Farewell East Hastings!

Did you know that i have one of the most dangerous vending locations here in Vancouver ?

Yes you know it right. It is located in East Hastings.

My machine was vandalized many times, the glass was broken into many times.

The coin mechanism was stolen on my previous machine.

There is an evidence that the Price Display on the machine has been extinguished with cigarette butt and have some melted residue.

Did you know how i acquired this location? I was still heavily maintaining machines in downtown offices and on the west side of town on public places.

I acquired this location from a call on the owner of the building which he got from the recommendations from one of the managers in city of Vancouver.

When i was during the early days here, i was always in panic mode and people are constantly harassing me for freebies and i was always in a rush to get out of this location.

There are constant fights. Constant ambulance and police walking everywhere.

You would ask why i didn’t abandon or sold the place long time ago when my snack machine is vandalized several times. It is the reason that i was going to this place twice a week to service the location.

I had another location just across this hotel which was also condemned by the city of Vancouver and will have to undergo a major face lift and much-needed restoration and renovation.

I talked with the owner and he told me that i can go back anytime to the locations once everything is fixed.

But when will that be? My guess that it will take maybe around 3 years at least if there is something to be done.

Sadly this location is gone.

I’m very sorry also for the occupants for the building. There are tenants that have been living there for the longest time and was fighting to stay.

There are a lot of tenants that will be left out on the streets.

I just wish that the city of Vancouver have some form of temporary residence to relocate the displaced.

From a business point of view. This is a sad chapter of my vending machine business venture since it was one of my strong revenue generating location that was lost.

I have some backups of course. I had some machines placed in a 300 strong location that i have to visit on an empty combo machine on the other side of town here in Richmond on a weekly schedule.


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