to you, and while most machines are fairly easy to operate & come with detailed owner is manual (or at least they should), you may still end up having to call the actual company for troubleshooting steps. Whether you purchase a warranty or not, chances are that unless you have a local vending technician in your locale, you will be making your own machine repairs. Vending machines aren’t difficult to repair, and a warranty can save you a lot of money on the replacement parts, particularly if you bought your machine pre-owned, as these machines will need repairs more often.

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Does My Vending Machine Have to be ADA Compliant?

The revised Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) impacts vendors whose equipment does not meet the “upside down rule”.  The “upside down rule” mostly asks if the building where your machine is located was to be turned upside down, would your vending machine remain fixed or would your machine fall?

ADA Compliant

If your instrumentality falls, then you’re exempt from the new ADA rules. However, ADA law will apply to you if you employ the building’s plumbing or wiring. This clause doesn’t apply to power cords or electricity received from your location. As long as your vending machine isn’t latched or secured to the building and your machine isn’t arduous wired into the electrical or plumed into the building then new ADA rules don’t apply to you.

If, however, your vending machine is fastened, here’s the scope of things that area unit regulated: deposit, coin machine, product and alter machine. All elements should meet the new standards. Vending machine product should be delivered at a minimum height of 15″ to any or all users. All buttons or switches should be nearby varying.

Stand-alone machines area unit thought-about to be like furnishings as long as they’re not fastened to the wall or floor and doesn’t use the building’s wiring or plumbing.

The Department of Justice regulates and enforces the enzyme. If you bolt your machine to the building, and don’t go with rules, the price is often great! If you’ve got multiple machines at one location and either item is fastened, one in every of those machines should be enzyme compliant.

Even though this isn’t a demand, its smart apply to implement, if your machine isn’t fastened. Take a glance at the diagram utilized in this text. There should be a minimum of 30” of area before of the machine and 48” of area once parallel to the vending machine

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How to Find Great Vending Locations

I will be the 1st to tell you that vending is NOT a get-rich-quick business. Yes, you can make a lot of money selling gumballs, candy bars, chips and sodas, but it takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and smart thinking to be successful. What I am going to talk about today is probably the most important thing you need to know about vending. As the business world says, the 3 keys to success in business are: Location, Location, and Location!

So what are the best locations for your vending machine? Obviously they will be locations with high traffic volumes – people traffic that is. Whether they’re customers or employees, they need to be frequently passing by the vending machine in order for it to sell. When you first install the machine, you will typically experience the novelty effect where you see the peak performance for the machine within the first couple of months and then it will taper off. So if the machine is not performing well in the first couple of months, your chances of success with that location are not good.

Everyone knows that your large grocery stores, hospital waiting rooms, the high school, etc. make great vending locations, but let’s face it- those locations are already taken. Typically you will need to offer a commission of 10-20% of the gross in order to place your machines in the larger chain stores. The most difficult part is finding the right person to talk to in the large corporation, and then if you actually get to talk to that right person, you must prove that your business has the expertise to service all their stores in their region. More often than not, there are regulations in the chain stores that will only allow certain types of vending or none at all. I am not saying that it’s impossible, but it will take a lot of patience, time, money, resources, and nagging to obtain the large corporate accounts. What most vending professionals prefer to do, especially when first starting out, is to tackle the local “mom & pop” stores. Being able to talk to the owner is key to getting into that location.

Your larger full-size snack and soda machines will require larger businesses, or offices like schools, call-centers, office buildings, manufacturing plants, etc. Unless it’s a new building, the establishment will most likely already have a vending machine there but it may not be offering the food or drinks that they need or maybe the service, selection, prices, or commissions are not meeting their expectations, and you may be able to persuade the owner to switch to your services.

Your smaller bulk candy machines will typically be located in smaller businesses. And once again, the local businesses will take the least amount of effort to get into. My best performing locations for bulk candy machines have been in car lots, car repair shops, salons, hardware stores, thrift stores, dollar stores, restaurants and bars. Ironically, some of my worst locations were also in many of these same categories. The key is finding locations where plenty of people are constantly flowing through or waiting on a service.

