Plan to Earn Extra Revenue from Your Existing Vending Locations ? Generating Profit From Your Existing Locations

I was mentioning on my previous post that if you run a coffee vending business the profit margin will be around 300% which is very appealing and lucrative with just buying powders in bulk for the consumables.? But today i visited a wholesaler in the lower mainland and was checking out some neat looking coffee vending machines, but the cost is beyond my reach.

A full size coffee vending machine is around $7,000 to $8,000 and the ROI would take around 3 years! if you would be doing some financing terms.

The sales manager also told me that a lot of coffee people doing this business have had a lot of headaches in maintaining the machines and the parts are extremely expensive and plus the factor is during summer time when people don’t consume as much coffee, the powder inside the coffee vending machine gets dried up and seizing the motors not to function properly, it is just so much maintenance to do!

I saw an alternative, which will require no maintenance and will run like a snack vending machine!


so the cost of the Keurig K Cup Dispenser here in Vancouver, BC Canada is around $700 Canadian Dollars and the Cabinet stand is around $200 and the Keurig which you can buy at CL used ones which are plentyful can be added to your existing locations.

Please bear in mind that this setup will absolutely not work in some run down locations that you have, or else you will end up the whole K Cup Dispenser and Keurig stolen! ha ha ha

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