A Strange Case of Vending Machine trips breaker

It is a usual busy day again for vending machine business.

When it is towards the end of the month a lot of self-employed small business owners work exhaustively in securing collection from locations for mortgage or rental bills.

I got call previously from the management on a public location that one of my combo vending machine at the ground floor or lobby has been turning off by itself.

I was alarmed that if this persists it may mean a bad compressor that is tripping the internal breaker of the combo vending machine.

This was the problem before when the location called me, i actually disconnected the compressor from the combo vending machine and this did not happen which is about two months ago.

When i was away for a vacation, i got some temporary help and had the combo vending machine’s compressor reconnected and he told me that the combo vending machine’s internal breaker did not trip and was working without any problems for more than 30 minutes.

I was happy that i do not have to buy a new or used compressor and will be able to save $650 for repairs.

Going back to the call which was about two days ago.

I immediately went to inspect the machine at the ground floor or lobby.

The combo vending machine was indeed off and i was surprised that a heavy-duty power cord was on the same electrical outlet sharing with the combo vending machine.

The combo vending machine actually needed around 20 amps to have a stable operating power.

If the power was interrupted and shared by another appliance then the combo vending machine’s internal breaker will trip thereby turn off power automatically to protect the vending machine.

I disconnected the compressor again on the combo vending machine so that the power outlet can be shared with an appliance.

The location is under major renovation and opt to keep my vending machines running to serve its customer which im happy to have mutual relationship.

When i disconnected the cables connected to the compressor, the combo vending machine doesn’t trip the internal breaker anymore even with a major appliance sharing the power outlet.

The sales of this combo vending machine is the same even thou if the compressor is disconnected, so i guess i will just leave it this way so that i don’t have to keep going back and forth on service calls.

I rebooted the combo vending machine and it seems to be working very well.


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