Vending Machine Was Smashed

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I have a combo vending machine in the vicinity of E Hastings inside a secured apartment complex.

I used to have several during that a time when my cortisol hormone levels are always at its peak! I always sleep in on Sundays because I’m not in a rush for work and it’s the only time that I really get into the mood for taking everything easy.

I got a call at around 10 am something with a muffled voice which I hardly comprehend. I called again thinking that someone might have lost a Loonie or Townie which I will gladly reimburse on my next mission.

“Your machine was broken into and the Police is here checking the video tape surveillance”. I’m already accustomed to this kind of incident. I talked to the Police and he recommended that to press charges against the person who committed the crime. I talked to the manager and he told me that the machine glass was all shattered and is emptied of contents.

I called help immediately to secure the combo vending machine on this location , the broken glass will be replaced by an unbreakable poly carbonate and it should be fine.

When you have a break in normally these things most be taken into consideration:

1. Opportunity Loss on the days the machine is out of service

2. Polycarbonate replacement

3. Time for technician to fix it

4. File charges and get police file number

I used to have break-ins before during the year 2017 which is prevalent and more frequent with a lot of location in the E Hastings vicinity. I made money in that area during 2016 to 2018 even thou those unfortunate things that have happened to me.

At present, I still maintain two locations in this vicinity from the previous five in the time of 2016 to 2018. Some buildings were condemned by the City of Vancouver.

With the onset of moving out of those locations I eventually developed a little sense of my sales protocol which I practiced way in the Philippines when I was doing business. I eventually secured some locations by myself in that area.

I called my technician and he told that he was also a victim of vending machine break in in the area of Surrey. I guess some parts of Surrey can be comparable to E Hastings in my own thoughts. Sometimes when I am cruising down the roads in Surrey there are more security measures such as high fences and steel grill bars in all the retail establishments.

I was also maintaining a pop machine in the vicinity of North Vancouver at a storage facility which I bought the location from a locator about 2 to 3 years ago. I normally do not complain even if sales are low, I just wanted to deploy some of my machines at storage.

If I keep machines at storage, I pay around $30 per month. So it would be better to move it on a location instead. But sometimes the location is just producing say: $10 a month and diet soda are exploding because it expires and no one is buying them.

The storage facility in North Vancouver called and told me to move out the machine. Inside my head I was thinking what is wrong with me? I always give freebies when I’m on that location and still get this treatment to move out my machine immediately. The reason was “We had it with you, pop machine with exploding pop and eating money”.

In my thoughts and gut feel, is that some vending locator was trying to snatch my location and offering the North Vancouver facility a hefty commission. I feel sorry for the new owner who will be serving this facility.

Honestly the sales is just around $10 to $15 every month in this North Vancouver storage facility.

I was making everyone happy even how small the account is. Maybe it is an unforeseen force that swayed the location to call me to have the machine removed to a better location which I was contemplating in one of my school locations in Coquitlam which is performing exceedingly well. The school in Coquitlam has an older machine that leaked and it time to replace it with a newer Pop Machine with a Debit Credit Reader which can translate into higher sales.

I guess not everyone can be satisfied.

Did I mention to you that whenever there was an unfortunate incident it always leads to something better for me in general?

While I was servicing both machines in a public facility in New Westminster. Someone approached me and mentioned:”You can stop paying $80 every three months from now on, since we find that we do not need the funds for the moment”.

This is the first time that happened to me living here in Vancouver, BC. Here is the location that is very understanding to the plight of small self-employed business person.

I was astoundingly happy to get such a very fortunate incident that happened to me on that same day.

It was also that day when someone called me out of the blue.

It was a location that I was soliciting last year which was located in the vicinity of E Vancouver that have rejected my proposal for a placement of a combo vending machine.

If I myself approached a location for a placement of vending machine then I inherently knew that it will be promising and high performing.

The conversation was very quick and swift. I offered a computer printout of sales report every month and he agreed and will have the machine moved immediately in the last week of February which I will be very busy.

For some reason I got another call from my trusty locator.

