What to Expect when Starting a Vending Business

Our target, here at the Vending pro service, is to utilize our blog to answer as many of your vending questions as possible. Here are a few questions that are often asked by Newbie?s to Vending.

What is the startup cost in starting a vending machine business?

Of course, you are going to have to buy a vending machine! We offer?new vending machines?and?refurbished vending machines. Price is always a consideration when buying a?vending machine for sale. Refurbished machines range from $2000 ? $3600 with a three-month warranty and lifetime technical support. New machines range from $3000 ? $5000 including a year warranty and lifetime technical support. You?ll need to find a location. Some people opt for Locators which cost $400 ? $500. You?ll also need product for the vending machine. Product costs $200 ? $300 per machine.

How Do I Find a Vending Location?

There are two locators that we refer to:?Quality Vending Locations?and?Kick Start Locations. Of course, there are other good locators but these are 2 locators that we are familiar with that are reputable. For more information on locators, see our blog?should I Hire a Vending Locator??Owners can also elect to?find great locations?on their own.

Where do I buy product from for my new vending business?

We recommend that you buy product locally! There are no shipping costs have almost anything that you might need to stock your machine.

Is there a market for Vending?

Sure there is! Your success in vending depends on you, your service and your products. Healthy Vending is IN!?Healthy Vending?can kick out traditional vending machines in most businesses. Healthy Vending Machines can all use credit card readers ? which increase sales. The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act requires healthy options in schools. Healthy vending also appeals in gyms, hospitals and business locations like call-centers.

What will my return on investment (ROI) in a vending machine business look like?

If you buy from us and have a good location, you should see a ROI in 6-12 months assuming you are grossing $500 ? $1000 per month. Your profit would be half of the gross income!

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