Canada Day

You know it is Canada Day today. I am not out on the streets today for my vending machine business.

I know that when there is a big event and a holiday most of the self-employed people are in high gear to earn some extra income.

This is the mindset of all self-employed people. You have to strike it when the iron is hot.

It is a good thing that im not into 100% into retail business, since you have to be physically present when running your business.

The vending machine business is a semi passive income business earning money and profits for you and need not to be physically present.

Just have to schedule visits every week, bi weekly or monthly.

You know every time there is a long weekend or event, you have to spend more money than at work doing my rounds.

Believe it or not im excited to go to work on Monday which is still a holiday here in Canada. Simply because there will be no traffic and i will get easy access to the downtown traffic.

I’m preparing for my vacation which just be around the corner before school starts again. So when you are self-employed you simply do not follow what everyone else is doing.

To be truly successful in any endeavors in life, you simply follow and have a strong focus and objective and what you are doing.

Recently i have had several shiny objects’ syndrome that i cannot focus on my how to make money online walk to a straight path. There are just too much spam, emails, promotions and promises on the online world.

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Anyway this is another path that im trying to walk to get into and hoping to get both offline which is vending machine business and online business to get off the ground.

As once mentioned that you always need a constant program of other business ventures in mind just in case.

Here in Vancouver seems that the retail and small potatoes’ comes and goes. In order to stay afloat, you need to be on a constant studying and learning mode syndrome !


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