Canada Day Aftermath

As i have mentioned that im more excited to work if the day lands on a holiday or a weekend.

There is virtually no traffic and you can finish your work in no time at all.

I took some pictures on the streets on the day after Canada Day and some if my vending machines which was ransacked by the customers on various places.

I have several locations when the pop machine has condensation which is to be expected every year. If you have around more than 50 or even 100 pop machines you will be expecting calls from unhappy customers.

Some customers will be reminding you to wipe the condensation or make a quick check on the pop machines.

Summer is great sales for the pop machines everything doubles up and everyone is very thirsty.

I’m going to mention to that during Canada Day or some special events, the business mindset set of self-employed group tends to work extra hard as you can see the pictures below.

I took some pictures that self employed people are always on the lookout to make money since it is the only time that you will be making extra cash to cover expenses.

I forgot to mention you that i still have some locations at E Hastings the most dangerous street in Vancouver.

While i was walking to service other 2 locations which was not affected by the demolition by the city of Vancouver. There was guy who suddenly was trying to sell me gasoline for half the price.

I advise anyone not to buy gasoline from the street since this might be an undercover cop or people who hijack and siphon gasoline by drilling holes on gasoline tank underneath the car.

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There was some news that it started in Alberta last year when several cars were emptied by thieves using a drill and leave a bucket to collect the gasoline and coming back after a few minutes without the knowledge of the car owner.

This would cost a thousand of dollars and loss of time.

When you have been doing the vending machine business for quite a while there would be some great opportunities that will come along unexpected.

If you have a very good rapport with everyone around you all the time and just do your job as efficiently as possible as sometimes there will be no cost on finding new vending locations since you get some calls from managers who knows you very well and need machine placements.

I was lucky enough to get a call from a great manager and requested 3 machines at 300+ strong location which is mostly occupied by pensioners who consumes chips, chocolates and pop on a regular basis.

I took some pictures on a location that i obtained recently on a high rise building which has unending traffic of passersby.

If you have locations in the school then of course there will be virtually no take home income for a couple of months. That’s why when you are building up your portfolio the locations has to be a mix and match.

East and West.

Everything has to be diversified.

Of course when you are taking some studies, diversification or shiny object syndrome will get you nowhere.

In business, you have another source of income stream in case something happens.

I built this blog on a free course which i stumbled so my continuing studies never stops.

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