How To Repair Coin Return Button When It Gets Stuck On Your Vending Machine

This is just an update and you don’t have to overthink and get parts for repair and it always works for me, there are variations on how to do this on any kind of machine.

You don’t need to change a spring or buy a lube to make the coin return button spring back like a charm, all you have to do is to grab a hold on your empty cardboard box and simply adapt it according to your needs. Ill show you how this works and this is an post that i have covered here on a link :… ( There are occasions when the coin return button doesn?t go back )

to its default or original position when you depress it, or when one of your customers depressed it super hard and it got stuck.

Here are also pictures to show you how to do it yourself in fixing the coin return button in most cases and it works about 100% of the time when im doing my vending machine business.

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