Be Careful When Servicing Vending Machine Business Location

I have a lot of locations that i visit on a monthly basis

and i just visited this particular office location after the xmas break. As usual since it is a small location i quickly prepared all the items before i enter the building on the bin and hand trolley.

I greeted the office staff and went into the break room, i didnt notice that there was a glass bowl of xmas goodies on top of my coke pop machine when i pulled the pop machine door, the thing fell and crash to the floow so loud that the office attendant at the reception came in a flash!

I was so sorry at that point that i keep on apologizing and have to get a broom and dustpan to clean the mess up. It is a good thing that the people in the building aren’t the sensitive bunch type, if this would have happened in another location i would have end of paying for the decorative piece that i accidentally smashed.

Here are the picture to show up what happened.


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