Vending Machine Maintenance

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When you are visiting your locations everyday you must keep in mind that always properly open the machines and checks the coin mechanism top part flap just partially open it and also check quickly the coin pathway to see if there are coins that are jammed.

Most of the problems are the ones that are used most. And while you are servicing the machine, always checks the plug sockets and be sure that everything is tightly snug and fit.


Also check the evaporator if it is clean and not dirty, you should use a wet cloth or towel to remove any dirt that have accumulated.

I’m servicing more than 100 machines and by experience it is just the coin mech and evaporator that needs to be checked all the time and also the bill validator has to be re programmed from time to time to accept new bills.

Maintenance is a very easy job. Your work is mostly visit, smile, collect, refill, leave scenarios.


2 thoughts on “Vending Machine Maintenance

  1. I really liked your article on vending machine maintenance and saved your website to my favorites. My brother and I bought an old Wurlitzer jukebox and a really old Coke machine.

    They need some work and your article will hopefully help us out. I sent a link to my brother as well. Thanks for all the great info, I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me again.


    1. thank you very much to take interest on my article, i always update my blog on the vending machine business, be sure to come back for more insights from a guy who actually do it for a living everyday

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