Buyer Wants Refund After A Route Is Sold

I had a great location which is located in Granville St in Vancouver, BC.

There are numerous hotels there and i had one of the good ones.

It contains around 1 combo machine per floor, totaling 6 combo machines.

The location was managed by a previous owner which i got hold of it. The previous owner promised me that the sales were around a certain figure per month. To me it almost hit the mark but was desperately trying.

I did call the previous owner after a couple of months and told him that it was not performing as promised.

In this vending business nothing is certain. The sales from the previous owner is always different from the new owner.

According to my experience there are some locations were my sales quadrupled. There are some locations were the sales dropped and rarely some that will kick you out !

Being your own boss is at times risky and most of the time very rewarding if you are very sincere in making everyone happy !

So back to my story in this great hotel with 6 machines. I was holding it for the longest time and i was considering keeping it forever.

But there was an opportunity came. My trusty vending locator emailed me and mentioned that she was securing a great route that is also located in downtown and all with agreements.

The price was sky-high and i honestly could not afford it.

I have a small townhouse and had it second mortgaged and borrowed some money.

To make the purchase complete i have to sell the hotel location with 6 machines. Luckily there was a buyer and i was able to sell it for cash.

So in that instance i was able to purchase the big route from my trusty vendor locator and left with a balance to be paid after a year. She trusted me so much because i was a very good customer from the beginning when i first step my foot here in Vancouver, BC. And was investing at every opportunity that came along from her.

We had a mutual understanding and i guess she knows my situation.

The Hotel location that was sold to the buyer was brief and i handed the keys immediately and since he told me that he was an experienced vendor then i don’t need to train him to operate the machines.

After 1 week i suddenly got a call from the buyer saying why the motors inside in 1 of the combo machines have problems.

I immediately told him that it will be replaced. And also 1 combo machine in one of the floors has been constantly tripping the circuit breaker.

I immediately called my trusty technician to call him and fix the problems.

After another week passed, my technician called me and said that the buyer never called him to meet him on the location to fix the machines.

Then suddenly i was surprised that there was demand letter from this lawyer that i need to give back the money to him because he suffered minor setback on damages like loss of sales on 1 of the combo machines that was tripping the breaker.

So i was very fast to act on this matter and replied that i will pay for the 1-month loss on 1 combo machine on which the compressor was replaced. I deposited the money to his bank account and didn’t hear from him for many months.

I was relieved that the deal was a success and last week i called him via phone.

I asked him how is the 6 machines doing in the hotel. He told me that it was doing very good and i was very happy at the back of my mind.

I told him that i will be buying back the 6 machines in the Hotel maybe late this year or early next year. Since coming up with substantial money is hard to come by.

To my surprise i got another letter from the same lawyer and demanding that time is of essence. And i need to produce the money to pay the buyer.

After several days i was not able to hear anything again from the buyer.

I was contemplating not to buy back the location from him again, because of such treatment toward me.

If it was you, what will you do? What will be your actions ?

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