How Much Energy And Stamina Is Needed Doing Your Vending Machine Business ?

I have been doing the vending business regularly and have been consistently following the schedule due diligence.

It is not a joke when you are doing about 150 + machines since you have to time the day and visits going to you locations when doing you vending machine business.

Essentially all the locations that you visit have slightly different needs and requirements.

Not all locations have the same kind of chips, pop and chocolate bars. Each location have their own special choices and after visiting the location for at least a month it is just that you will be in sync with the people on what kind of chips and chocolate bars goes faster than other items. Of course, you have to keep all the products in variety so that you don’t have any complaints or make you machine look boring.

You will be asking that even if you have like 10 to 20 locations that you visit on a weekly basis, what kind of mental and physical conditioning that you need to do in order to serve you accounts on a very consistent way without getting sick or feel like you are physically being burned-out ?

As you are well aware of that when I was still doing business in Asia, since as a self-employed person, I make sure that i’m physically fit and able to have to get regular visits to chiropractor and yearly check up with medical doctors with yearly blood diagnostics.

You have to keep you spirits high and always have this motivation and mental aptitude to get things done as efficiently as possible so in order to do this, I normally do the following things and they are not necessary in order :

Go to a gym regularly at least 2 days on and 2 days off.

I like to work out 2 days with high repetitions for the upper body and 2 days for the lower part of body, I was very immersed with gym and gym crowd when back in Asia I started very young and hitting at the gym at an early age of 21 years, my visits declined and

I switched to Bikram Yoga in Makati City ( Philippines ) when it was introduced

I normally get a very good result in my tests back home at makati medical hospital ( Philippines ) and there was an instanced that I was diagnosed with arteriosclerosis ( hardening of my aorta arteries on my major blood vessel in my heart ), I told myself I was very active during that time and always hitting the gym, so I made some quick research and there were studies that the hardening of the aorta arteries can be reversed via regular intake of vitamin c in 2000 mg doses since it is a high anti oxidant and I intuitively took up Bikram Yoga and diligently when to attended 3X a week classes.

After 1 year have passed I did the ecogram test and passed with flying colors, since then Bikram Yoga became my exercise regimen doing away the gym which I long clinged to.

Right now here in Vancouver, BC the vending machines business is actually more physically demanding compared to running around to my 12 brick and mortar stores back in Philippines, I try to go to Bikram Yoga 1X a week because i’m too busy with the vending business and I try to take some vitamins as listed below :

  • Multivitamins from Costco
  • Ginseng Powder from Insam Korea
  • Vitamin C 1000 mg from Costco
  • Mike Thistle from Consumers Nutrition in Richmond Center Mall
  • Stem Cell Activator from consumers Nutrition in Richmond Center Mall
  • Cordyceps Chinese drugstore in Lansdowne Mall
  • Shu Wu Pan Chinese drugstore in Lansdowne Mall

Actually the vitamins listed above was not the original vitamins that I once subscribed, I had specific vitamins which I take and ordered from Life Extension in my view are the best vitamins in the world they are backed by research papers done by various participating doctors.

Aside from the vitamins that I have been taking, I regularly visit my chiropractor

in Greenhills ( Philippines ) and also visit a very good Chinese doctor which is in Quezon City ( Philippines ). I still cannot find a good Chinese qualified doctor here since most of them which I have consulted had no results at all for me. It also took me a long time just to find a good Chinese doctor way back home in the Philippines since most of the Chinese doctors look at you pulse and prescribe herbs and actually had no effect on me.

For the mental preparation, I normally just make a 5 to 10 minutes meditation and just make a visualization that everything will turn out well for the day and will not feel like the day will last forever.

There goes my regimen for having a good physical stamina and mental preparedness while i’m doing my vending business.

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