Spring Time Double Time

When spring time is around sales increase.

You need to double time when doing your vending business.

According to my experience pop and drinks normally increase twice.

Understandably the drinks hardly moves during the winter time except for locations in hotel where everyone has a constant need for water.

For most people with family they take a quick getaway. Spring break for a day or two from the norm.

Back home in the Philippines when it is summer break. Everyone goes abroad. Everything is affordable on the southern hemisphere of the globe. I have observed that even non Filipinos, especially Asians enjoy summer breaks.

Everything is cheap and affordable.

The southern part of the globe are so lucky that their currency is small but goes a long way.

Here living in Canada or the northern part of the world is very restrictive. You have to save up for a year just to get a vacation. I agree that the currency is very strong and stable but the affordability is sky-high.

Even if you are a millionaire it’s hard to move around. Going away for a week is too much and small businesses will be loosing a substantial amount of income to cover expenses.

If your currency is small like in the Philippines you have so much and the places you go have different prices ranges.

There is always a place in Asia to go depending upon your budget.

Gigs and business is scarce here and small businesses work extra hard since it their only chance to make more profits during the spring and summer months.

I previously owned a convenience store and I even lose money during the winter months and just barely surviving.

However, when spring and summer comes, people go out more often and all businesses picks up.

For the vending business it is also the same scenario.

The pop machines work extra hard in dispensing drinks.

Vending machine business owners works so much that they have to postpone vacation till the winter months when business is slow.

I’m always looking forward when it transitions into spring and especially summer months.

So my advice is to get ready and be prepared for the coming spring and summer months and double up inventory on pop and drinks.

During spring and summer months, it also good that the days seems to be longer.

You are more productive when the day is longer.

Everything is always better when the weather is warmer.

I have been doing the vending business for quite a while.

And it will also be a good time to have some extra time set aside for gaining new locations.

Try to go out and prepare some proposal letters to prospective locations. Hopefully you will be able to add another 1 or 2 locations to your existing route since they always say it’s a competitive business.

For me I never felt that vending machine business is competitive.

I honesty was able to go with the flow and see improvements.

It is also honing your skills on your journey of vending machine business.

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