Mr Grumpy

I normally visit this particular location in the vicinity of North Vancouver every 3 weeks.

Going to North Vancouver is extremely traffic during weekdays.

The only choice for visits is considering on a weekend. Saturday is a good choice if im not doing the west side locations in Vancouver. I would be eager to give up this location since it is not giving me a substantial earnings and i secured this place when i was still acquiring locations.

From business standpoint, this location will take me forever to recoup.

When you are the early stages on the vending machine business.

When there is an opportunity on a location, i normally would not hesitate in obtaining it since surviving in this world-class city means that you have to pull all kinds of resources in making money opportunities.

Normally i go to this place and it is a 24 7 hospital for animals and most of them are very friendly and they are all eager to be pet. It is my first time to encounter a grumpy dog.

When you see him on the surface, he looks very nice and like to be pet. But i just did a couple of petting and he immediately tries to bite my hand.

Anyway the good thing about this vending machine business is that the life on the road and visits to location need not be monotonous.

You see vending machine business is the only thing i know. This business model is very easy. Obtaining supplies from Canadian superstore, wholesale club, Costco, vending products of Canada or even Walmart and treat them as your warehouses at your own disposal and time.

I service this location as fast i can so that i don’t get stuck in this area to long. While i was in downtown Vancouver i had to service some places as usual and if you have noticed there are some petty crime going on there with the parking meters.

Some parking meters are rigged so that whenever you insert coins they do not register.

The criminals come back at night when everyone is having their dinner and fish out all the coins. The impark is having so many problems with a lot of their coin meters and getting robbed.

I recently had some improvements on one of my location which receives a lot of guests every day.

With the increase of theft going on around especially during the spring and summer season, i had my 3 combo machines secured with wire mesh so that it would be harder to steal and avoid break ins.

Sometimes even if you purchased a good debit credit reader from a supplier it takes forever for them to have it activated, its been 2 weeks that i came back to this location and the device is still offline.

It is good that the management is very cooperative with me since i have 3 machines in their prestigious establishment.

Another dreaded email from a customer.

I received an email saying that my combo machine has to be removed.

I still have not recovered from receiving such tragic news. The email says that my combo machine has to be removed and transferred to first level because there are some major renovations going.

This is the location that is in the west end neighborhood.

I was so happy that they still choose me as their vendor and was always there serving it on a weekly basis. This location sometimes needed to be filled twice a week but i cannot do it because of time constraints.

Seems that 2018 is renovations fever.

I know that lunch rooms needed to have a face lift every now and then but this year was the prime time.

Renovations are not only done on the lunch rooms but the whole location according to my experience.

I really don’t know the real agenda on the mega renovations involved.

I just wanted you to know about the effects of renovations.

Do you know that when i was still in the Philippines i traveled to Singapore and studied the Chinese metaphysics studies and did this on and off for about 2 years.

I wanted to help people and understand people and i consulted hundreds of people on business and personal lives.

I really wanted to understand why everyone and everything is evolving and wanted to find out the hidden agenda and reason why this particular event or situation happened.

Or even wanted to know the real underlying reason why my friend who is a 6-foot weight body builder died suddenly from a collapsed lung at a young age of 35 years old.

To me these renovations are purely aesthetic and of course if you have a nice lunch room it will serve its purpose.

My saying that renovations are just aesthetic and it doesn’t change the energy of the environment around that space.

We all know that the particular space needs to be dynamic and ever-changing energy, but even you spent thousands of dollars of renovations on the same location, im sorry to say that the energy is still the same.

Even if you change the color of the walls, completely changed the flooring or furniture s there is no effect in the energy or prana as other culture call it.

There is a shift of energy every 20 years and the next one will be on 2024. If you stay on an old location that was built lets say 1990 or 2002, no matter what kind of renovations you did. The energy in that location will never change.

Of course, there are different energies that affects our daily life which is not drastic or life changing.? Yearly and monthly energies also affect our lives, sometimes you wonder why you got promoted or why you had a loss of job etc etc

Real estate, Commodities, ETF’s , Blue Chip stock or even your used household items for instance.? Why you got a fat profit or sale when selling something at the right time, perhaps unknowingly you choose the most auspicious date to sell a high ticket item on a very lucky day with very positive energy ?

This also explains that if you feel that the space where you work or habitat doesn’t allow you to improve for the better, then better move out.

Move out only if you can compute what kind of energy that will be bringing you in life. For better or for worse?? If you choose the wrong space or location, there would result into disaster in all aspects of your life.

I have the knowledge so i make full use and advantage on this.

That’s why im always change abodes and going with the flow. You go with the flow.? I will stick to a for a duration location if it gives me good luck! and very good energy!

Metaphysics is not related to this vending machine business. I will not continue on this subject anymore.

So going back to this location i was greatly affected and grateful that the manager had empathy towards small business and outstanding support.

I didn’t even move the machines, they had some building contractor that was able to move the machines and thus save me $120 moving charges if a booked a moving guy.

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