To Work Or Not To Work

This is the question that arises when you get up on certain weekends especially Sundays.

If you know that there is no traffic and no one to distract you when you are doing your job then this is the best way or maybe the only way.

I have a location where there are constantly people in the lunch room no matter what time it is during the work hours. People are always asking so many questions :

  • do you have change with you
  • i want more oh Henry there why didn’t you place them last week?
  • do you have free sample today
  • im so hungry can you spare me a chocolate bar
  • do you have some dated chips that you are giving away?
  • Your machine took my townie again
  • Throw out that piece of garbage here
  • Where is my bag of sticks

Sometimes you just want to tell everyone around you to shut up, but of course you are in the service arena and you have to keep calm. Always have this smiling face and attitude.

The moment you have a grouchy mindset then this will create a negative atmosphere which should be avoided at all times.

Sometimes when a person approached you and say how are you? This is the common statement i always encounter most of the time. I of course have to engaged quickly and in a very friendly way. We do not know who the real person on the surface so the best way is to give out neutral replies.

The simpler the better. I have noticed that here in the northern hemisphere the people are at times sensitive.

Its very hard for me to say this but there is very little regard in human rights in the Philippines.

If you have the money and fancy materials to flaunt then you are somebody while the rest of the populace is just a nobody.

I grew up in Asia and i supposed its is according to my observations, remember that i was riding motorcycles for 7 years on delivering and going to visit the most run down places and chic upscale places.

There is money in the slums, there are also opportunities in high end locations in the Philippines.

Everything is monitored and watched.

Going back if you are obliged to work on Saturdays and Sundays.

If i have such locations and there are always different characters with lots of comments then the best way is just to do it during the weekends where there is absolutely no one to bother you.

It would also be very good to do it on certain weekends as not to offend with anyone on your actions. Be always lightning quick and leave immediately.

Remember to keep cool always and have a steady emotional intelligence level.

Sometimes it is very wise for you to get up early on perhaps a Sunday and come back early to enjoy your weekend at the same time.

Who told you that weekends need to be a long work day. As self-employed individual, you simply have to schedule the best time frame and don’t have to follow what everyone else is doing.

It would be very good to work on a weekend simply because you also have the option to take a day off on every other Monday perhaps ?


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Does My Vending Machine Have to be ADA Compliant?

The revised Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) impacts vendors whose equipment does not meet the “upside down rule”.  The “upside down rule” mostly asks if the building where your machine is located was to be turned upside down, would your vending machine remain fixed or would your machine fall?

ADA Compliant

If your instrumentality falls, then you’re exempt from the new ADA rules. However, ADA law will apply to you if you employ the building’s plumbing or wiring. This clause doesn’t apply to power cords or electricity received from your location. As long as your vending machine isn’t latched or secured to the building and your machine isn’t arduous wired into the electrical or plumed into the building then new ADA rules don’t apply to you.

If, however, your vending machine is fastened, here’s the scope of things that area unit regulated: deposit, coin machine, product and alter machine. All elements should meet the new standards. Vending machine product should be delivered at a minimum height of 15″ to any or all users. All buttons or switches should be nearby varying.

Stand-alone machines area unit thought-about to be like furnishings as long as they’re not fastened to the wall or floor and doesn’t use the building’s wiring or plumbing.

The Department of Justice regulates and enforces the enzyme. If you bolt your machine to the building, and don’t go with rules, the price is often great! If you’ve got multiple machines at one location and either item is fastened, one in every of those machines should be enzyme compliant.

Even though this isn’t a demand, its smart apply to implement, if your machine isn’t fastened. Take a glance at the diagram utilized in this text. There should be a minimum of 30” of area before of the machine and 48” of area once parallel to the vending machine

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