Old Habits Die Hard

You know when i was starting out on my vending machine business there are a lot of interactions between me and the seller of the business.

Normally the seller who is getting rid of the locations with customers that are actually seniors!

Do you know that i got quite a few locations that are almost exclusively seniors? They are great locations for me and performing very well.

People underestimate that if your location is majority populated with seniors then you will be wasting so much time in servicing it.

I have written an article that i mentioned that i all locations are inherently different.

Do not judge the location on what kind of people are inside and made quick judgments.

Normally if the location are mostly orientals then the sales will be dismally zero right? But this is not the case for me here in Richmond.

I have locations in Richmond that are largely orientals and have been outperforming vs downtown. It even beats my golden triangle region where most of the people like to buy chips and chocolate bars all the time.

If you are acquiring locations, do not be mislead into thinking that it will not perform according to your own judgment.

I’m quite lucky that i have kept these kinds of locations that are occupied by seniors and they consume my chips and chocolate bars like there is no tomorrow.

I myself grew up in the era where i consume a lot of PX Goods ( this is an American term used in the Philippines ), where they supply to Filipinos from the former military bases in the Philippines.

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It was an economy that grew so big that there are shopping malls selling PX Goods. When i was a like 5 to 6 years old boy still clinging my hands to my parents when strolling to the malls most of the time.

There were these Americans on their Harley Davidson and big pick-ups coming all the way from the Clark Air Base when it was still around.

Oh how i miss that era when the business activity is spurred by the goods coming all the way from America !

Everyone likes goods from America in the Philippines. Remember that we are colonial minded. The Filipino culture is a big pool of diverse cultures from Spain, Chinese, Japanese and Americans.

Common sense tells us that we are situated in the Far East, the Chinese assimilation is far more into intermixing with the native Filipinos as compared to Europeans.

When you are venturing into acquiring locations. Let there be no comparison if it is laden with seniors or youngsters.

Generally speaking if the location is younger than the consumption will far outweigh other comparative locations.

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