Bulk Candy Vending

Do you know that I started this vending business with the Bulk Candy? I bought an existing business on the Bulk Candy Route and I got about 12 candy locations during the year of 2012 when I was starting out on the vending business and slowly expanded into another 6 candy locations. They are all placed in very good location and im generating around $1,200 gross sales on just candy alone! ( skittles , m&m, almonds, and trail mix ).

On the gross sales of $1,200 I was netting around $500 more or less and I buy the bulk candy at Costco and Wholesale Club. I visited my places about once a month and placed them in lunch rooms and break rooms. I even have them in Costco, The Home Depot, Superstore lunch, Fancy restaurants etc. I even upgraded them into $1 slots and my take home was even bigger maybe around $600 net profit.

I wasn’t happy with the profit because I cannot pay for my rent and cannot afford to have extra money on the side. This was when I have a part-time jobs, this was a very difficult time for me because I don’t have the Canadian experience and the problem was I practically left Vancouver, BC during the expo mid 80s and went back to Philippines to finish my Engineering Degree way back and started my successful journey being an entrepreneur in Asia.

I came back to Vancouver, BC on 2011 as a returning Canadian citizen not as a university student but a family man so this profit so too small for me even thou the return is big for a small investment on bulk candy machines. When I was first bought my Vending Route after selling my Bulk Candy Route then I just keep on expanding.


If you wanted to try a hand on the vending business concept on a smaller scale and wanted to feel what it is like to move around and refill machines then you can always begin with a Bulk Candy Vending Business for starters. By the way I sold the Bulk Candy Vending Business to one of the parents in the same school where my kids studies and the last time I asked him about the status if his business, he was quite satisfied.

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