Letting A Good Vending Location Go

I remember during my early days of vending and i have been diligently taking care of a good vending? location here at Richmond.

The good vending location composed of 4 machines in 2 different buildings with around 300 people.

During my early days they require me to serve them at least once a week and sales were pretty decent. It was a time were the cost of the chocolate bars were just around 0.62 cents at dollarama.

I never increased the price at the location since they were nice people. I got decent profits and people were nice to me. They require me to give some monthly commissions which i gladly adhere.

During the year of 2017 there were news that the location is closing.

The company was sold to a multinational corporation located overseas. Equipment and materials are to be shipped by the end of 2018. It’s a very good thing that the location informed me 1 year in advance on their plans.

I advertised the location for sale at craigslist with the keywords on : 4 machines with free location.

I was hoping that some vendor who values machines more than a location would buy it.

There are vendors who have existing storage for vending machines and it is no problem having some extra spares. I’m the type of vendor that likes long term machine placement and if there are some concerns it would be better to sell it or find another location for it.

It is hard for me to let go a good vending location after all the rapport and service that i have been providing. There is always a reason things happen.

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If you are a vending business vendor would you be willing to buy a very good location and running it for 1 year ? Of course the cost of ownership on this location will be cheaper with the thought that it is closing.

You can pretend that you are a prospective buyer and do you think you will buy a location at a bargain and think of the problem later on ?


What are your thoughts on this matter ?

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