When Does The Schaghticoke Fair Open?

The Schaghticoke Fair, one of the oldest fairs in New York, is a highly anticipated event that draws people from all over the region. Every year, visitors flock to the fairgrounds to enjoy the festivities and attractions.

If you are wondering when the Schaghticoke Fair opens, you’re not alone! This year, the fair will be opening its gates on Friday, September 3rd, and will run through Labor Day, September 6th. So mark your calendars and get ready for a fun-filled weekend of food, music, and excitement at the Schaghticoke Fair!

when does the schaghticoke fair open?

When Does the Schaghticoke Fair Open?

The Schaghticoke Fair is one of the oldest agricultural fairs in New York State. This annual event attracts visitors from all over the country. The fair offers live entertainment, carnival rides, attractions, and a variety of food vendors. The fair is a perfect way to spend time with family and friends. The Schaghticoke Fair is held every year on Labor Day weekend. If you are planning to visit the fair, here is what you need to know.

Opening and Closing Times

The Schaghticoke Fair opens at 10:00 am every day and closes at 10:00 pm. However, on the last day of the fair, the closing time is 9:00 pm. The fair runs for four days, from Friday to Monday. It is advisable to arrive early to avoid the crowds.

The fairgrounds are located at 69 Stillwater Bridge Road, Schaghticoke, New York. The parking area is open from 9:00 am every day. The parking fee is $5 per vehicle. The fairgrounds are easily accessible from the Interstate 87 and Interstate 90 highways.

Attractions and Entertainment

The Schaghticoke Fair offers a range of attractions and entertainment options for visitors of all ages. The fair has a variety of carnival rides, games, and activities for children. There are also live music performances, animal shows, and exhibits showcasing the best of local agriculture.

One of the highlights of the fair is the demolition derby, which takes place on Saturday evening. It is a popular event that draws a large crowd. The fair also features a tractor pull, horse shows, and a petting zoo.

Food Options

The Schaghticoke Fair has a wide variety of food vendors offering everything from traditional fair food to international cuisine. Visitors can enjoy pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, and fries. There are also vendors selling ice cream, cotton candy, and other sweet treats.

If you are looking for something more substantial, there are vendors offering barbecue, seafood, and Mexican food. Vegetarian and gluten-free options are also available.

Ticket Prices

The admission fee for the Schaghticoke Fair is $12 per person. Children under the age of 12 are admitted free. There are also special rates for senior citizens and military personnel. The fair offers a four-day pass for $40, which allows visitors to enter the fair every day.

Carnival ride tickets are sold separately. Visitors can purchase a wristband for $25, which allows them to ride all the rides on a single day. Individual ride tickets are also available.

Benefits of Visiting the Schaghticoke Fair

The Schaghticoke Fair offers visitors a unique experience that combines entertainment, agriculture, and community. The fair provides an opportunity to learn about local agriculture and meet farmers and producers in the area.

The fair also supports local businesses and vendors, many of whom are from the surrounding community. Visitors can shop for handmade crafts, jewelry, and other items.

In addition, the fair provides a safe and family-friendly environment for visitors. The fairgrounds are well-maintained, and there are security personnel on site to ensure the safety of all visitors.

Schaghticoke Fair vs Other Fairs

The Schaghticoke Fair is different from other fairs in many ways. It is one of the oldest agricultural fairs in New York State and has a rich history. The fairgrounds are located in a beautiful rural setting, making it a perfect place to enjoy the end of summer.

The fair offers a wide range of entertainment options, from live music to carnival rides. It also has a strong focus on agriculture, showcasing the best of local livestock, produce, and crafts. This sets it apart from other fairs that may focus more on carnival rides and games.

In terms of affordability, the Schaghticoke Fair is a great value for the admission price. Visitors can enjoy a full day of entertainment and activities for just $12 per person.


The Schaghticoke Fair is a must-visit event for anyone in the New York area. It offers visitors a unique experience that combines entertainment, agriculture, and community. The fair is a great way to spend time with family and friends and learn about the local area.

With a wide range of attractions and entertainment options, there is something for everyone at the Schaghticoke Fair. So mark your calendar, and don’t miss out on this exciting event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about the Schaghticoke Fair:

When does the Schaghticoke Fair open?

The Schaghticoke Fair typically opens on the last Wednesday of August and runs for five days, ending on Labor Day. The exact dates and times may vary slightly from year to year, so it’s always a good idea to check the fair’s official website for the most up-to-date information.

During the fair, gates usually open at 10 a.m. and close at 10 p.m. each day. However, there may be some variations in the opening and closing times for certain attractions or events, so be sure to check the fair schedule or ask a staff member for details.

What is the admission price for the Schaghticoke Fair?

The admission price for the Schaghticoke Fair varies depending on the day and time of your visit. Generally, tickets cost $12 for adults and $5 for children aged 13-16. Children under 12 get in for free. Senior citizens over the age of 62 can also get discounted admission on certain days. It’s always a good idea to check the fair’s website for the latest ticket prices and special deals.

In addition to the regular admission price, there may be extra charges for certain activities or events within the fair, such as carnival rides or concerts. These fees are usually listed separately and can vary depending on the specific attraction.

What kind of events and activities are offered at the Schaghticoke Fair?

The Schaghticoke Fair is known for offering a wide variety of entertainment options for visitors of all ages. Some popular attractions include carnival rides, live music and performances, animal exhibits and competitions, craft and food vendors, and agricultural displays. There are also special events and activities for children, such as petting zoos, pony rides, and face painting.

In addition to the main attractions, there are often daily contests and competitions, such as pie-eating contests or tractor pulls. Visitors can also participate in educational workshops and demonstrations on topics like farming, gardening, and cooking.

Is parking available at the Schaghticoke Fair?

Yes, there is plenty of parking available at the Schaghticoke Fair. The fairgrounds have several large parking lots that can accommodate thousands of vehicles. Parking is typically free, although there may be a fee for VIP or preferred parking in certain areas.

During peak hours, such as weekend afternoons or evenings, the parking lots may fill up quickly. If you’re planning to visit during these times, it’s a good idea to arrive early or carpool with friends or family to ensure you can find a spot.

Can I bring my pet to the Schaghticoke Fair?

While pets are generally not allowed at the Schaghticoke Fair, there are a few exceptions. Service animals, such as guide dogs or hearing dogs, are always welcome. Additionally, some events or competitions may allow participants to bring their own animals, such as the 4-H pet show.

If you’re unsure whether your pet is allowed at the fair, it’s best to check with the event organizers beforehand. Even if pets are not allowed, there are often kennel services or pet-sitting options available nearby.

In conclusion, the Schaghticoke Fair is a beloved annual event that draws people from all over. It’s a chance to experience the excitement of carnival rides, indulge in delicious food, and enjoy live entertainment. With so much to see and do, it’s no wonder that people are eagerly anticipating the fair’s opening day.

So when does the Schaghticoke Fair open? If you’re one of the many people asking this question, you’ll be pleased to know that the fair typically opens on the Wednesday before Labor Day weekend. This means that you can start planning your trip well in advance, and make sure that you don’t miss out on any of the fun.

Overall, the Schaghticoke Fair is an event that shouldn’t be missed. Whether you’re a fan of classic carnival games, thrilling rides, or delicious food, there’s something for everyone at this annual fair. So mark your calendars, gather your friends and family, and get ready to make some amazing memories. The Schaghticoke Fair is waiting for you!

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