Improved Customer Experience Through a Vending Machine Mobile App

Customer experience is a big factor in vending sales. If they have a good experience, they will be looking for more vending machines for sale & come back to purchase again. One way you can improve your customer?s experience is to offer a discount or have a sale on certain items. You can do this through the Monyx app for the Nayax credit card reader, the 365 Pay mobile app for AirVend or through the USA Technologies E-port Connect program and its More mobile app. Especially important for today?s growing smart phone-oriented generation are features such as machine location services, couponing capabilities and more. These will help you differentiate your brand & build customer loyalty.

Nayax Monyx App

The Nayax Credit Card Reader can connect customers with its Monyx mobile app. This app allows your customers to easily use their smartphone to make purchases at your vending machines. No wallet required. You can give them special discounts and run promotions wherever your machines are located.  Why should you promote the use of Monyx?

Your customers will have the following benefits:

  1. The ability to pay with varied cashless payment methods, like debit/credit card, prepaid card, PayPal and more, without carrying anything but their smartphone
  2. Receive discounts, special promotions at participating locations
  3. Track their purchase history
  4. Send gift products to their friends via their smartphone

You will be able to connect with your consumers to deliver vouchers and loyalty cards that increase sales and the number of returning consumers. A location- based sales system map can show all your machines based on consumer purchases, and offer sales per location. These options will be coming soon to the Monyx app and will hopefully be available by the end of the year.

You can also reduce operational costs while ensuring customer satisfaction by sending instant refunds to the consumer?s phone via SMS from the Nayax management system. An easy to use management platform puts automated machine operators in the driver?s seat and allows them to design and publish different sales by location and more. Monyx allows machine operators to communicate with their unattended consumer, enabling endless marketing possibilities. So how does Monyx work?

There are 4 simple steps:

  1. Pick a Payment:
    1. Wallet-upload money in advance
    2. Voucher or Loyalty Card (Buy 4 get the 5 for free! ? coming soon!)
    3. PayPal and Credit/Debit Cards
    4. Customizable Pre-Paid Cards
  2. Choose the Machine:
    1. Manually (entering the machine?s number)
    2. QR Code (scanning the machine)
    3. Recently used machine list
    4. Proximity Map (coming soon!)
  3. Pick the product from the machine
  4. Pay!

USA Technologies MORE App

USA Technologies is empowering the self-serve and unattended retail industries to meet growing consumer demand for cashless payments. They have an advanced interactive media, content delivery system. In addition, it is providing new consumer engagement services through USAT?s MORE? mobile app. The company is helping drive the next phase of mobile and cashless payments. They will help you move beyond a simple transaction. You can use payment information to engage with the consumer in the moment, at point-of-sale, driving increased and recurring revenue.

By seamlessly integrating into existing USAT technology, MORE? works with credit, debit, NFC, mobile, and prepaid payment methods. You can get a complete kit containing promotional materials, detailed instructions, and loyalty cards to be distributed across your network, from the USA Technologies website. They have made it super easy to add this to your business. Using an interactive mobile application, consumers can link the information from the web-based consumer portal to get information on new products, advertising and special offers via their smart phone.

How are rewards earned? It?s up to you! You can opt to offer your customers anything from a one-time cash bonus for activation, cash-back on each purchase to specific, time-bound incentives to establish new purchase patterns. You do it all with a simple, web-based operator interface. Consumers can track their rewards as they earn them at your locations. They can choose to redeem rewards for credits or free vends. Consumers can find participating machines near them, or via search, using location services, and view by map, augmented reality or list. You can learn more about the E-Port MORE? app at their website:

365 Retail Markets 365Pay App

AirVend and 365 Retail Markets have introduced their 365Pay mobile app which can connect with all their AirVend devices via a scanned QR code. Consumers use the 365Pay app with their mobile devices to connect with the hardware device to access product and nutritional information. They can send cashless credits to the vending machine. They can reload funds to the account balance within the app. Additionally, they can contact operator via email with any issues or feedback.

Any issues that the customer may have with payment will go directly to AirVend and they will handle all refunds for you. AirVend and 365 Retail Markets are currently testing a loyalty program in machines all around the country where customers can receive points based on their spending and then they can redeem those collected points for items from the vending machine. They hope to have that program available before the new year. Currently customers can use the app to make cashless payments via the AirVend on a machine and to see their transaction history.

Media Link Connection

With all these great options available to you as a vending machine operator, you can really adding to your income by utilizing them. You can use one of our Media Link digital advertisers to push this information out to your customers, letting them know that they can download an app to connect them to your machine. You can use social media to run contests with the prize being a discount or a free product & then you can easily give access to the prize via one of these mobile apps.

Point of Contact Rewards

These options can also help you keep up good relations with the Point of Contact at your location. If something goes wrong with a vend, they are going to find the nearest person to complain to and this is usually your POC. They will be the ones taking down names and notes on any issues the customer may have. They can help the customer feel like their input is important and their business is appreciated. Having a good relationship with that Point of Contact will help make the customer?s experience better. Showing gratitude for them by offering them a discount or giving them a virtual punch card to use at your machine can go a long way. They can also be great references for any future accounts you may have. You definitely want to keep up a good relationship with them.

Happy customers are repeat customers. If they feel appreciated, that can really help your sales. We hope you?ll add a credit card reader to your vending machines and capitalize on the added sales you?ll receive by doing so.

Contact Information

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More information on any of these options can be accessed at any of the following websites or by calling the companies using the provided phone numbers.

Nayax:  (410) 666-3800

USATechnologies:  (800) 633-0340

AirVend/ 365 Retail Markets:  (888) 365-7382

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