My Vending Machine Was Knocked Down

I have another location which i frequently visit on the later part of the week.

The location called me during mid week when i was doing my other locations. The assistant manager called me and said that he put the combo machine upright after seeing that the machine was tumbled down on one side, he told me it happened during the wee hours of around 2:30am in the morning. I was busy as usual doing my loading and unloading of items and told him why the people would do that to my machine? What was the main reason behind it ? He didn’t explain and i told him ill be going there during the week.

I immediately called my technician to fix the problem asap and he suggested that it would be more stable if he would fix some L shaped brakets on top of the machine and secure it once and for all.

So here it is

as you have noticed on the picture the machine is already quite heavy to be knocked down, it so happened that maybe there are some frustrated customer trying to get some freebies on the machine.

I even attached a sticker on the machine that if there any concerns just call or text me so that on my next visit

i will gladly hand out the money lost, i just hope some people doesn’t result into voilent behavior and attacking an innocent machine which is only doing it’s job, how i wish if only the machine was able to talk listen and record everything that have transpired and relay the message to me.

Maybe in the future there will be sensors ad intelligent enough even to offer some help in selecting products and suggesting the needs of the customer, yes perhaps that future is conceivable.

This is the suggested setup in installing the L Shaped brackets on the machine to avoid people from shaking it and knocking it down.

I will keep you updated if this method doesn’t work and if the machine is vandalized again.

The only way to knock the machine down again is by destroying the brackets which will create a lot of noise and the neighborhood will surely be awaken if this happens again during the wee hours in the morning.

You would ask my why i still keep this location and why not move it out if it causes a lot of problems?? According to my experience there are locations which you can place any kind of machine even if it is outdated and non mdb and without all the bells and whistles and will outperform any of my other locations which has a new machine installed in a nice office with 200 people.

The best locations are the ones which can give you some headaches but if you secure it properly it will rewards you for many years to come and a very good investment with consistent income and works for you 24 hours 7 days a week as compared to some offices which only runs on the weekdays.

It is every vendor’s preference to have a location that :

  • never complains
  • never suggests
  • never request

and just let you put in what you have on your inventory since the vending machine is your small convenience store.

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