Taking A Break From Self Employment


I serviced all my locations before I went for a break,

I felt that I had a burnout during December 2017. It is very important to have a short break from working. I remember when I was in the gym doing 2 days on and 2 days off schedule during my university days following a workout schedule will also burn out your body after doing it consistently for at least 3 months continuous. It would be wise to take a short break doing nothing, the duration is suggested to be around 3 to 7 days.

It would be wise to go a thing which is not part of your routine, maybe just randomly going to place that you been never before and just to take a break and go to unfamiliar places just for the heck of it.

On Friday Jan 12, 2018 while a was filling up Petro Canada

at a gasoline station on the corner of granville ave at Richmond,bc, my mindset was to get things done quickly and as fast as I can to end the day, there was this person who approached me while im paying at the cashier using my debit card, he began speaking to me and asking which city im from in the Philippines.

I assumed at I can never get away with my accent since I grew up outside of Canada, I told him that im from Makati City and he told me he was from Pasay City and I was trying to be friendly even thou I have a ton of things to do on that Friday.

I asked him what industry is he working at and he mentioned that he broke his spinal cord and had a metal attachment on his spinal cord and I suddenly shifted my mood and was sympathizing his situation and he told me that he cannot work anymore and he just drops his wife to work and picks his wife after work. He in my eyes is still in a very productive age of around 60 years old, he told me that he has to force himself to go out everyday just to talk to random strangers because if you are isolated for a long time being disabled and no one to talk too would lead to inconsistent thoughts and mental problems.

I told him that maybe you should do something that you are passionate?

( I should have mentioned to start a blog! heh he he ), proceed to the nearby community center and take up some short courses and the like perhaps, he actually thanked me and told me that he is going thereafter my conversation with him and I gave him my business card in case he wanted to bother me at times which I don’t mind.

My analogy is that if you are doing work and vending business for a long time and every day is repetitive and putting up a show for everyone and well-mannered behavior would also lead into fatigue and there is a strong need to be left alone to make some reflections and take a well-deserved rest.


In doing the vending business you have to be extra careful

when doing lifting, pulling and pushing motions which if not being properly done would lead into minor sprain and injuries. Right now I have my left hand bones misaligned from being careless when I was moving the fridge packs and boxes of pop which I not heavy but if you twist your arm it will lead into inflammation of the wrist and cannot perform simple tasks and every moment will be very painful.

Way back in the year of 2015 I think it was during the spring months, I was loading pop into my van and suddenly twisted my left arm and lead to a sprain on my mid arm which was very painful, I went to a chiropractor and physiotherapist but to no avail. I went back to the Philippines on December 2015 and had to endure the pain on my upper left arm since the chiropractor in Richmond told me to take some xrays instead. In the Philippines it is a common practice to look for a ‘HILOT’ person in order to heal injuries and sprains without any xrays or physio techniques. Glad that the HILOT person was able to fix my upper arm from twisting inquiry.


in the Philippines is an integral part in maintaining personal health and the practitioner can remove any form of sprain and injuries by aligning your bones and nerves because sometimes the nerves are not in its original place when you have the sharp shooting pain syndrome.

It was very fortunate for me to find a HILOT person here right in the middle of Richmond and it is a Chinese version and the massager is a neuron specialist in aligning nerves and bones due to sprains and minor inquiries from sudden twisting of arms or other body parts when you are often using it for lifting, pulling and pushing products in and out from the van or during the refilling of products on your vending machines.


Conclusion :

It is essential to take a break and take some minor adjustments on your bone and nerve especially when your work entails you in moving all the time.

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