Ways in Boosting Sales On Present Location

If your present location has moderate people like 35 to 50 and then you only visit the place like once a month because they hardly touch your machine then there might be several factors why its not selling, ill list down according to my actual experience on a location that was performing below par ( 40 per month ) to a location worth keeping like improved to 180 per month from $40.

I had a location in a plush office and it was sold to me at a very good price and there was an old machine which is non mdb and crane gpl 474 ( combo ) similar to LCM4 but smaller in dimensions so that it can fit in tight spaces.? The office is located in the west end area of vancouver and lots of employees.? Obviously there is no bill validator and debit credit in the machine so actually im half hearted to change the machine and just kept it there for a few years, until there was a time that the machine was leaking and the manager told me to move the machine immediately.

Office people understandly are extremely busy people so if there is a slight problem, they just wanted to get rid of it immediately even without the regards and consideration of the the small business vendor operator , just wanted to get rid of the problem is to get rid of the machines without waiting for it to be repaired.

I understand this concept because i myself grew up with my parents in the corporate world.? My parents lawyer and teacher with goes with the rules without objection.

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So i understand the people in the corporate world and sometimes have to hinder emotions and feelings and doesn’t see the same eye towards a small vending operator inside their company which i understand very well and have nothing against it.

Anyway lets leave the psychology behind that scenario, so the story goes is i happened to get hold of a very nice almost brand new combo machine ( VT 3000 or Healthy max type machine ) and after 1 week placed it at the premises of the said office.? At first the procurement manager told the movers that they didn’t request for a new machine and don’t need one, but finally agreed to keep it there since the employees are using it with lots of healthy options inside the machine and with the bells and whistles.? So it is always the vendor that is at the mercy of the manager which i mentioned many times to have a rapport or even try to establish one even thou you don’t connect in the beginning because i believe that realtionships always improve for the better.

There are several factors to Boost Your Sales :

1.? Install Debit Credit Reader if machine is MDB Capable

2.? Try to connect with supplier if they can swap and exchange for an additional payment terms to a newer model, this is my most preferred method and works for me

3. Swapping machine around on non performing locations and put nicer machine on locations that looks promising according to your opinion, this would entail moving costs, time and schedule disruption if you have more than 100+ machines to take care of!

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This are all risk but you choose to be in the business as an entrepreneur in the first place.? So gather opinions from family and better half and people around you and arrive a decision.

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