Updating Machine

You may have some vending machines at people are requesting for an upgrade.

I have written an article not too long ago that there are quite a bits of locations that wanted to have the existing machines upgraded to accept debit and credit readers.

If you actually change the machines then it would cost you a lot of money, but if the existing machines that you have are already MDB ready and capable then you simply have to either change the EPROM ( erasable programmable read only memory ) chip on the board which is quite easy.

But if you have technician who can do it for you then it would be advisable to let him change it for you, otherwise the warranty of the machine and EPROM would be secured.

Here is a picture of the EPROM that i needed for my LCM4 Combo machine that needs to have upgraded to avoid the debit credit reader have error and problem issues in communicating with the main board of the vending machine even thou it is MDB ready.

This was the machine that i have in a location that have 300 customers that are using it so it is best to have it installed immediately to realize the sales potential.

While i when to this location to service it, i found a taped townie that fell inside the vending machine.

This technique will never work here with newer machines since this fishing technique only works during the mid 80s when everyone i knew in the Philippines have this coin with a hole retrofitted with a string and that they have to do is to insert and pull it to avail free games.

In the Philippines when people see that there is an opportunity to cheat and take advantage, there will be a million ways on how to do it and getting away with it. Especially when you are in a big city like Makati City or Manila City.

Not too long time ago when i was visiting Philippines on December. I normally go there to visit my family and also my very good friends who i left behind.

My friends which are all businessman are still doing very well in the Philippines are very successful every time i visit them and their life seems to be very good.

I have noticed during that time when i visited Philippines that almost all the vending machines in public places are out of order.

This is the reason why vending machine business in the Philippines will never be a profitable business, since everyone tries to steal and find ways to get free stuff.

Also, the coke there is around $0.50 on the vending machine, can you imagine just how many cents is the profit and you have to fight your way everyday in unimaginable monstrous traffic?

It is also a blessing that i was transported here for the meantime here in Canada for my business endeavors in spite of minor setbacks on paying for on what the locations and machines are worth from sellers and also loosing occasionally on some locations for the various reasons that i have mentioned on my previous posts.

Most attempted thefts are not only limited to the east side area but are mostly in public locations here in the lower mainland.

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