How To Fix “Make Another Selection Message” On Vending Machine

How To Fix “Make Another Selection Message” On Vending Machine. Sometimes when you are about to leave your location, you need to check everything is working or else on your next visit there will be Zero Sales!

I have numerous scenarios where this happened to me since I have a bunch of older machines under my portfolio.

In the video below it explains everything.

But in summary this is the following two methods:

1st Method 99% Common Scenario

  • If you see Make Another Selection Message
  • Go to Control Board Mode
  • Look for change prices ( different machines have different configurations )
  • I have a mega guide on how to set prices on common vending machines link :
  • The guide above shows the most common vending machine in the market in USA and Canada.
  • Set price on each selection on the whole row on the Make Another Selection Message problem
  • This normally will solve the problem
  • This is a common problem with AP Vending Machines namely : AP Series, LCM Series machines
  • Sometimes when leaving your location unknowingly one of the rows is not working, you always have to check randomly on different row selection

2nd Method Scenario

  • If the above solution does not work then here are the following most common problems:
  • There is a loose connection on one of the motors of the selection if only a particular selection is not working on the tray in question
  • If the whole tray is not working then the motors might all be working great but the connector to the trip on the side on the vending machine is loose
  • Turn Off Power
  • Pull out the Tray
  • Pull out each selection cable and visually inspect the cables
  • Insert all selection back one by one making sure that all connections are OK
  • Check the large connector of the whole tray to the Connecting strip, pull and push the connector
  • Turn On Power
  • Under normal circumstances, this trick should work
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Note: If you are scared to DIY, pull out the whole tray and bring it to your local vending company for them to inspect the selection one by one since they have the parts and connectors and it will a quick fix for them at their shop and saving you the Vending Machine Technician Inspection Visit which is normally $80 to $150. If the vending machine technician will do this work for you then it will cost you a staggering $150 X 2 ( trips ) plus parts!

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