Okay Google Saved My Day

ok google lets go to downtown vancouver without traffic
ok google lets go to downtown vancouver without traffic

I have been more than ever relaying on ok google nowadays especially when im lost or when doing some simple task.

Ok Google saved my day which 3 days ago.? As usual i switched on my GPS on my dashboard and getting ready for work. Normally when i go to multiple locations, i program the various addresses on my GPS before i set off.

oh no gps is not working
oh no gps is not working

I was in panic mode when i turned on my GPS because it keeps on looking for signal forever.

I switched off the GPS and connected my backup GPS ( both of them by the way are TOM TOM ) and it was up to no avail. Both of them are forever looking for signal.

i was wondering what happens when service companies, couriers, taxis and on the road mobility can still perform without a GPS ? If there are a lot of companies relaying on GPS then it would be detrimental to their businesses if the GPS didn’t work even for a few hours. Imagine how much money and time will be wasted ?

Luckily i got a very cheap plan on Freedom Mobile with unlimited data plan and OK Google is used for so many times during that day and actually it was OK Google who saved my day.

good thing i have data service lte with my phone
good thing i have data service lte with my phone

It was Google maps with my OK Google that propelled me to have a productive day.

When i got home from work.? I was searching the problem i encountered on looking for signal problem and it was on the triangulation problem sometimes on the satellites. The topic was very technical and i didn’t bothered to pursue the root cause.? ?After loading and unloading, my brain doesn’t seem to work on that moment.

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I was searching for looking for signal problem and stumbled into a very useful free multiple route software.? ?It is very useful especially if you have like 6 to 10 locations every day.

I try to do the locations in a single area but sometimes there are situations that maybe there are 3 locations in Vancouver for example and another 5 locations in Richmond. So the multi route planner will handily come into play. This will work for everyone when going to multiple route.

Here it is :


the good about this is free for usage up to 20 locations and then you opt to subscribe if you have more than 20 locations.

ok google lets go to ...
ok google lets go to …

Conclusion :

It would be a great addition to have an unlimited data plan.? When you are self-employed going to multiple locations every day. For me a multi route planner is an bonus and great to use at certain times if you need it.

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