She found another school location in the vicinity in Downtown which is perfect for me to consolidate with my existing route. This locator is the creme de la creme and I wish she will always have a great relationship with me as a client.

Indeed it is a mutual beneficial relationship since I have been performing my duty as a vending machine vendor and is always a good customer of her.

Sometimes I tell these incidents to my mother who is happy in the Philippines. She told me what the heck Im I doing here in Vancouver, BC???  and getting stuck there for so long with cold weather and life seemingly robotic???

I replied:”I’m trying to succeed here in Vancouver, BC. Trying to do some online stuff and mostly still in the offline manual laborious work that I have to endure for the time being.”

I’m getting envious now with my sisters enjoying the sun there in Boracay, Philippines.

Not to worry I’m still here in Vancouver, BC doing vending machine business!

There are times that I need to recharge myself after a long day work. I have myself portable Gunbanyuko which is in a great health rejuvenating device! You can also get one for yourself if you are serious about your health like I do. Optimum maintenance of health and youthfulness is a must when you are driving, loading, unloading every day.

29 thoughts on “Vending Machine Was Smashed

  1. Very interesting blog. I enjoyed reading about your life and vending machine services. I know it can be really difficult to run a business of your own but the rewards are amazing. I like your resilience and optimism even in the face of adversity.

    I’ve really been inspired by this post and I hope to read more from you.

    Wish you the best. Kind regards

  2. There is so much that goes into looking into and caring for these machines, I would not have a clue about any of it if it wasnt for your website. How much does it cost to get a machine and stock it up? How do you know where to put it? or do you have to have an order come in for a machine to be put somewhere?

    1. Hello Alexandra,

      it really depends if you want to buy new or used. I’d say used is the best.  You have to scout for locations and by experience you will certainly know if the location is good or so so.

  3. Nice article on vending machine was smashed.i must say am so sorry about your experience on vending machine 

    it happen most time especially in populated area of the city and am also happy for you after all the bad experience you eventually see favour from some people. I must say you are lucky. 

  4. Thank you for this amazing. It is so much educating. Reading about vending machine has really taught me some lesson about starting my own business. Though, it is really difficult to start and own personal business, but it is actually profitable. Your resentment is something to cue from. You really inspire me.Thank you

  5. Its always worrisome to experience break in of any sort, let alone a vending machine break in which you consider as your business. I generally think there should be some kind of security measures put in place to prevent future occurrences. It’s a small business already so there should be some kind of support for small businesses to grow.

  6. You talked about vending machine which I don’t really have a good knowledge about it tho I have heard about it somehow but there is no enough knowledge about it. You didn’t throw some light in making us understand what vending machine is and how it’s been used. Is it an everyday machine we see on the street? 

  7. This was a lovely read. I dare say that with your level of perseverance and hardworking, you surely would succeed online and offline. I wish I could venture into this vending machine area of business especially in areas of my town that are lacking them which is a lot of areas. Your family would soon envy your successful life just as you envy their fun life under the sun on beach sand. Just keep on doing what you are doing. Very soon, you’d financially free to travel the world and have your business support that lifestyle which is exactly what our lives should be. Can you write an article about the pros and consof the vending machine business, I would love to read it. 

    And about the vending machine getting smashed, just know that every disappointment if a blessing in disguise.

  8. Hi Francis, 

    Thank you for the informative post, I really learnt great ideas from it, personally. While you were in you previous location where some of your machine do get vandalized. Getting harassed at a location to pay your rent for your machine.To get new location, what is your really needed to be done? Thank you again

  9. Thank you for the article. I’m sorry to hear that your vending machine got smashed. It looks as though it worked out for you. Your articles are very in depth about your life as a vending machine attendant. Do you think it is worth all the fuss to still be in this business?. It seems like a very tough business to be in. Thanks for your article keep up the good work.

  10. This article is interesting though long  but I enjoyed about your experiences with vendor machine service. Getting to know about your challenges you faced and how optimistic you were in overcoming and being triumph, you have awaken a part of me that I should press on and never give up as well in what I do. I am really inspired. Thank alot for this. 

