Are Made in America Vending Machines Better?

Are Made in America vending machines really better? Once you are getting a vending machine, do you have to worry with the origin of the machine? There is actually thousands of web sites with vending machines purchasable. We predict that the simplest thanks to verify if you must purchase a ?Made within the U.S.A.? machine or a machine with origins outside the U.S. is to appear at 3 totally different factors: price, quality, and handiness of components.

Typically, vending machines that is factory-made within the u.? s. price quite an bit quite vending machines that are created elsewhere. Will that create it a far better machine? It?s your decision. i used to be speaking with a fan recently. He aforesaid he?d rather purchase things created in Japan than within the U.S. strictly as a result of their cheaper! You actually pay a premium for having ?Made within the U.S.A.? on your product. It?s going to cause you to feel unhappy and proud that you?re supporting your country. Will that label create it price disbursement lots of additional money? Will that label even mean anything?

I visited the Federal Trade Commission web site to search out. The Federal Trade Commission works for shoppers to stop deceitful, deceptive, and unfair business practices. They conjointly offer info to assist spot, stop, and avoid them.

This is what I learned:

  • A company that makes a ?Made in the USA? or other United States origin claim for its product must be able to prove that all or almost that entire product is made in the United States. Products with these labels shall contain virtually no material or components from other countries.
  • In general, products processed or finished in the USA that contain materials from other countries shall not be labeled ?Made in the USA? without further explanation. They shall include qualifying statements near the claim that explain which components of the product come from the USA.
  • A product that includes foreign components shall be called ?Assembled in USA? without qualification when its principal assembly takes place in the U.S. If the assembly is substantial. For the ?assembly? claim to be valid, the product?s last ?substantial transformation? also shall occur in the U.S. That?s why a ?screwdriver? assembly in the U.S. of foreign components into a final product at the end of the manufacturing process doesn?t usually qualify for the ?Assembled in USA? claim.
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The labeling of ?American-made products? is subject to no regulations. The Federal Trade Commission can prosecute companies that falsely label a product, but only?after?the label has been applied. They also can only prosecute when it has been brought to their attention that the product is mislabeled. The Commission does not pre-approve advertising or labeling claims. A company doesn?t need approval from the Commission before making a Made in USA claim. As with most other advertising claims, a manufacturer or marketer may make any claim as long as it is truthful and substantiated. Just having that ?Made in the U.S.A.? sticker on their machine can increase the price you pay by several thousands of dollars. Moreover, it is no guarantee that a vending machine will run better than any of the other vending machines out there. Some, you could have purchased for less since they were manufactured in foreign countries.

Is a vending machine made in China going to be a good, quality piece of equipment? Maybe. Or maybe not. It?s really up to you to do your homework and decide. These days nearly all of the world?s biggest brands either manufacture part or all of their products in Chinese factories. ?Made in China? no longer inherently means cheap or inferior. An incredible amount of product is made in China. China?s economy and skill base has been growing strongly for the past 2 decades. The Chinese are becoming the new Japanese of manufacturing.

Additionally, Japan has built skills, used technology and now produces some of the world?s best product. Lots of vending machine components are built in various parts of the world. Brazil makes great compressors! Your biggest concern should be whether or not you can obtain parts to service your machine. If you purchase a great machine at a discounted price and then can?t find the parts to repair your machine if needed- you?re really out of luck! You need a reputable company that has the parts you need when you need them, not necessarily a vending machine that comes from any certain country.

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We sell vending machines from around the world. Our Seaga machines are manufactured primarily in India, but assembled in the U.S. They are great machines and have been one of our most popular sellers. We also have machines from China that have been excellent machines. At The Discount Vending Store, we stock all the necessary parts for the machines we sell, whether the machine was made in the USA or abroad.

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