Vending Business Profits Giving Back To Community

We have stumbled an event today Nov 5, 2017 at Surrey and it is a Compassion Program ( ) based in Canada, the program shows how lucky we are living here in Canada and 1st world countries, there are a lot of children who are in need and this program is giving out a monthly donation every month to support a child whether it is based in Ethiopia, Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Ecuador, Brazil, Philippines and other poverty-stricken 3rd world countries that need a new hope and a new life.

Some vending business proceeds will be set aside and be given to on a monthly basis since it is justifiable that we have to give some portions of earnings to people who are in need. Francis Vending is not a big and huge vending business but it’s enough to pay for our expenses in cargo van maintenance, pay repairs on equipment and perhaps buy a few locations with machines every year. Since Francis Vending Business is making some money then it is a good idea to part some portion of the money to the community.

I hope by doing this step it will help everyone to understand that doing business is not only profits that comes to mind but try in small ways to help unfortunate children who lost their parent and children who simply cannot afford to go to school and get a white collar job because there is no chance. So I hope that Francis Vending will even offer a small helping hand in trying to alleviate poverty in some ways. It is perfectly fine for me to part some capital resources so that others may have a correct path to walk.

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Francis Vending will try it’s best to connect with and try to obtain some promotional stickers on the vending machines which might take some time and will start to be donating on December 2017.

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