It’s also critical to get the best location within the right location. Too often the owner wants all the vending machines stuck in the back corner. You need to sell them on the fact that your machine is an asset to their customers and employees- not an eyesore. Get your vending machine located at the front door, or front counter if possible for maximum success. Finally, don’t be afraid to place your machine right next to your competition and then offer better, cleaner product than them. To succeed in the vending industry you have to be smart, persuasive, creative, and competitive too.


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How to hack a vending machine with a coin and string

I was extremely busy the last few days. Sometimes when you are too focused on your vending service business.

I was wondering why there is a surge of vehicles especially in the afternoons stuck in most gasoline joints.

When you are a journeyman in no matter what kind of service industry you are then you would realize that the gasoline prices are normally highest in the mornings. The prices drop when everyone is rushing back home to for a much deserved sumptuous dinner.

The gasoline stations attendant told me that there was a pipeline rupture in Prince George and upsetting the prices to rocket. Recent news tells us that repairs are underway and the surge of prices will not last long. Probably it will settle in the mid 150’s which im used to.

Here are the pictures i took during the day and afternoon.

I wish i have time to drive to Abbotsford during late afternoon rush hour.

When you are on the road every day, you envy the people in the office that is comfortably seated.

I work i had before which requires me to seat the whole afternoon on a table and entertain customers walk ins and procedures in the printer refilling station way back in the Philippines and somehow i reminiscence.

I’m into another phase of business right now, in the self employment livelihood there will be always constant changes on all aspect of lifestyle and never same.

This week requires me almost to be in downtown most of the time which sometimes cause some frustration not only in a struggle to find a good spot for parking but there are always parking meters that are rigged for extraction of money.

Here is the news from CBC News.

This is one the meters again i encountered. The picture below depicts that my $1 ( Loonies ) clearly is inside the coin meter and im just puzzled what kind of contraption the syndicate uses to fish out the coins later when everyone is rushing back home.

I always take pictures just to make sure that in case i get a parking ticket, i can justify it for my defense.

By the way two ( 2 ) days earlier i went to visit one of my school locations and was astounded why they insert plastic coins in the vending machine ?

In the vending service industry, it’s not all the time that you visit your location everything is predictable on your meager collections.

This time the expected collections is not realized because of a plastic coin found inside the soda pop vending machine. Of course, the school authorities will always be informed and notified immediately to avoid future problems.

Here are the pictures of the plastic coins that im talking about.

Did it tell you that im going to see if the hacking a vending machine with a coin and string still works ?

Here is what i have prepared for you to see if this contraption is really working.


How to hack a vending machine with a coin and string

Things to prepare :

  • dental floss
  • coin with a hole ( see my previous post on where i got this coin from )

String to coin 18 inches in length

Attach the string to the coin with a hole and have it at least about 18 inches in length so that the coin can reach inside the coin mechanism.

If the string is too short then you cannot fish and play with it inside the coin mechanism.

Insert coin and string into the coin slot

You will see a sequence of pictures when i was trying to insert the coin into the vending machine.

The vending machine is equipped with conlux coin mechanism.


i have tried to use the hacking the vending machine with the use of a coin and string. I tried many attempts of inserting and pulling it but the price indicator never did register on the townie ( $2 ).

I even flick the $2 into the coin slot and the coin just slides down to the coin return slot as a reject.

The conlux coin mech which is equipped perhaps in all the healthy max combo vending machines seemed instinctively that the coin is not the appropriate type.

If you try to pull it up to get back the $2 ( townie ) it will never be aligned back to the coin slot and you will never get back your money. The string will break off if you pull it hard rendering all your time and efforts futile.

I went to another location which has different types of coin mechanism and trying to see if the hack with a coin and a string would work.

It so happened today that i was in one of my locations with four ( 4 ) machines inside a lunch room with different types of coin mechanisms.

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