How Was Your Day ?

My day started very good and it is a fine day.

The climate is getting warmer and it is very good for the vending machine business operators.

I was in the area where i go twice a week since the sales are always good.

There was this fine gentleman and whenever he sees me, he always takes out his hand.

Here comes my loot and freebies.? This person loves jujubes so much that he sometimes stop me on the tracks while on my way out.? Im already used these kinds of freeloaders and people who likes to seize a $1 free item each time he sees you.

Did i tell you that 3 years before when i was doing this vending business on this area.

Passersby constantly are asking for freebies and samples.? And always saying maybe this is my lucky day, you must be the person who gives out samples on this special day.

Sometimes i wish im a charitable organization and i don’t mind giving out freebies everyday as my job.

As a candy man, whenever you go to a location people as constantly expecting you to hand out something without the thought that you go shopping at Walmart or Costco and need to pay to the cashier.

This business is so easy that you can sell anything to anyone.

You don’t need to be convincing just to sell chips or pop to anyone.? You just need a vending machine and it will take care on all the work for you.? Everyone has at least $1 or $2 to spare for a snack.

Deep in my mind, the business that im into is not 100% healthy.? It is more of a convenience in case someone gets so hungry at least there is something to munch upon.

Have you seen the movie That Sugar Film ?? I know you will get my drift.

I myself born into a culture of healhy habits cannot even take out the chocolate or chips out of my system.

I have machines that was removed going to be relocated to a hotel location which has a tremendous potential but of course every risk that you are taking, you have to make sure that it is secured properly.

I have another machine that was taken out of the car delearship because the building was sold to a developer here in Richmond.? I?had to have the machine exchanged to a all glass front refrigerated combo machine.

Luckily i found a location that is occupied by a coke machine and they have decided to be taken out in my favor since i comply the requirements of the manager.? They wanted water instead of pop and i have no problem abiding it.

So my vending machine with the car dealer in Richmond came out to be better performing after moving to a new location.

Communicating is essential if you wanted an ongoing business.

It is useless to feel bad and depressed if your machines are to be moved because of the mega renovations going around.? There will always be places that will be accomodating that you have rapport with the manager.

According to my experience, the places where you gain by yourself lasts forever.

I have been contemplating to get back a location that i missed so much.

It is in the works and will materialize in a couple of months…Do not forget that there are vendors who are willing to let go locations because of unforeseen circumstances.? Maybe emergency cash is needed for family purposes or cannot wait for the ROI of 2 years in waiting ?

By the way before i go, i had a call from a familiar guy who is working in a giant courier company and called me at night.? He just calls you at his convenience and there are some customers who will say that these are the problems.

Your snack machine doesn’t accept $5 dollar bills you should come immediately.? Your refrigerated glass front needs some Aloe Vera Juice which everyone is requesting and you should come immediately.

The pop machine at the other side of the building spits out money because there is no more nestea.

These kind of things everyone know are beyond any vendor’s control.

If there is a sudden demand and the product runs out before the vendor scheduled visit then it could be a reminder and not a command.

Im also happy that some customers like him tells you what kind of product that is needed in the machine, in order to boost sales.

But for most of the occasions.? When you are doing some work on a location.? People always bothers you and quickly mentions to put dark chocolate for instance.? But after several weeks it hardly moves.? Vendors should not always believe all your customers.? There are lots of instances that they are just pulling your leg.

Sometimes i just stick out a chocolate bar to have the person shut up.

This is the common issue that all vendors are facing.? People just interrupt you while you are busy counting in your mind.? The best reaction is just OK and fine and on my next visit are the best answer.

Then quickly leave.? You have to be immune to all kinds of comments and statements made to you to be on the safe side.

Yes my day was fine today.? What about yours ?

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