Stealing On My Vending Machine

One of my locations called me on Sunday

and told me that one of the machines is left opened, it was sunday when im with my family watching the most awaited start wars saga. I was thinking why this thing is happening to me ? I’m already in the vending business for a quite a bit and thought that operating this business is just like the back of my mind and everything I do is automatic : open, check change, fill chips and chocolate bars, close, it’s already built in my mind but somehow I made a mistake again.

This is a last and 11th location that I did on Saturday last week ( DEC 16, 2017 ). That day I got up early and wanted to finish everything as fast as I can.

When I arrived on the location

on Sunday night at the location I thanked the security guy who called me and when I approached the snack machine it was open and I was thinking that it will just take a few seconds to lock it properly and secured, to my surprise there are some missing items in front of the snack machine.

My mind was racing again and thinking

why these things happens even in a fully secured bonded warehouse. As a vendor whenever I service the location I have to wear the identification id all the time as a requirement and had to have a police clearance report before I was accepted into serving the location. I just don’t understand why in a very secured place some theft exists.

If the people are stealing a bag of chips and a chocolate bar

, what more will it be in real life outside the secured location? Maybe it’s okay to cheat then is the mantra running inside their subconscious mind ?

This is a very good lesson

for me and as a vendor operating a lot of machines, you always have to keep your composure all at times even when time is not your friend on that moment. I was also hurrying up on Saturday to finish everything and have to make it on time at Van city before they close at 3pm on Saturdays. It very cumbersome and awkward to keep heavy coins over the weekend so the best is to have it converted into paper and deposit it immediately.

Today on Monday

I ended the day great and was not in a hurry or else ill be messing up things again, I just take things one step at a time and ended the day perfectly on a blue Monday.

Back in the Philippines when I used to have brick and mortar stores I normally don’t go to work on Mondays or go to work late on Mondays and just take things easy after getting a little of hangover on the weekends. Back home, I enjoy my weekends and go to different restaurants and savor the night away with fine wine and beer with friends, I guess that luxury was long gone, it’s all reminiscence on lost cherished memories.

In the future I hope I can afford to shuttle back and forth here and makati city but with the help of additional forms of streams of income which will eventually come along will it be offline or online business.

Conclusion :

Even if you are always in a hurry to get things done, do not take things for granted and make sure everything is locked up and working before leaving your pop or snack machine.

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