Duplicate Keys Necessary ?

Of course, it comes to mind that this is common sense for you to bring duplicate keys for your vending machine and your cargo van.

I remember when I had a few locations and servicing them religiously, when you are in the infancy stage of operating your vending business you will be dealt with mixed emotions and in your mind so your are overwhelmed with

  • the thought of keeping up with your schedule
  • the thought of arriving the location on what expectations the people are at the moment when you are are servicing it
  • the thought of unloading the product from your van to your dolly
  • the thought of choosing the right set of keys
  • the thought of where to park your cargo van properly
  • the thought of entertainment that you need to put up your show
  • the thought of finishing up as quickly as possible
  • the thought of doing your other passion or hobby
  • the thought of family time
  • the thought of tomorrow

With these thoughts in mind when you actually arrived at the location and in front of the vending machine,

  • at times, you are extremely happy because you just made a sale when it is almost empty!
  • at times, you are contented with some products moving
  • at times, you know what to expect
  • at times, you its just how to location performs

Then you when you head back to your cargo van to obtain the products for the vending machine suddenly a midst with all the thought that are running around in your mind, you try to poke your pockets and then suddenly the access card is not inside your pocket and then your cargo van keys are locked inside parked at the ignition.

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You just have a phone with you are trying to look around you if there is a locksmith that comes into mind.

Then sometimes you panic and get frustrated at the same time because you just visited the location and just took out say $70 dollars gross sales and you know at the back of your mind that the profit is just $35 and asking for a towing company to unlock the cargo van will at left cost you around $35 for car lockout services plus tax.

This would make you frustrated into thinking to be responsible next time and efficient. This happened to me about 4 or 5 times in my vending business experience.

My real life experience in the vending business with the following scenarios :

  • Left the vending keys inside the machine locked
  • Left the cargo van keys on the ignition locked
  • Left the cargo van keys inside the driver’s seat
  • Left the cargo van keys inside the machined locked

I was just lucky enough that inside my cargo van I have duplicates of the vending machine keys, it is just take every time this incident happens I have to spend in the range of $35 to $59 to avail the unlocking service.

It would be essential to have an extra cargo van keys inside your pocket and extra set of vending machine keys inside the cargo van. With this in mind I never had those problems anymore and even with many thoughts in my mind and get distracted and in case if I forget then there is always the backup plan which I have created. This is actually common sense and often overlooked by a lot of people.

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The problems will outweigh if you don’t have a duplicate on hand, you would also lose time when facing this problem, since you need to have time to call the towing company and have to wait for them to come and this normally takes around 20 minutes doing nothing but avoiding whining and complaining to myself on how inefficient and not in the right mindset for not being prepared.

This is a domino effect when you experienced a lockout of all sorts, but in essence it is only 20 minutes and there is nothing to complain about and this is nothing when you are actually in another country perhaps in Asia ( Philippines ), im sorry to keep in referring and comparing Vancouver and Makati City ( Philippines ) since it is the only comparison that I can think of and not long time ago my foot was somewhere else when everything is quite familiar to me.

I was even contemplating that in the near future im going to shuttle back and forth between Vancouver, BC and Makati City, Philippines, since when I step foot back there, it’s quite a great feeling of belonging even if there are tons of crimes, extreme vehicle pollution, tons of people, tons of noise.

It would be likewise nice to be in a place far from the madding crowd in Vancouver City where you are just another person among everyone else and with great diversity which makes it great. In the Philippines or mostly in Asia except for Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia most of the countries are homogeneous and sometimes people think very critical and one track mindset with assumptions and hypocrisy mental attitude of profiling.

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So here in Vancouver, BC where everything is highly orderly and organized or even if your actually in the Northern Hemisphere like North America you always have to keep in mind that you always have to be ready with 2’s which means always to have 2’s in contingency, duplicate and an extra same item that you buy and own.


It would be important when you are not left with extra help here in Vancouver, BC, you ought to have an extra flash drive, extra set of keys including house keys, cargo van keys and vending machine keys.

I sincerely hope that for other vending guy out there that is starting, you must have a set of duplicate keys, cargo van keys inside your pocket and extra set of vending keys inside your cargo van. You don’t need to carry extra set of vending keys with you since if you have a cargo van duplicate key then you can access another set of vending machine keys.

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