Wild Week On Vending Machine Business

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Last week was a wild week for the vending machine business.

I have to double up my energy levels and quickly setup products for the new locations that I secured.

This seems to be a promising location since there are always people waiting and I think I have connected to the manager the first time that I have met.

There was another location that I needed so much time to set up another new location which was in downtown.

There was also no problems when I was with the manager.

The problem is that this particular new location voltage outlet is connected with two ( 2 ) refrigerators and one ( 1 ) walk in cooler.

The combo vending machine when started and once the compressor kicks in the breaker just shuts down by itself. Good thing the supplier had it fixed and a very efficient manner and sending out his technician in a professional manner.

I’m very happy with my vending machine local suppliers here in the lower mainland aside from hunting down cheap prices in Craigslist when looking for a used vending machine.

Sometimes when you buy a used vending machine at Craigslist for a few hundred dollars cheaper from your local supplier then if the compressor or some internal parts choke then you will have trouble in the long run.

Buying a used vending machine from a reputable local supplier may be a good and wise decision.

I have a slight problem when going to work that week. My work van suddenly will not start and that week was a very busy schedule and need to go to a lot of places. I have to spend another $1205 plus towing charges to have the work van repaired.

The fuel filter pump is busted and car mechanic said that vans which are around 110,000+kms mileage usually needed to have the fuel filter pump replaced especially if using it for extreme loading and unloading heavy load conditions.

Believe it or not my work van was fixed on the same day by Action Jackson.

Vending Machine Work Van Being Towed

Sometimes when my phone rings during my working hours, I already get paranoid. There are only several factors that have caused the phone calls.

  • Problem with machine
  • Angry customer loosing money on vending machine
  • Angry manager wanting some changes

So far everything is fine. I have not encountered angry managers wanting changes for the meantime. As long you keep all your customers happy then there will be no problems.

According to my statistics on doing my vending machine business, sometimes on rare occasions that I lose a location every year. So again I’m always cruising around and hunting down prospects for a new vending machine location.

I happened to drop by another location and casually talked to a manager in the east side part of town with about hundreds of employees walking in and out of the building. I was sometimes assuming that this will be a long shot. But at the back of my mind was saying that I used to have 12 brick and mortars shops way back in the Philippines and was very successful in the arena of sales.

I was not a born salesman and finished in Industrial management engineering minor in mechanical actually but wanted to be a software programmer. I have to force some changes and have to learn how to approach and make a pitch. What is there to lose? By gaining another location will be good for me for the meantime as long as all the locations are within the area of my service route.

I actually got another location which is indeed very promising and it will be another wild week for me on setting up and developing rapport with the new manager on a new location.

I suggest that all vending machine vendors out there to practice social skills and making a pitch to prospective locations. Or if you wanted a location then talk to your trusted locator to approach location to make a proper outreach.

Business generally is slower and all self-employed guys out there is hoping for the spring and summer months to set in where the vending business kicks off especially on the beverages.

Whenever I obtain a new location there is a drain on capital resources since you have to come out another vending machine, moving costs, initial setup products costs etc.

I guess this is the way it goes.

Acquiring assets can be a constant drain but a brighter outlook in the long term.

10 thoughts on “Wild Week On Vending Machine Business

  1. It is always inspiring the way you detail your little steps you take weekly. There’s always a huge potential for you to expand your business even more. I can relate to the feeling when your phone rings, sometimes I don’t pick up because, I don’t like to respond to angry customers. In the long run though, someday we will be big enough to have PA’s and secretaries.

    Keep up the good work, I’m inspired by your actions

  2. Hey, this is a unique post sharing your experience in vending machine locations and the challenges this poses. I like that you share how you need to maintain a good rapport with the local manager of the area and what this involves – good communication skills. Great tip! This makes sense as you need to be able to be approved to keep it there, as well as get feedback when a problem occurs. It sounds like looking for a vending machine location as well as acquiring new ones are also ongoing searches for you which you share to help those of us who might be considering this as a business opportunity can think about all that’s involved in this. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. 

  3. Wonderful post and a great writeup I must say. Its been such an adventure following you on the vending machine business and I can’t help but laugh out loud when you wrote about whenever your phone rings mostly about angry customers or angry managers, I guess the business is tougher than it looks. And I also think you are right about getting it from a popular vendor as he will have more experience in handling similar situations and preventing it too. I really enjoyed your post. Keep it up. 

  4. You are making a lot of progress and it is good that you are documenting it on your blog. Not only would it help others who want to venture into your area of business, It would help you easily take stock of where you have come from and where you are,what you would have done differently or what you are doing. Big ups to you mate,your determination  and consistency is inspiring.

    The summer months would be here soon,so I am looking forward to a more busy and information laden posts. 

    wish you all the best.

  5. I’ve always wondered what it was like to run a vending machine business and this has finally offered me a window into it. I’m just wondering how many machines it would take to get off to a good start or whether that even matters. I imagine it would matter to some degree, seeing as how it costs both time and money to scout out potential locations, talk to their managers and get those machines out there. How has business been for you? Would you say that you got off to a rough start and it smoothed out or that it’s been fairly predictable since day one? I’m still considering this for down the road, either with vending machines or laundry machines.

    1. Hello Mark,

      If you do not want to talk to people and have constant income then laundry machines is the way to go.  Everyone needs to clean their clothes.

      Vending machine business needs some kind of interaction with customers and the management but it is fairly simple business that can be run by 1 person.

      It really depends on how much you wanted to earn.  If you wanted to earn $1,000 monthly, that means that you have to sell at least $2,000 monthly.  The investment on the business earning $1,000 monthly would approximately be around $20,000.

      If you get tired on doing this gig then you can easily sell the locations or split it out to different vendors.  There are literally hundreds of small vendors doing the vending machine business so it is easy to get in and easy to get out.

  6. This is a very interesting article. It is my first time to know how the vending machine business work, and it seems quite profound knowledge. If I want to do vending machine business, do you have any advice for a beginner? Looking forward to your reply, and thanks for sharing!

    1. Hello Brian,  My advice is to service your vending locations efficiently and always make sure that everyone is happy.  You have to give out freebies at times to the top honcho to keep a relationship.  All kinds of business needs communication.

  7. Hi Francis,
    This is great content. I am on my quest of getting into the vending machine business. You seem to have a lot of experience in this field even though you are technically an engineer! haha
    It’s interesting how fate can change everything, isn’t it ? anywho, I have a question for you :
    If you want to sell healthy snacks and sandwiches inside your vending machine, do you need to acquire some sort of food safety business license from the city hall ? I’m having trouble finding an answer for this question. also, do you offer managers a contract to sign whenever you get a location or is it just by talking to them ? Thank you very much for everything! youre awesome, keep doing what youre doing.

    1. Yes, it is a good side hustle if you want to get into the vending machine business. I’m doing it 100% full time so I live and Breathe all about Vending.

      The answer to your question :
      When you acquire a location here in Vancouver by yourself even if there is a contract, they can always nullify it if your service is not up to their expectations.
      Some locations can also by snatch by a locator by unethical means. But if you want to make things more secure then you can prepare an agreement on the location and signed by the manager. But sometimes when the manager quits and a new guy took over then guess what? anything can happen.

      Normally you buy the sandwiches from a concessioner located in Vancouver. It would be advisable to buy it from a supplier since it will be cheaper and you just have to go there and pick it up.

      Once when you are very successful in your endeavor then you can do your own sandwiches and need a food safety permit with a system with dating the product.
      Good Luck and Happy Vending!

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