  11. That’s quite an excellent article on “Vending Machine Was Smashed”.  On the less spooky side: Vending machines usually have a nice array of salvageable parts. Wonderfully expensive gearhead motors intended to last a while, cherry switches, reprogrammable motorboards etc..this is what I know about vending machine. I like the way you were able to be successful after all the difficulties. Thank you for sharing!

    1. all kinds of businesses come with problems.  It makes life more colorful don’t you think? There is the technical aspect, human aspect and some skills needed like driving perhaps?

  12. Hi admen,

    Thank you for sharing this great informative post. I was impressed by reading this article. Actually, I had no experience with the vending machine. This vendor has got some ideas about the vending machine and your life. I think vending machines have become popular with business over time because the vending machine is very convenient for the customer vending machine is expensive? And if I want to buy it, how much will it cost me? How to put it? Where do I get the machine? I’m going to share with others. Thanks for this helpful info.

    1. You can search it at craigslist for a used one.  It is always better to buy a vending machine within your neighborhood since you will be saving: moving costs, freight costs.  If it is your dream to get a new one with all the bells and whistles then go to your local vending machine supplier.

      I once got burned buying a new vending machine for a location.  The location got rid of me and replaced for another vendor but that was in my early years as a vendor.  In the early years, I was not good at establishing rapport which is essential here in North America.  Or maybe they saw me then as a novice and newbie which can easily be replaced and get rid of.

  13. Okay, so first things first, like your mom said what are you doing in Vancouver BC when you can be in the nice warm weather. Now that, that is out of the way, I had once thought about getting some vending machines here in California and got turned off by the fact that all the good spots where taken and the places left is where people will break into them. The person who finds where to place the machine for you how do they know if that’s a good location or do they just gather the info and have you look at the places or rely on you to know the area? I still wouldn’t mind some machines but the places would need to be high traffic and I know most those places are already taken, so a big turn off. Seems interesting and will keep reading your blog, also a little interested in what you had to offer at the end the antioxidants do they ship to the US?

    1. Hello Jason,

      I believe that there are always locations that are available in California.  Did you check out the Craigslist listing on vendors that are trying to sell their route? That method is the easiest way to get into the vending business.

      There are many locators here in Vancouver.  Most of them are not trustworthy, there are actually 2 or 3 locators that are reliable here in Vancouver, BC, the rest of them actually snatch or steal locations from other vendors and just recycled them around within the vendors.

      Sometimes even if the location has a lot of vandalism, you just to come up with anti-theft measures in securing your machines. If there is a lot of vandalism that means there is a lot of demand for snacks.  High security vending machines is the answer.

  14. You really have a great content.  And I’m amazed of how your site is perfectly crafted.  You seem to be very much knowledgeable on this particular business.  And its interesting.

    However, for obvious reason, this type of business really needs careful scouting and planning with regards to safety of the location. And even still, some customers are rude and without patience.  I just couldn’t imagine   how many times will I be trying to call a technician to fix such machine if I apply this in my place.  But still,  this is a good business to consider.

    1. Hello Voltaire,

      Yes, I have been robotically doing this type of work every day.  It happens on locations that are rampant with the low-income neighborhood.

      This business is recession proof because everyone can afford a $1 snack.

  15. I admire your  persistent in business. To own about 5 vendors isn’t a joke. Starting up business isn’t that easy due to the economy situations. There re challenges in everything we do but not giving up is the best to happen to any business. I wish you all the best in your endeavors. Keep soaring high!

  16. Hi Francis,

    Very inspiration post. I am avid by your resilience and optimism to fence off adversity and obstacles.

    I know how difficult is in running the vending machine business and in my area l saw many vending machines have been damaged or out of services but the rewards can be amazing in the long run. 

    I see you are using Gunbanyuko therapy to rejuvenating your health but unfortunately, it’s not available in my country.Wish you the best for 2019.

  17. This is an interesting look into the life a of one who operates a vending machine business. These are things that anyone who endeavors to go into that business as an occupation should be aware of. Good learning experience. Thank you for your story. By the By… I read up on your link to the Ganbanyoku bed. Very interesting. You mentioned you use portable one. I’m curious how much they cost.

    Thanks for this article,

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