First Impressions

When you are talking and trying to acquire new locations for your vending machines, you should be very humble.

It is always the first impressions that counts.? I was talking to a lot of strangers here in Kitsilano before where the people are friendly and warm.

Most of them where saying that the vending machine business is a semi good passive income.

The impression on the vending machine owners and operators are that they are snobby and have this attitude since at the back of their mind that they have the money to come up with machines and locations.

Sometimes it’s true that you have more confidence if i you have some backup capital resources.? But honestly as a businessman, i try my very best to be always humble.? Honestly all my capital resources are on my assets, on my machines!? There is hardly any money left in my bank!

So if i loose a location then money goes down to the toilet!

Sometimes as a vending machine business operator, you would think if you still need to keep on buying machines and locations ?

After all, im just doing business on my locations and it is not my turf.

I guess for some vendors and operators if you always try to flaunt and impress too much on your customers, you might get into trouble.

I always keep a cool head and always provide freebies and goodies when i immediately feel that someone around me is giving me negative vibrations.

We would like to avoid all kinds of negativity around while servicing the location and have to do it lightning fast to avoid slip of the tongue on words or statements that might find offensive to the person within the location.

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Sometimes it would be very good to have a blank face and no frills attitude.

I remember when i was starting out my first bikram hot yoga.

I have so many thoughts running in my mind that maybe the guys are ? ( you know what i mean ).

It is the first impression that i got from observing.? Most of the people inside the hot room just smile and pretty have blank faces and leave after a very strenous workout.

It is this same analogy that when you are entering and servicing a new location.? It is the same thought patterns that the people see you and have random thoughts about you and judging you as a vendor contractor.

So the point im driving at is that you got to have a very good first impression as a vending machine business operator.

I got a call from a former location of mine which had a total of 6 machines.

They said that im still the owner and have to remove all 6 machines because they are doing a major renovation on all floors.? I told the person on the other line that, i sold the business long time ago and had nothing to do with the machine anymore.

She responded and told me that the guy who is servicing the location said that he is working on behalf of me.? I said that this is propostorous and i got upset and keep in repeatedly saying that if the move out the 6 machines, i will be in big trouble from his lawyer.

I don’t know what is the real reason for this scenario.

I was even contemplating to get back the location since it is generating quite a bit of income on a weekly visits.

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I never bothered to call or visit the said location and just let this ride out of my mind.

I have better things to think off.

What is happening to 2018? It seems like it is a renovations fever!

I just can’t seem to get over with this renovations fever.

You see if you want real business changes for the better.

You have to compute the energy which is unseen and manipulate it thru the main doors by opening and closing them on certain months and years.

Activating water features by placement of aquarium or fountains will greatly affect the space and confinement of the location.

Wrong placement will give you disaster.

I remember when i was a newbie practicing the art of energy manipulation.? I placed a small marine aquarium inside my bedroom and after a few days me and my wife was extremely sick and the plants inside the room all died!

It brings in more good energy with correct strategical placement.

I have noticed that in asia especially in : Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia and some places in Philippines in a handful of progressive cities where the people are more open and educated apply this renovation as instilled in their culture.

Did you noticed that when you go to upscale hotels, there are large fountains strategically placed? And some large metal statues placed in locations that you ask why ???

You find them in las vegas, new york and of course not to mention Asia.

A vast majority of the businessmen in asia practices some form of energy manipulation to bring in the luck.? It is not voodoo or something like that.

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It is an integral part of asian culture.? Sadly, the newer generation doesn’t practice these kinds of beliefs anymore.

There are computations that are done to bring in more energy even if you live in an old house or location.

These kind of computations done can only be practiced by people who are skilld in mathematics and have an analytical mindset.? But of course this can be studied.

Im just saying this in comparison to the renovations done in Asia and here in Canada.

I think here in Canada the renovations that needs to be done stems from the need to have a new look and there is no underlying deep agenda to improve other aspects.

On the contrary, in Asia.? If there are renovations done in businesses then because the sales is going downhill even thou they tried their best in marketing strategies and new recruitment.

In Asia the renovations are done in all aspects.? They wanted to overhaul and wanted NEW ENERGY.? Good sustainable energy that will last for lets say for another 5 years.? In short, they wanted aesthetic beauty and good vibes!

Be Well..

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